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David Sena & Peter Turner
Isabella's Star by David Sena & Peter Turner

The performer after talking to the audience about astrological numbers and how to work them out, asks anybody who wants to participate in an experiment to work out the astrological number of someone they know.

A paper ball is thrown to select 3 random members of the audience; one of the three is selected. This participant is invited onto the stage and is asked to sit with their eyes closed. The moment the participant closes their eyes the performer starts to receive thoughts, scribbles something on a business card and seals it inside an envelope. He hands the envelope to a member of the audience...

★★★★★ $28
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P. Craig Browning
Ghosts In My Pocket by P. Craig Browning

In his $1,000.00 Seance Docc Hilford introduced the idea of the "Mini" Seance. Craig Browning now takes that premise, delivering to you an informative essay on the art of the improvisational Seance and the arsenal you either have at your disposal WITHOUT THE AID OF A SINGLE GIMMICK as well as those that rely on some of the basic devices most students of Mentalism and Bizarre Magick are familiar with. The ebook is insightful, giving you a unique sense of perspective on one of the author's pet mini-seance routines "Ghost in the Pocket".

1st edition 2009; 29 pages.

★★★★ $28.75
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Scott Xavier
PK Touch Up: an expose of psychic touch by Scott Xavier

Scott Xavier created a new method for PK Touch using an old forgotten principal.


The mentalist speaks of a psychic connection between people when they're hypnotized. The mentalist gets two spectators on stage and hypnotizes them. Then he just makes a mime like a tap two feet above each volunteers arm. Even though their eyes are closed, they both feel the touch, that was never made. The mentalist simply thinks of a touch, and they respond.

Next the mentalist taps the spectator on the left. Both volunteers feel it. Then he taps the spectator on the right, the spectator on the...

★★★★★ $28.95
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Leo Boudreau
Spirited Pasteboards by Leo Boudreau

Max Maven writes in the introduction to Spirited Pasteboards:

There is an ancient Chinese curse which goes, "May you live in interesting times." Bearing this in mind, it is not without some playful malice that I inform you that you are now holding a tome which is extremely interesting.

As with the author's previous book, Psimatrika, the work in this text is primarily based upon stacking arrangements which generate information via binary codes. The principle is by no means new, but in its seventy-year history as a conjuring method it has remained little-known and woefully under-explored.

Mr. Boudreau...

★★★★★ $29
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Bob Cassidy
Fundamentals by Bob Cassidy

"I consider this my best and most favorite ebook I ever wrote." - Bob Cassidy

The foundations of mentalism. Acclaimed as "a definitive resource for all who are interested in mentalism and probably for most in magic generally." Bob's list of 39 most important books to read, which is included in this ebook, is by itself hugely valuable, because you not only get a list of books but the reasons why each one of them is so important. This allows you to judge for yourself if you should read a particular book or not. Fundamentals can be seen as Bob's extraction of the most important concepts from...

★★★★ $29
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Larry Becker
World of Super Mentalism II by Larry Becker

This is the second volume in Larry Becker's series of mentalism. More of the same outstanding mentalism.

In the epilogue of volume 1 Larry wrote that this might be his first and last book depending on the response he will receive. Well, the response was overwhelming and Larry answered with an even larger volume of astounding routines for mentalists. There is enough material for several full evening shows. And with a bit of thought you can use Larry's methods and principles to come up with your own unique miracles.

Here is volume one: World of Super Mentalism I.

1st edition 1979; edited and new layout in 2004; 151 pages....

