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Aire Allegro
Brain Busters For The Intermediate Mentalist by Aire Allegro

Staple Gun Roulette

Four staple guns are shown to be laid on a table in front of the audience, everyone watching is asked to think of a number from 1-4. A random member of the audience is then asked to come onto the stage and the guns are numbered 1-4 by the participant. The participant is then told to imagine that the number they chose is the loaded gun and is to leave the gun with that number on the table at all times. He/she picks up one of the other guns and holds it to the mentalists eye and is told to pull the trigger...Click the gun is safe. The participant is then asked to repeat...

★★★★★ $15
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Unknown Mentalist
Brain Knewmerology by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of this ebook can get Advanced Brain Knewmerology for half price.

This is a unique mind reading routine. It possesses a rare set of qualities. It is absolutely prop less and it can be done totally impromptu. Also, you can read 2 minds at a time. This works equally well one-on-one, close-up group, parlor, walk around, street, platform or even remotely on phone or skype.

This is completely self working and instantly repeatable with a different outcome each time. Very easy to perform. You can perform it within 10 minutes of reading the instructions. No electronics, no stooges, no preshow and no sleights. ...

★★★★ $9
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David Devlin
Brainstorm by David Devlin
"Very nice. Sweet effect, well done!" - Martin Lewis
David Devlin has done it again! This time with a new piece of mentalism that has fried both lay audiences and magicians alike. This is a stunning display of not only your psychic abilities, but also those of the spectator. It is so fair and so "hands-off" that there just does not seem anyway possible for this to work, but it does, and it is 99.5% self working, and it is under your control. David has combined two principles to create this incredible mystery, one of which is grossly under explored.

Bonus: This eBook also features a fantastic false...

★★★ $10
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Al Mann
Break Through by Al Mann

From the forward by Al Mann: "The true art of mentalism is not the illusion of the stage that enchants the eye but the illusion created in the mind that enchants the thought. The mentalist's greatest gimmick is hidden in the inner recesses of his mind and therefore invisible and unexposable. This manuscript expounds the illusive, seldom exploited and little known branch of magic where the spectator unknowingly executes the 'move' that creates the miracle to the full credit of the magician! The "Headline Prediction" is indeed a headline getter for the magician and mentalist. It is a haunting...

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Devin Knight
Breakfast Pack Match by Devin Knight

An amazing mental trick for kids using small packets of cereal.

Good comedy mentalism for kids is often hard to find. This funny effect is one that kids love and can relate to. They all eat cereal and are familiar with the cereals used in this effect. Devin Knight has used this effect in his kid shows for the last few years. It plays extremely well for kids.

On the performer's table are eight packages (or one-serving boxes) of breakfast cereal. The performer invites a kid to come forward and play a game with the cereal called Eat-n-Toss. One-by-one, the performer and a kid take turns...

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Don Theo III
Broken by Don Theo III

This is the launching point of the journey. Don fuses the essence of powerful theatre with mystery entertainment to open your eyes and ears to a new way to approach your performances.

"Most mentalists know Don Theo knocked it out of the ballpark with his introductory book Teardrop. However, Theo's 'Broken' makes his first treatise now seem like a bunt. 'Broken' is a beautiful, artistic work that forces the actor in each mentalist to rise to the surface and make some very necessary waves within our art." - Mick Ayres
The star of the show, this jawdropping three phase routine...
★★★★★ $23
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Dee Christopher
Broken Wings by Dee Christopher

Dee Christopher's work on the John Riggs Add-A-Number pad from The Psychic Agenda*.

With the Broken Wings device, you can easily:

  • Predict impossible things
  • Make writing appear, disappear or transform
  • Create dual realities
  • Force cards
  • Automatic writing without special pens
  • Peek information
  • Drawing Duplications
  • Switch billets or cards
This device is a gimmicked pad. It's simple in it's workings, but since it's conception two years ago, Dee has used it everywhere, from nightclubs to stages with great success.

There are no complex mechanisms to go wrong, no technology to fail,...

★★★★★ $21
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Shawn Evans
Build Your Own Psychic Calculator by Shawn Evans

Do-It-Yourself: "Trick-Out" Your Calculator

With a Psychic Calculator you can create endless mind-reading, prediction, and magic effects - a mentalist dream come true.

Don't pay up to $300 or more for a Mentalist or Psychic Calculator when you can make your own in less than 30 minutes, for under $10 (including the price of the calculator!), plus the use of just a few common household items. No knowledge of electronics needed - just the proper know-how.

