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The Phone Trick by Romanos

This only currently works only on iPhone devices.

This is not an app, it is not a pre-recorded message and the number they generate can be seen in your recent calls.

Imagine inviting someone to choose a playing card and to put it, out of sight, without looking at it. You then ask a selection of people to create a random mobile phone number. You phone the number they have created and, when the person answers the phone, you ask them to name any playing card. They name the card that was chosen by the spectator. This is a real reputation maker and one that we guarantee you will be performing....

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MP4 (video)

Romark & Martin Breese
Romark by Romark & Martin Breese

This is a special treat for all mentalists who would like to learn more about the effects of Romark. Romark was a successful English mentalist during the 1970s and early 80s, who was good friends with Tony Corinda, who helped him put together his TV show. Romark's early death in his mid-50s prevented him from becoming even more widely known.

You will receive a video of three of Romark's TV shows from 1974 together with a PDF explaining the effects. (Check your digital shelf for all downloads.) The explanations were put together by Romark's wife Ursula and Martin Breese. The effects for which you will...

★★★★★ $29.50
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Ron and Nancy Spencer
Telepathy Personified by Ron and Nancy Spencer

For years Ron and Nancy have fooled audiences worldwide with their Minds in Harmony act. Here, for the first time, they reveal all of their treasured secrets - secrets that will enable the reader to recreate this act in its entirety. In his foreword to this book Edwin Dawes says:

Despite the numerous times I have seen Ron and Nancy Spencer present their act it has never palled, the freshness and apparent spontaneity of their interaction (not to mention the challenge for the magician of endeavouring to detect their methods!) has captured the imagination. For much of the second half of the...

★★★★★ $25
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Ron Chavis
Mystic Descendant - Digital Dose by Ron Chavis

Collected pieces from all four issues of our first year's run. Put together in the hopes of reaching those that prefer eBook over print and offer a taste of Mystic Descendant's content.

Neal Scryer offers practical advice for pendulum workers while an engaging close-up piece is presented 'Inside a London Pub'. E. Raymond Carlyle shares personal stories, advice and tips as Johnny the Mentalist demonstrates an effect over the phone.

Enjoy a Backstage Pass with full-time performer Meraux Dantes, along with a unique chair test that may be used as is or shaped into whatever theme you desire....

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Ronald Levy & Devin Knight
The Knight Billet by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

A break through in billets that you need to know if you do billet effects.

Richard Osterlind is correct when he says that many mentalists stay away from Annemann's billet work because it seems hard to do. For most magicians and mentalists, it is difficult to do. They struggle with opening the Annemann billet in their pockets; they fumble and quickly give up. The basic idea is to switch a billet for a blank one and secretly open it in your pocket or behind a clipboard or book. This can be difficult with one hand, especially if you are using an Annemann billet.

That has all changed thanks to Ron Levy,...

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Ronald Levy & Devin Knight
The Knight Billet Revisited by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

The Knight Billet Revisited is a comprehensive sequel to The Knight Billet, but this eBook is designed as a standalone PDF. You do not need the original eBook to understand or appreciate the material in this release. This is a new variation on the original Knight Billet that makes doing Annemann's billet routines even easier than the original Knight Billet. Yes, you can secretly open this variation on the Knight Billet even faster.

In this ebook, you get step-by-step photos showing you how to fold the billet and step-by-step photos on how to secretly unfold it in a few seconds, with no fumbling, as with the standard Annemann billet. You will...

★★★★★ $12
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Ronald Levy & Devin Knight
Psychic Word Revelation by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

A deck of 52 Alphabet cards is shuffled and handed to a participant to cut as many times as he wishes. The performer turns his back so he cannot see the cards or participant. The participant deals himself the top three alphabet cards face up and tries to make a three-letter word out of them. If those three cards cannot form a word, the participant is to discard those and deal himself another three cards. He is to try to form a word from the second group of three letters. The participant continues in this way, dealing himself three alphabet letters one at a time. When the participant deals a...

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Ross Tayler & Fraser Parker
Ouija: billet-less name guess by Ross Tayler & Fraser Parker

As close to real billet-less name guess.

Imagine... In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator to focus on the name of someone close to them. They name a few random letters, including letters from the name. The name is not written down anywhere and exists only in their mind. And you instantly tell them the name they are thinking of.

This is exactly what you DO. There are no billets, tears or peeks. Simply the words you use and the illusion they create, are all you need to be able to accurately guess a name, most of the time. Like real mind reading,...

