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Al Mann
Challenges by Al Mann

Details a true story of Himber challenging Dunninger. Al takes this as inspiration to think about challenge type of effects where somebody challenges you to read his mind.

Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

10 pages

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Chan Canasta
Chan Canasta by Chan Canasta

Script: David Britland: Narrator: Dave Kelly: Producer: Martin Breese

You have probably read all of the books on Chan Canasta and now you can actually hear Chan Canasta performing some of his classic effects on this amazing recording.

In fact this is a complete program on Chan Canasta. It draws on Martin Breese's extensive archive of sound recordings of Chan Canasta.

You will hear Canasta live and then you will be given a complete description of each effect by the narrator. The book test, for example, can be heard exactly as it was performed more than forty years ago and then each move is carefully...

★★★★★ $25
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Chan Canasta
Chan Canasta Live on Television March 18th 1960 by Chan Canasta

The download DVD is a complete Chan Canasta television broadcast from a 1960's BBC TV Show. You see a professional entertainer perform, how he controls his spectators, and how he builds up the effects.

Chan first performs a few card effects and closes with a book test. In the beginning spectators take a few cards each and Canasta divines which cards each one has. Then two spectators take one card from a full deck each and they magically take the same card. Later a spectator takes two cards from a deck and puts each one in one of his pockets, without Canasta looking, but again Canasta knows...

★★★★★ $20
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MP4 (video)

Chan Canasta
Chan Canasta's Book of Oopses by Chan Canasta

This book could fetch hundreds of dollars on ebay. It was very hard to find a copy. The book was shrouded in mystery. The few that had a copy didn't tell what it was. Many who didn't have one, wanted it badly. Now the wait is over...

Martin Breese reprinted this one of a kind book. And the one of a kind Martin Breese let me reproduce it as ebook.

Given the recent popularity of psychological methods in mentalism, the Book of Oopses was decades ahead of its time. Most effects use psychological quirks and biases to predict your entirely 'free' choice. It is eerily disturbing how easily we...

★★★★ $15
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Felix Schellenberg
Chance's Token by Felix Schellenberg
"The Attention to detail is excellent, as is the routine, which has a superb script and presentation!" - Peter Duffie

"Wonderful routines and such a well written book. You did a fantastic job!" - Rick Roth

"...a piece of beauty. This really is phenomenal!" - Kyle MacNeill

A Demonstration Of Precognition And Chance, Using Tarot Cards And Ancient Tokens

The Effect

Proposing to reproduce an ancient divination ritual, a volunteer is asked to freely choose some areas of life that she is particularly interested in (like the ones looked up in a horoscope).

As an aid for later visualization, tokens are laid...

★★★★★ $20
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James S. Harto
Chandra Mind Reading Act by James S. Harto

James Harto successfully performed this two-person-code mind-reading act together with his wife Catherina Wren for many years.

From the introduction:

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this branch of mystification is where the operator in some mysterious manner conveys to the assistant on the stage a question that has been whispered in the operator's ear by a person in the audience and the assistant on the stage gives some kind of an answer that satisfies the spectator, that the assistant actually received the substance of the question that was whispered by him or her.

1st digital...

★★★★★ $6
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Chandu & George Armstrong
Chandu's Psychoanalysis by Chandu & George Armstrong

The original ad:

Here is an entirely new idea in mentalism. Several spectators think of various objects. The performer psycho analyses them and divines the objects being thought of.

  • Positively No Force
  • Any Object Thought Of
  • No Chance Of Failure
  • Performer Is Right Every Time
  • No Skill Required - Just The Ability To Talk
  • Complete With Introductory Lecture and Full Routine That Will Hold The Audience Spellbound

George Armstrong's introduction:

A short while ago, through the introduction of my good friend Monty Wynne (of the Montagues, the two well-known mentalists of Bournemouth),...

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Paul Voodini
Charlie Charlie and Other Spooks by Paul Voodini

Charlie Charlie & Other Spooks is a collection of bizarre magick and paranormal entertainment routines subtitled 'Contemporary Bizarre Magick for the Modern Era'. The routines, ideas, and presentations contained within take their inspiration from modern urban myths and legends.

There are three main sections to this ebook. The first section covers the Charlie Charlie spirit communication phenomena that has been sweeping the internet in recent times. Paul Voodini takes the original idea, thoroughly explores it, and offers new insights and presentational angles that enable to performer to take...