This ebook will give you the "details in detail" with over 20 step-by-step photos and illustrations that will guarantee your success. ...

★★★★★ $19.95
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Rob Chapman
Burn the Witch by Rob Chapman

In the Burn the Witch not only will you find four great effects that are inspired by witchcraft, but you will see the creative fusion of approaches to magick that makes Rob one of the most exciting mystery entertainers in the UK. Ideas, technique and inspiration drawing on sleight of hand, mentalism and hypnotism.


  • Protection against Witchcraft
  • The Face at the Grave
  • The Scented Flower
  • The Witches Mark

1st edition 2013, 36 pages.

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Abhinav Bothra
Business Cards by Abhinav Bothra

8 excuses to hand out business cards

Accurate - Based on Andrew Gerrad's Accuracy, it's different but impromptu. 3 objects are hidden one in each hand and one in a card box. And the performer deduces the location of each of those objects.

Brief But Accurate - Accurate made short but still effective

B4 Esperience - This is how Esperience used to look like before what it is now.

Dismantle - Spectator reads the thoughts of another spectator.

Haptic - A fun little piece that deals with unconscious cognition and utilizes your sense of touch

Pinned up Memory - Spectator stumbles...

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Unknown Mentalist
Businessassins by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of this ebook can purchase Businessassins 2 for half price.

The extraordinary art of 'killing'. With just your business card. You can choose to 'kill' instantly. Or you can choose to 'kill' remotely over phone. You can even 'time the kill' for many weeks or months later. Actually just one business card is handed over to the 'victim'. But the impact in the mind of the 'victim' will be far bigger.

Businessassins is especially for the mentalist to hand out his business cards. No 'magicky' methods. Appears like some unfathomable 'mind thing' to the 'victim'. And you will appear like a true mentalist. ...

★★★★ $12
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Unknown Mentalist
Businessassins 2 by Unknown Mentalist

If you already own Businessassins or buy along with this, you can get this ebook for half price.

The secret art of 'killing' with your business cards is further explored here with 3 more amazing 'killing systems', exclusively developed for the mentalist. The 3 routines explained are

All the information mentioned on the page of Businessassins is applicable here too. These are innovative combinations of some solid and proven methods and principles. The routines are very clean in that everything is completely examinable throughout the process. The secrets are very cleverly...
★★★★★ $12
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Erick Castle
Busted by Erick Castle

The performer proposes an imaginary game of Blackjack. The stakes are high because the performer has made a sealed prediction which is kept in full view the entire time...

The cards are freely chosen - only thought of by the volunteer.

A sealed envelope is opened showing a prediction matching 100% correctly with the volunteers selection.

1st edition 2007; 8 pages.

★★★★ $7
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Bob Cassidy
But Stranger Still by Bob Cassidy
  • Doctor Bob Live and in Persona!
  • A Day at the Movies
  • Doctor Bob's Opening Routine
  • Doctor Bob's Killer Miller Caps
  • The Billet Reading Portfolio
  • Smear and Hear
  • BONUS: Questions and Answers about Dr Bob and his important message to you!

1st edition 2002, 17 pages.

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Rob Chapman
By The Beast Inspired by Rob Chapman

Five essays inspired by the writings of Aleister Crowley designed to inspire and change the way you think about magical performance.


  • A whole evenings show - The Mysterium.
  • Awaken the spirits of Earth to a very visual presence.
  • Full Spirit Cabinet routine.
  • and much more.
  • and a thank you offer for those who buy it....
"Rob Chapman writes with a style that leaves you feeling like you just made a new friend. His personable style of mysticism mixed with occultism and good old skill-full handling make Rob Chapman one of the most watchable and bankable performance magicians on...
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Scott F. Guinn
Calling Cards by Scott F. Guinn

A feature show-stopping mentalism routine

NOTE: While the description below describes the effect using a seven-digit phone number, it can also be done with ten or more digits to cover area codes and country codes if required. Scott explains this in the ebook, as well some other options.

You remove a deck of cards from its case. To preclude the possibility of any sleight-of-hand, you put it in a clear glass tumbler, holding it up for all to see, the face of the pack toward the audience. You begin moving cards, one at a time, from the back of the deck to the face, and seven audience members...

★★★★★ $10
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Victor Farelli
Can You Tell Fortunes? by Victor Farelli

This is Victor Farelli's answer to: "Can you tell fortunes?"