★★★★★ $29
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Larry Becker
An Evening with Larry Becker by Larry Becker

Never before seen video! This is the only recording of Larry Becker's full evening show, beginning to end, for a lay audience. This is a performance only DVD, running more than an hour, shot in May 1990, and featuring the following effects:

  • Original Some Total
  • Flashback
  • Psychological Forces
  • Grismer Lock Routine
  • Linking Finger Rings
  • Becker Bank Nite
  • Original Casino Royale
  • Thought Reading
  • Russian Roulette
It is rare to see a top professional mentalist at the peak of his career work for a lay audience. Here you can study how Larry Becker handles and interacts with his audience, what...
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Scott Creasey
Empty Multiple Out Envelope by Scott Creasey

In this 40 minute instant download video Scott explains and demonstrates how to manufacture the Empty Multiple Out Envelope, a utility device he has been using in both his close up and stand up performances for years.

If you can use a pair of scissors, you can make The Empty Multiple Out Envelope.

With a couple of envelopes and a pair of scissors, once you have watched this video you will be able to manufacture one of these deceptive envelopes in less than a minute. Finally Scott will teach you the simple handling required using different styles and sizes of envelope, along with two of...

★★★★ $29
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MP4 (video)

Dee Christopher
Living and Dead Acts by Dee Christopher

For the last two years, Dee Christopher has been developing, testing and collecting unique methods to perform the classic Living and Dead act.

In this ebook, you will receive several methods to determine which card contains the dead name, alongside some printable files, professionally designed to work with some of the methods described.

Dee has also given his advice for performing these kinds of powerful, but dangerous acts and included his ideas on performing acts of this nature.

From the closing of the book:

"In the last 6,500 (rounding down for effect) words; I've revealed to...

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Julien Losa
Billets for the Modern Mindreader by Julien Losa

5 novel techniques, 4 variations. A crash course on billet reading/peeking techniques. You get a full peek of the billet every time.

"I can confirm, it contains the best full peek done with a folded billet that I am aware of." - Nestor Dee

"Julien's work with billets is sensational! His techniques are beautiful, elegant and extremely deceptive. This is some of the finest billet materiel available today." - Marc Paul

"Julien has made significant advanced to billet work. This video course contains what I consider to be real breakthroughs. If you are proficient with classic peeks and switches and...

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MP4 (video)

Romark & Martin Breese
Romark by Romark & Martin Breese

This is a special treat for all mentalists who would like to learn more about the effects of Romark. Romark was a successful English mentalist during the 1970s and early 80s, who was good friends with Tony Corinda, who helped him put together his TV show. Romark's early death in his mid-50s prevented him from becoming even more widely known.

You will receive a video of three of Romark's TV shows from 1974 together with a PDF explaining the effects. (Check your digital shelf for all downloads.) The explanations were put together by Romark's wife Ursula and Martin Breese. The effects for which you will...

★★★★★ $29.50
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Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber
Artful Mentalism by Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber

On February 26th 2009 a historic event took place. Bob Cassidy gave a one-of-a-kind two hour teleseminar which was hosted by his longtime student and friend Michael Weber.

Two hours of pure Cassidy where he answered questions and spoke on a number of crucially important points on mentalism. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Persona: Selecting effects consistent with your persona; choosing a persona; credibility; the Dr. Crow persona.
  • Rehearsing: How to practice mentalism.
  • What is bad mentalism?
  • Scripts versus Improvisation
  • Mentalism versus Mental Magic
  • Publicity stunts
  • Logical disconnect:...
★★★★★ $29.90
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Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber
Artful Mentalism: Three Secrets by Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber

The outstanding success of the historic Artful Mentalism Seminar convinced Bob Cassidy to do another similar seminar covering different topics. Michael Weber is again the host and skilfully keeps the discussion focused and informative. If you could not attend the live seminar you can now own and listen to the entire 2 hour and 20 minute recording plus receive two ebooks.

The topics Bob and Michael cover are:

  • A short recap of the last seminar with the major points repeated.
  • Whom do we seek to deceive?
  • Peeks, Steals, Switches, Center tears, etc.
  • Bristol board applications
  • A Pocket writing Subtlety
  • On Impromptu...
★★★★★ $29.90
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Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber
Artful Mentalism: Séance by Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber

Bob Cassidy, one of the most respected and influential mentalists of our time, turns his attention to the topic of the seance and will show you just how simple it is to perform! In fact, most everything you need is contained within this ebook. Plus you get a recorded teleseminar that Michael Weber hosts where Bob talks about seances. On top of this you get the exclusive post-seminar notes and a copy of Behind the scenes with the mediums as PDF.