★★★★ $12
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Gerard Zitta
Cheat Hand by Gerard Zitta

Have you ever played "Which hand" with somebody, and they hid the coin behind their back? Here is a way to overcome this problem.


A spectator takes one of his coins, and puts it in any hand behind his back. You won't look either. They can even hide it in their back pocket, or on the chair, if they decide to cheat. You find out where the coin is (which hand, or which pocket).

100% improvised and hands-off.

(The method here is different than in Coin Games or in Bluff.)

1st edition 2014, 7 pages.

★★★★★ $12
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Maurice Fogel
Cheating the Gallows: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 5 by Maurice Fogel

A tremendous amount of thought, study and development has gone into the routine and presentation of this effect, the result of many years of refinement and actual performance before paying audiences. Maurice has performed this effect literally thousands of times under all sorts of conditions, in cabaret and on stage. It has been an unfailing highlight of his performances, talked about and remembered. So many mental effects give the audience nothing to look at and use the same old plots. Certainly, from the very moment the audience see the arresting sight of a gallows before them the effect must...

★★★★ $10
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Checkout Chi: pay with your mind by (Benny) Ben Harris

Checkout Chi is the first new effect from Ben Harris in ages. And, it's been worth the wait.

Checkout Chi will drop the jaws of your audiences when YOU PAY for the restaurant bill, bar tab, groceries, gasoline, movie tickets, or what have you--WITH YOUR MIND. No cash, no credit cards, just your mind!

And, it's genuine: The vendor gets paid. A receipt is issued. All is above board.

Seriously, this is the kind of impromptu magic that makes reputations. The moment arising from a real-world situation (having to pay the bill), and the solution (paying the bill with magic), proving your mastery...

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Devin Knight
Chess Gambit by Devin Knight

The effect reads totally impossible, yet it is accurate in every regard. One of the most unique and baffling magical effects on stage today. Direct from Devin Knight's own stage show and a limited release, this is based on a little known idea that Al Mann shared with Devin.

Al Mann's original idea has been revised and greatly improved upon to make it into a real visual showpiece. Read the effect and ponder how such a thing is possible:


Performer introduces a table containing a chess set. He tells the audience before the show he gave a copy of the best-selling book, "Chess Strategy"...

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Abhinav Bothra
Child's Play by Abhinav Bothra

Child's Play consists of a double prediction called 'Piece of Cake' and a tool called 'High Five', both for your online and offline performances.


An envelope containing a prediction is introduced. 7 cards bearing 7 different numbers are introduced as well. You tell them behind each of those cards there is something written but that’s for later use. Next the cards are placed in two different rows of 4 & 3 cards in each. A participant eliminates one of the rows and you turn over the cards to show the text behind, you had predicted which row they would eliminate. Next they...

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Al Mann
Classified by Al Mann

Included in this manuscript are effects that Al Mann himself calls "Spiritual Mentalism". Mind Reading, Future Prediction, Esp, Telepathy, Book Tests and much more are all included in this brilliant manuscript.

  • Omar's Prognosis
  • Outdone-Outdid
  • Top Secret Ii
  • Enchantment
  • Bonus: A Discussion On "Lorant", Meaning Long Range Telepathy
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

16 pages

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Scott Creasey
Clear Perception by Scott Creasey

The clear force bag has been around for a long time and should be part of any mentalist's arsenal. They come in many shapes and sizes and range in style from the cheap and tacky to the over complex and expensive.

For the first time Scott explains how with basic tools you have at home, you can in about fifteen minutes, easily and cheaply manufacture the clear Zip Lock force bags he has been selling at his lectures for over ten years.

Also included in these 34 pages of photographic instructions are eight full routines suitable for platform or close up and taken from Scott's own working...

★★★★ $18
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B. W. McCarron
Clearly Mental by B. W. McCarron

Clearly Mental contains 11 entertaining mental routines, including a subtlety used by one of America's most prominent performers to ensure that a beautiful woman is selected as a volunteer.

Inside these 58 pages, McCarron explains not only routines, but 30 additional ideas for coming up with your own custom-crafted effects.

The Name Game - Reveal the names two spectators are trying hard not to think of.

Easy Money - Two spectators take turns attempting to exchange their $1 bill for a $5, $20, or $100 bill.

Autograph Party - Audience members write the names of their favorite celebrities...

★★★★★ $12
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Larry Becker
Clearly Predictable by Larry Becker

This is one of the slickest and cleanest prediction effects I know.

