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What I Learned From Making Way Over 250,000 Fun Balloon Creations by Topper

In this ebook Topper shares everything he learned about the business and entertainment side of twisting over 200,000 fun balloon creations. What you MUST do and what you should NEVER do if you want to make money twisting.

Some of the things you’ll find in the ebook are:

  • What I will NOT leave home without
  • What MANY parents have told me about our competition
  • What you do NOT want the parents to tell me about you
  • What to do with kids that are standing in front of you
  • What to do with kids in line
  • What to say! (My Lecture called “The Phine Art of Silly Chit Chat!”)
  • List of suggested...
★★★★ $4.50
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Don Driver
The Jam Auction by Don Driver

There is no better demonstration of applied psychology than the Jam Auction, and Jack Nyberg is the recognized king of that money-making business. This is the ONLY video of Jack’s two-hour pitch from start to finish. Jack starts by building a tip and then, over time, has about 25 people standing in his tent for two hours waiting and wanting to give him money. Filmed on location with a hand-held camera this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen when it comes to crowd control, creating customers, and getting them to buy.

duration 2h 10min

★★★★★ $45
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 24: The Business Side of Magic by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content
  2. Introduction
  3. Letters
  4. Photographs
  5. Illustrations
  6. Folders and Booklets
  7. Testimonials
  8. Blocks
  9. Souvenirs
  10. Throw Aways
  11. Posters
  12. Portfolio
  13. Newspapers
  14. Fees
  15. Fields of Work
You can also get the entire 25 lesson course on disc.

1st edition 1931; 22 pages.

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Anthony Owen & Jay Fortune
Anthony Owen Talks to Jay Fortune by Anthony Owen & Jay Fortune

If you want to break into the TV market you have to listen to this. Anthony Owen is currently the most successful TV magic producer in the UK and has worked on the Derren Brown shows, Monkey Magic, Dirty Tricks, The Real Hustle, and many more. And even if you are not trying to become a TV magic star you will hear a lot of great advice for anybody who wants to make a living with magic.

"I thought CDs were out as a way of learning about magic, but this one by Anthony Owen proves I was wrong. You just have to hear him speak to get the full inspirational effect of his amazing story. This is...

$27.50 $19.90
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Kyle Peron
Blue and Gold: The Complete Guide to Working The Scout Market by Kyle Peron

This ebook is jammed full of the most relevant information you could ever ask for in regards to working not only Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinners, but also how to work any scouting program and event. This is one of the only ebooks that is devoted solely to giving you the information you need to work a market that can generate income for you in the slow times of the year and year round.

If you are already performing for children, work a family-focused show or if you are even a strolling magician, then Blue and Gold Banquets are a perfect extension of what you are already doing. You can learn...

★★★★ $30
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Walt Lees
How To Make Big Money Selling Magic by Walt Lees

This recording gives all the secrets of grafting or pitching. Walt reveals the secrets that enabled him to earn a handsome living pitching such items as Svengali decks, the coin and glass, three card trick, and other tricks of the grafter's trade. You will find everything from the grafter's own language and terminology, to the pitches, and how to make the products.

Walt Lees is a born pitchman. His voice draws you in. It plays with your mind, you are getting interested, intrigued, fascinated, excited, until you can't hold it anymore - you must have this trick - you buy it, and the pitchman...

★★★★★ $19
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Scott Xavier
Enigma: Marketing Secrets of Successful Promotional Material by Scott Xavier

Learn the secret to marketing success for the mystery entertainer.

Learn from full color examples how to design flyers, write emails, and even live demo videos. Learn what 500 of the top booking agents have said is the secret to top promo videos. This ebook will take you step by step through the design process.

These are secrets of psychologists and top booking agents. Learn triggers to get execs attention. You have 15 seconds in a demo video and even less in print to attract your customers.

Learn to sell more!

1st edition 2009; 51 pages.

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John B. Pyka
How To Produce Your Own Theater Show by John B. Pyka

A practical guide for performing magicians. This report guides readers through a step by step process to produce a full evening theater show - from script, to venue negotiation, to the closing curtain. John includes very helpful samples for press releases, contracts, sound riders, and handbills. Everything is here to get you started.

It includes the Theatrical Magic Lecture Notes and several unpublished routines.

1st edition 2008, 36 pages; 2nd edition 2011, 61 pages

★★★★★ $5
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Ken Dyne
10 Step Marketing for Magicians by Ken Dyne

Would you like to know the real secrets of success, the underground tactics that will allow you make more money than 99% of the other guys out there and have the secret to do that with a lot less work?