★★★★★ $40
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 18: Spiritualistic Tricks by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content

    Spiritualistic Tricks

  2. Introduction
  3. The Dark Seance (Method 1)
  4. The Dark Seance (Method 2)

    Slate Effects

  5. A Trick With the Flap Slate
  6. With Two Slates
  7. The Tied Slates
  8. The Flap Slate Minus Corner
  9. With Unprepared Slates

    Mental Phenomena

  10. The Giant Memory
  11. The Lightning Calculator

1st edition 1931; 18 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 17: Mental Phenomena by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content
  2. The One Man Crystal Reading Act
  3. How To Answer Questions
  4. The Crystal Gazing Act
  5. The Living and the Dead
  6. The Magic Mirror
  7. The Human Calendar
  8. The Hindu Pulse stopping
  9. X-Ray Eyes
  10. Long Distance Thought Transmission

1st edition 1931; 22 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Rupesh Thakur
Facebook Prediction by Rupesh Thakur

[Note: Rohit Gupta contacted us in 2018 that he created and published the same method in 2014, predating this publication. We checked and he indeed published it at that time and should therefore be credited as the originator of this method. Rupesh Thakur maintains that he independently created the method, which for anybody who is familiar with Facebook would not be that hard.]

Casual predictions:

Predict anything you want. From a visit to a planet of choice of your friend, to presidential elections to rugby matches, to superbowl results, to even a sweet little prediction if your newborn baby is going to be a girl or a boy - surprise your spouse, or grandma. Imagine making a prediction to your mom what dish she will cook tonight. Long ago before she even enters kitchen. From all types of fun little sweet predictions to serious professional predictions.

Corporate predictions:

How about you predicting a business meeting outcome? How about prediction...

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Russell J. Hall
Variations on an ESP Theme by Russell J. Hall

Excerpt from the introduction:

Being made up of five symbols repeated five times, the standard ESP pack is ideally suited to coincidence-type effects. For some time I've used a number of effects based on a coincidence or 'linked minds' theme which involved the selection of two or three symbols, apparently at random, which later turned out to be identical. It occurred to me recently, however, that there was scope for extending the principle to include all five cards of any particular symbol.

  • Symbol synchronicity
  • The Rhine reaction
  • Zenner mate
  • ESP topper
  • ESP round-up
  • Down-under divination ...
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Ryan Shaw
Beginnings by Ryan Shaw

A wonderful collection of original magic/mentalism effects and theory.

The Assumption Principle: A deceptive but simple and versatile principle that you'll surely be making your own tricks with.

Bluff ACAAN: To the spectator, it is a meaningful take on the ACAAN using a shuffled deck and free choice. They can handle the deck for the naming of the card and number. They can deal the cards.

The Passive Force: An idea for an elaborate forcing method which you may already use, but have never realized it or thought of it in this way.

The Build Up Principle: You'll totally transform your...

★★★ $4
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S. Edward Dexter
Entertaining with Contact Mind Reading by S. Edward Dexter

A complete non-technical treatise on the science of Contact Mind Reading, enabling anyone to present a convincing Telepathic Act.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. What Is Contact Mind Reading?
  • Chapter 2. Contact Impulses
  • Chapter 3. Non-Contact Or Remote Impulses
  • Chapter 4. The Author's Presentation
  • Chapter 5. Entertaining With Contact Mind Reading
  • Chapter 6. The Pseudo Blindfold
  • Chapter 7. The Negative Guide
  • Chapter 8. Two Important Replies
  • Chapter 9. Do's And Dont's

1st edition 1952, 26 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 20 pages.

★★★★ $8
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S. S. Baldwin & F. C. Florence
Spirit Mediums Exposed by S. S. Baldwin & F. C. Florence

A revealing look into the psychic manifestations of bogus spirit mediums, as revealed by a noted stage entertainer.

Bold? Yes. Daring? Sure. So much so that one can't help but be impressed by the audacity and methods that psychic charlatans employed to fleece their victims. Like Houdini, Prof. Samri Baldwin was not only a gifted showman in his own right, he also led crusades in the USA and Australia to expose the methods of fraudulent clairvoyants and spirit mediums, several of which are revealed in this ebook.

If you're into real-life ghostbusting, or you're a magician or psychic entertainer...

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S. W. Reilly
Hellstromism by S. W. Reilly

This is one of the best ebooks on contact mind reading. It is short, but holds everything you need to know on the subject. Written by S. W. Reilly. This ebook is based on Axel Hellstrom's use of Contact Mind Reading. A great ebook to get you started.