As magician you will occasionally encounter this question. Farelli describes and teaches a strong effect that can be done with a borrowed deck of cards. At the end Farelli includes some practical advice on fortune telling.

Briefly, the effect is as follows. Having been requested by a lady in the company to tell her her fortune, the magician asks her to give him the date and the month (not the year - never ask the age of a woman!) of her birth. Pretending to make some intricate calculations, he informs the sitter that her "lucky"...

★★★★★ $5
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Ulrich von Etzenbach
Canastos by Ulrich von Etzenbach

Canastos is one of these few book test predictions, which you can perform anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Once you have learned Canastos, you can perform an impromptu miracle wherever you go.

The performer invites a spectator to take part in his experiment. The performer hands a spectator an envelope and asks them to make sure it is never touched by the performer again. The spectator is also given a book to inspect and to make sure that every page is different with nothing else written down except the text itself.

The performer takes the book back and riffles through the pages until...

★★★★★ $15
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Sean Waters
Canvas by Sean Waters

In Sean Waters latest release, you will find a gallery of realistic mentalism for group showings and for etching lasting memories with the most powerful form of mentalism - one on one. Sean introduces a new method to introduce yourself to complete strangers and already know their name; the way a real mind-reader would. This is no washroom eavesdropping. Sean provides a re-constructed manner to predict a series of numbers (and reveal what they mean). This improvisational method can be used anywhere and at any time. Sean has sculpted two ESP symbol presentations that will devastate any onlooker...

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Eddie Joseph
Card Magic of the Mind by Eddie Joseph

Fourteen mind magic routines with a deck of cards.

From the introduction:

Just because one has acquired extreme dexterity in the manipulation department it does not stand to reason that CARD MAGIC OF THE MIND can be easily presented as a bunch of tricks. The Magician appears in the role of a Mentalist when doing CARD MAGIC OF THE MIND. He is supposed to be working with his MIND and not his HANDS. Any attempt at speed or undue display of manual dexterity will ruin the whole thing. One should remember to keep it that way.

  • The Author's Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Fascination
  • Clairvoyancy ...
★★★★ $6
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Dibya Guha
Card Mentalism by Dibya Guha

Card Mentalism is a collection of simple but effective mentalism effects with cards. These effects have been field tested and require no complicated moves to execute leaving you, the performer, to concentrate solely on your presentation.

The effects included in this PDF are:

ANIMAL PREDICTION: A cute mentalism effect involving cards bearing animal pictures on them. Although the cards are mixed by the spectator both he and the mind reader end up on the identical animal card as if by coincidence.

ESTIMATION: A deck of playing cards is introduced and shuffled. A spectator is instructed...

★★★★★ $20
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Al Baker
Cardially Yours by Al Baker

Here's a terrific ebook with seven mental-flavored card miracles that you will surely add to your arsenal. Written by Al Baker, past Dean of Magic for the famed Society of American Magicians, these effects are entertaining, yet do not require difficult sleight of hand. Your audiences will enjoy watching them as much as you will enjoy performing them.

Here's what's included:

Color Flight - A beautifully routined Cards Across effect where three selected blue backed cards travel across the stage and join a packet of red backed cards.

Out on Location - A great card location that looks absolutely...

★★★ $6
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Unknown Mentalist
Cards Across on Voice Call by Unknown Mentalist

You and the participant are on both ends of a voice call. Using an imaginary deck of playing cards, the participant 'churns her thoughts' multiple times and finally sends across a few cards from her mind to your mind. You 'receive' those cards perfectly and reveal them to her in a stunning manner. This, in essence, is the effect.

You can perform this over a video call or virtual show apart from face to face performances. And this works in any language. Two versions of the routine are explained.

PSYCHIC VERSION which is totally propless (except for a piece of paper used by the participant...

★★★★ $12
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Mystic Alexandre
Cards of the Covenant by Mystic Alexandre

This is an exercise in pure performance and psychological effectiveness. Easy to do and it works. Not to mention the fact that by performing it you will become a better overall performer in all the other effects you choose to perform. A great effect for beginning mentalists who want to get good fast, bold, awesome.

A deck of cards is brought out, removed from its case and the performer demonstrates what the spectator is to do in a moment by spreading the deck face-down on the table and randomly removing a card. The deck is then quickly shuffled. The 52 card deck is again spread face down...

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