In this manuscript Ken is very excited to share with you for the first time his personal secrets of how he transformed his hobby in to a pretty good living.

Ken has selected 10 stellar tactics from his personal marketing arsenal that will not only allow you to launch your assault on the public, create more customers and money than ever, but every approach can be implemented immediately and...

★★★★ $27
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Stan Kramien
Show Me The Money by Stan Kramien

The real secrets of the fund raising and promotion business. Every phase of the promotion business is fully covered in this huge tome. This ebook is without any question the epitome of fund raising courses. Please be advised. This book is for the serious student only!

  1. Warning
  2. The Twenty Five Real "Secrets" of the Telephone Promotion Business
  3. 1. In The Beginning
  4. 2. First Things First
  5. 3. Our Sample Business Plan For The Big Office
  6. 4. Booking A Sponsor
  7. 5. Contracts
  8. 6. The Sponsorship Agreement That Is Worth More Than The Price Of This Ebook
  9. 7. What To Do With The Sponsor After You Have...
★★★★★ $80
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Stan Kramien
Go Book Yourself by Stan Kramien

The title just about says it all. Get up off your --- and go book yourself. If you don't know how, worry not, this ebook tells all. Where to get the leads, how to follow through and consummate them. The three phases of booking are fully explained. Photographs and forms galore. Contracts, tradeshow and shopping mall info. It's all here.

This ebook also includes the complete Wonder Mouse pitch.

2003; 34 pages.

★★★ $30
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Paul Romhany
Laugh Yourself Well by Paul Romhany

This is the 2nd book in a series of books Paul has in his package called 'Magician To Speaker'. (The first one was Key Note Speaking for Magicians). If you are considering becoming a key-note speaker or after dinner speaker then you will need this ebook. It is full of research, tips, advice and includes 150 ways you can add humor to the workplace or your life. It is full of examples that you can pass on to others during your key note address.

This ebook goes in to detail on how to bring humor to the workplace. For any magician who wants to get in to motivational speaking then this ebook is a must. It contains years of...

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Barry Mitchell
The ABC's of Children's Magic by Barry Mitchell

If your goal is to earn a living as a Children’s magician this recording is for you! It is true that anyone can "do" a trick, but not everyone can "perform" magic. Still fewer can earn their living from performing. This CD gives you the edge to make show business your business. Whether you’ve been performing for years or just beginning, a variety of subjects are covered that will inspire you toward more business and better networking.

  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Be Yourself
  • Create Heroes
  • Dress sharp
  • Encourage Others
  • First, think of the customer
  • Giveaways
  • Higher performance fees
  • I is...
★★★★★ $10
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Barry Mitchell
The 10 Commandments of Selling Your Program by Barry Mitchell

While listening to the 10 Commandments you'll be learning business and selling principles that will change the way you view show business. You'll learn an edge for success. Within The 10 Commandments of Selling Your Program, you'll learn the ten principles that Barry has developed over two decades of selling. You'll also learn the importance of determining your business image. In addition you'll discover what schools really want and how you can fill their needs. Selling is an art and this recording makes you an artist.

1st edition 2001

★★★★★ $10
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Stan Kramien
Big Money in Horoscopes and Lucky Numbers by Stan Kramien

At a recent lecture at the Magic Castle where Stan sold all of his books and tapes, by far the best seller was this ebook. Everyone reads their horoscope in the paper or on the net. The interest in horoscopes, numerology and numbers has never been greater. In this ebook Stan tells you how to market this newfound skill the very first day you buy the ebook. Included are venues, the psych code and drawings of his fair booth set up. No other business in show biz offers so much return for so little investment.

1st edition 1987; 30 pages.

★★★★★ $22
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Stan Kramien
The Amazing Wonder Mouse by Stan Kramien

... or the Wonder Mouse Pitch.

One of the greatest pitch items of all time has always been the magic wonder mouse. I'm sure that most of you at one time or another have seen a wonderful pitchman at a fair with a baffling little mouse running all over the back of his hand. At the end of his demonstration of course you are allowed to purchase one and take home this mystery to baffle your friends. The wonder mouse can be sold at the end of your performance, or if you do a full evening show, it can be sold during the intermission. Or wonder mouse can be sold on its own at any number of venues...

