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The Magic Nest Magazine Issue 2 (June 2022) by Balu
  • Articles
    • Editorial
    • Remembering Our Roots – The Great Appadurai
    • Inspiration
    • How To Be An Unique Performer
    • Life Is Back! – Good Days Are Here Again!!
    • They Said It – Quotes By Veterans
  • Tricks For You
    • Visiting Ring
    • Phone Pin Reveal
    • Where Is My Card
    • Telephonepathy
    • Amazing Candy Mystery
  • Fun & Facts
    • Toonz Corner
    • Origins Of Wonders
    • Puzzle Time
  • What's New In The Market
    • Alphabet Roulette
    • Six Bill Repeat
    • Slate Bug Writer
    • Discover The Magician In You
  • News Section
  • Tips & Advices
  • Answers To The May 2022 Quizzes

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The Magic Nest Magazine Issue 1 (May 2022) by Balu

Following the footsteps of senior magicians and veterans like Sam Dalal, and Solyl Kundu, here comes a new magic magazine from the land of magic, India. The Magic Nest Magazine is a new magic magazine edited and compiled by Indian magician Balu. The Magic Nest brings you articles, effects, sleights, and ideas for amateurs and pros alike. We are featuring contributions from the minds of Sam Dalal, Shankar Junior, Kakinada Sreenivas, Dipak Roy Chowdury, Balu, Narayanamurthy, and many more.

  • Foreword
  • Articles
    • Editorial
    • Remembering Our Roots - Sam Dalal
    • Etiquette For Magicians
    • A Look At Magic Periodicals ...
★★★★★ $4
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)