Also features two performance reports on Hellstromism. One performance was given by Professor Newmann, the other by George Jason.

1st digital edition 2013, 13 pages.

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S. W. Reilly
Modern Fortune Telling by S. W. Reilly

Make extra money, capture complete attention by telling fortunes for fun and profit. Very useful for bazaars, P.T.A. carnivals, money raisings of all kinds, great for bartenders, resort and cruise work - any place where people congregate. A fascinating entertainment just for your friends. Ebook covers the secret methods employed by fortune tellers, crystal gazers, mediums, etc. Prepares anyone to give readings of facts in the subjects life. Tells you what to say and how to say it. Includes easily learned methods of fortune telling with cards, streamlined, forceful. You will use this.


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S. W. Reilly
Spirit Rope Ties by S. W. Reilly

If you are a magician or psychic entertainer looking for something different and exciting to add to your act, then your search is over!

The Spirit Rope Tie, long a staple of bogus spirit séances, offers the clever performer a fantastic array of performance possibilities for injecting fun, humor or mystery into his or her show. Whether played "straight" as a recreation of a vintage spirit séance, or as a comedic effect that gets funnier with each repetition, any one of the rope ties described in the ebook is strong enough to be a reputation maker for you.

Reilly doesn't make the reader...

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S. W. Reilly & B. W. McCarron
21 Table Lifting Methods by S. W. Reilly & B. W. McCarron

21 clever methods used by mentalists, psychics, magicians and fake mediums to make tables tilt, levitate and dance about the floor.

Covers methods used by famous performers, fraudulent mediums, and even the very latest floating table effects available from dealers. Also includes a method where a table - with a person sitting in the center of it - is made to levitate. And best of all, the person on table won't know how the effect was accomplished.

Whether you perform a solo act, or have a touring company with assistants and stagehands, you're sure to find a method that works for your performing...

★★★★ $10
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S. W. Reilly & Val Andrews & Oscar Paulson
No Skill Comedy Mind Reading by S. W. Reilly & Val Andrews & Oscar Paulson

Here's something you will put to immediate use, and continue to use it for fun and/or money. Presented by any two people, without any special scenery, costumes, props or conditions. Read the ebook, and you are ready to start. Great for clubs, lodges, fun nights, schools, Scouts, Senior Citizens, P.T.A., you name it. Very funny act with lots of built in laughs. (You can show a friend how to do it in minutes, so you don't need a regular assistant. Great for married couples.)

This is a compilation of three sources

  • Abba Dabba, The Mystic by S. W. Reilly
  • Lines for Mentalists by Val Andrews ...
★★★★ $6.95
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Sam Dalal
Swami by Sam Dalal

Swami is a fascinating mix of traditional Indian magic and contributions by international masters. Sam Dalal writes in his introduction:

...One of the reasons for the popularity of these magazines is that much of it is devoted to a branch of bizarre or geek magic, not normally covered in the regular magic publications....

I am delighted with the way Chris Wasshuber ( has produced this electronic version of the Swami and Mantra magazines. When Chris Wasshuber asked me just a few weeks ago if he could produce the magazines as an e-book for circulation through his,...

★★★★★ $13.50
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Sam Dalal
Mantra by Sam Dalal

Mantra continues where Swami left off with fascinating mix of traditional Indian magic and western style magic. Sam Dalal writes in his introduction:

...One of the reasons for the popularity of these magazines is that much of it is devoted to a branch of bizarre or geek magic, not normally covered in the regular magic publications....

I am delighted with the way Chris Wasshuber ( has produced this electronic version of the Swami and Mantra magazines. When Chris Wasshuber asked me just a few weeks ago if he could produce the magazines as an e-book for circulation through his,...

★★★★★ $11.50
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Sam Dalal
Swami and Mantra by Sam Dalal

A treasure trove for bizarrists and mentalists alike. You will find weird fakir stunts juxtaposed with western style magic effects.

★★★★ $19.95
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Sam Dalal
Magic with an ESP Deck by Sam Dalal

The original Magic With An ESP Deck was written in 1972 as an “instruction manual” to go with an ESP Deck marketed as a magic prop. The mimeographed manuscript contained a hand full of good self working effects with an ESP Deck, written and produced over a couple of days. Sam Dalal thought no more of this than the hundreds of similar manuscripts and instruction sheets he has written over the years for commercial magic items.

He was delighted when he found the book had achieved the status of a reference book on the subject. Republished by Micky Hades, references to this manuscript popped...

★★★★ $5
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