A spectator gets a sealed envelope to keep, circles one classified ad in a newspaper, and removes a bill from her wallet and signs it with her initials. Another spectator completely fairly selects a card from a spectator shuffled pack. Despite all of these fair and clean selections the mentalist has predicted all of them. The selected card is printed on the newspaper, and the prediction envelope holds the serial number of the bill and a copy of the classified which was freely selected by the spectator.

Some preparatory...

★★★★★ $7
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MP4 (video)

José Prager
Cliff by José Prager

Cliff is a new use for an old gimmick. In that sense it is a groundbreaking new concept in the art of PK magic. The gimmick, virtually invisible to the naked eye, can be with you at all times, and is applicable to a nearly limitless amount of objects. You can easily perform Cliff in the midst of a large crowd, as there are no threads, blowing, or vibrations involved in the effect. Your body never comes in contact with the object. You can even hand out the item for examination.

Cliff is a dramatic, stunningly visual addition to your repertoire and a new development in the world of PK magic.

★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Clip Sight by Devin Knight

Release #9 in Devin Knight's Psychic Sight series. Clip-Sight is a utility tool that will allow you to create miracles that defy explanation. It is an improvement over an old Al Mann idea. You can do all of the below effects and MORE with this gimmick. These effects will not only fry your audiences they will fool the majority of magicians as well. None of the below effects require any sleight of hand! All are easy to do, yet are some of the most impossible effects ever created. This sold professionally made up for $59 in the past. You can easily make your own for a fraction of that!


★★★★★ $15
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Alexander May
ClipStick Switch by Alexander May

The ClipStick Switch is a clean, original and brand new method for convincingly switching prediction billets in virtual shows.

"Bold, deceptive, simple, clean and ideal for online performances. The perfect technique for these unprecedented times." - Elliott Bresler

"This is a very effective routine for Zoom Shows. Easy to perform and looks really clean! Well done!" - Luca Volpe

"Simple, easy to do and effective!" - Lior Manor

"With all the technical stresses that come with performing virtually, this simple yet powerful reveal is a great addition to a Zoom show. It's foolproof, stress-free,...

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MP4 (video)

Ken Muller
Close Call by Ken MullerA profound demonstration of psychic or paranormal acuity utilizing a single volunteer while engaging the entire audience.

It is ideal as an introduction to any mentalism act in which spectator participation and rapt attention is critical, but can also work as a stand-alone presentation or a transition from conjuring to mentalism. You leave the audience in a state of stunned silence, trust and respect. There are no tricks - nothing to learn - no practice (not possible, actually). It is real. This is a natural, innate ability of all humans demonstrated in a dramatic way.

Impromptu. Can be...

★★★ $8
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Christopher Bolter
Close-Up Mentalism Part 1 by Christopher Bolter

The Lottery - a frightening adaptation of the classic psychometry routine using a premise you might not have known existed. All based off of Shirley Jackson's famous short story "The Lottery"

Invisible Dreams - a clever adaptation to a prop you probably already own.

Gilbreath Revisited - this card effect is utterly baffling, so much that it's gone by some of the brightest minds in magic!

Psychic Art Thief - a drawing duplication routine that you can do during a walk around performances or even seated at a table.

Intuition - a foolproof cards across routine that never fails!


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Christopher Bolter
Close-Up Mentalism Part 2 by Christopher Bolter

Drawing Man: a very fun and funny routine designed to get the audience involved. Using a classic artist's mannequin the mentalist predicts the outcome of an impossible to know pose.

Partners: this is a clever two person card routine that uses 2 decks, and comes with a surprise kicker ending! Mentalism with cards at it's finest.

The Magic Square: Chris unleashes all of his work on the classic magic square. With looks at the easy to the complicated you'll learn how to build, code and perform your own magic square.

Don't You Know It: A totally impromptu routine using some cards you're...

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Devin Knight & Jerome Finley
Cloud Busting Secrets by Devin Knight & Jerome Finley

Make clouds vanish, appear and more. With a preface by Paolo Cavalli and a foreword by Enrique Enriquez.

Two of the world's foremost 'Cloudbusters' reveal their inner secrets of cloud magic!

In this ebook the authors strip away the veil of secrecy, revealing cloud secrets only known to a select few. Learn to make clouds vanish and appear. Sculpture them into images of selected playing cards, thought of numbers, ESP symbols, faces, and even animals.

Nothing is held back. Apparently change the weather by delaying rain or snow or even by making it warmer. Believe it or not you can do a...

★★★★★ $25
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