★★★★ $14
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Paul Romhany
Ultimate Personal DVD by Paul Romhany

Romhany Studios bring you the ultimate marketing tool! Find out why so many top professionals are using this DVD to sell their own personalized magic teaching DVD and making their money back from this product and more.

This DVD is used by cruise ship magicians, birthday party magicians, stage magicians and even trade show magicians who want to sell or have a product to use as a special give-away.

Once you receive your original master copy you own the DVD and can produce as many as you want for as long as you want, you can sell them for as little or as much as you want.

Throw away the...

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Paul Romhany
Keynote Speaking for Magicians by Paul Romhany

World class award-winning magician and key-note speaker Paul Romhany is releasing this ebook which is part of his best selling package Magician To Speaker; a guide to combining magic, humor and motivational speaking. This ebook will explain exactly how you can go from earning hundreds of dollars a show to thousands of dollars a performance by incorporating your magic and the power of humor.

With over three decades of performance experience, including fifteen years as a world renowned motivational speaker, Paul Romhany has circled the globe presenting the Humor Seminar outlined in this ebook...

★★★★★ $36
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Stan Kramien
The Illusion Show Business by Stan Kramien

Stan Kramien has toured one of the countries largest and most successful Illusion Shows for many years. Magicapades, Magicazam, the Mad World of Magic, and now Shazam! After playing thousands of dates he has written a primer of success in the Illusion Show Business.

Stan's ebook takes you through his life story where he sets the stage for his life as an illusionist. For the first time anywhere Stan divulges patter for many of the illusions.

Kramien's patter for the levitation alone is worth more than the cost of the ebook.

He tells you how to start and routine a full evening show....

★★★★ $37.50
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Simon J. Lea
Publishing Magic Books on by Simon J. Lea

This ebook takes the reader through every stage of taking their original manuscript in Microsoft Word and turning it into a printed book from Each stage is illustrated and is designed to make learning how to use Lulu as quick and pain free as possible. The guide discusses the usual problems that people have using Lulu for the first time, such as uploading and converting, controlling access, assessing costs and setting revenues.

Anyone who has written a magic book they want to see in print, who has access to Microsoft Word, will be able follow this easy step-by-step guide and speed...

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Laurance Glen
The Magician's Road to Fame by Laurance Glen

This is a delightful digital reproduction of an early marketing book for entertainers. Much of the advice given is true today as it was decades ago. You will find some wonderful stories as well as dozens of photos of magician posters and other artwork. After reading this ebook you will have a number of new ideas to promote your act. The topics discussed are:

  • The First Aid To Publicity
  • The Typewriter Helps
  • Newspaper Advertisements And Clippings
  • The Value Of The Local Newspaper
  • How To Use Press Notices
  • The Air Of Mystery
  • Personal Advertising
  • The Use Of Photographs
  • Photo Blocks
  • Throwaways ...
★★★★★ $9
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Leo Behnke
Professional Close-Up by Leo Behnke

This is a book of working knowledge using over 30 years of professional experience in the field of close-up magic. Some of the 15 specific subjects covered inside are

  • How do you select the right tricks for your routines?
  • What sales tools do you need to sell yourself?
  • How do you find your own style?
  • What can you do to increase audience reaction?
With many years in each branch of magic - not only close-up, but illusions, mentalism, clubs, trade shows, promotion, and television - Leo gives you his insight on how best to become a professional in our art.

1st edition 1995; 77 pages.

★★★★★ $12
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Leo Behnke
Corporate Presentations by Leo Behnke

If your intention is to earn a living from magic, then corporate events are your best chance to succeed. Simply stated, they pay more and can often lead to repeat bookings by the same firms. But do you know how to entertain during a press party, an awards dinner or a fashion show? And what about trade show booths?

Leo Behnke has decades of experience in the corporate entertainment world and shares it with you in this ebook. This is extremely valuable advice you are getting from a pro who has done it all - TV, Magic Castle, trade shows, ...

Leo structered the ebook into five chapters. The...

★★★★★ $22
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Timothy Hyde
Magically Speaking by Timothy Hyde

Catapult your entry into the world of professional speaking! "Magically Speaking" has been compiled by long time professional speaker and magician Timothy Hyde.

An overview of the entire speaking industry with special focus on how magicians can make the transition into this lucrative field. Guest articles from speaker bureau owners, speaker coaches, marketing gurus and other magicians already working in this field. Some of the questions answered in this MasterClass:

What should a speaker have in their promotional press kit? Do you know the questions a speaker bureau will ask you if...

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