You'll learn:

  • a 12-step outline for conducting a successful seance
  • the first rule of all effective seances
  • how to do a seance without communicating...
★★★★ $29.90
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Scott Xavier
Processes by Scott Xavier

Imagine being able to have a spectator select any one of several nails from a new unopened package, marking it for identification, and then bending it in front of their eyes!

Now imagine wowing your crowd by having them write private information and questions on business cards and folding them into quarters. You collect them in a sealed container and still begin to reveal information that you shouldn't know! Based on a Lee Earle principle, this new variation can be used with the phoenix peek to mix methods and create an all audience size miracle! The gimmick described costs .97 cents, is...

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José Prager
Swipeit by José Prager

Remote viewing, mind reading, song revelations, predictions and more... All with an iPhone or iTouch. (Some Android phones can be used for this too).

Swipeit is impromptu, can be performed with a spectator's phone and no special apps or software are needed. Absolutely no funny or illogical moves are involved.

Also featuring additional creative routines and ideas from the minds of Ran Pink, Mauricio Jaramillo and Paul Carnazzo that will give you plenty of concepts to experiment with.

Have an easy remote viewing routine and some very powerful mind reading effects at hand any time you meet someone....

★★★★★ $29.95
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Peter Duffie
Mind Blasters USA by Peter Duffie

A new mind-blowing collection of more than 80 mentalism routines from some of America's finest practitioners.

  • Danny Archer
    • Digital Prediction
    • Drawn Again
  • Bruce Bernstein
    • Picture Duplication Done Cold
  • Dr. Bill
    • Crosseyed!
  • Jeffrey Bloom
    • Inception
    • Twisted Brothers
    • Very Superstitious
  • Elliott Bresler
    • The Detective's Peek
  • Craig Browning
    • Spirit Calling
  • Richard Busch
    • Reversal of Fortune
  • Christopher Caldwell
    • Wallet Psychometry
  • Paul Carnazzo
    • Uncrushed
  • Ray Carlyle
    • Money in Balloon
    • No Gimmick Book Test
  • Cameron Francis
    • Back it Up
    • Pinpoint
  • Scott F. Guinn
★★★★ $29.95
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Luke Jermay
Telling Tales by Luke Jermay

The Power Of A Story Repeated!

In this manuscript Luke Jermay details two routines that are designed to be performed in casual settings. Jermay recommends they be used in interview situations in which the performer is being interviewed for a newspaper, radio station, school newsletter or any other printed media.

The routines are designed to become myths and legends after the performance. As the story is repeated to others the effect will grown and grow.

Jermay details his personal feelings on how to use these effects to their maximum potential as well as providing all the details...

★★★ $29.99
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Simon J. Lea
Katterfelto #1 by Simon J. Lea

Katterfelto magazine will be quarterly and available as a hard copy full color magazine or an e-book. (Here at the Lybrary only the e-book version is available.) The hard copy version will be sent out with a free gift.

Anyone purchasing the e-book version will be able to purchase the free gifts at a significantly reduced rate. All you have to do is email Simon at to claim your discount.

For the first edition the free gift is the Pocket Book Test. If you purchase this ebook you can get the Pocket Book Test for £6.00 (+s&h). For a description see further down...

★★★★ $29.99
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Bill Dekel & Timon Krause
Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause
“For those interested in furthering their skills and knowledge in mentalism Air Writer is a must read and I feel is destined to become a classic in this aspect of our art.” - Neil Somerville

“It can be put to so many uses the mind boggles.” - Stephen Young

“The beauty of the technique is that’s its impromptu and propless – these are very valuable attributes.” - Dr. Steve Murray

Imagine asking a spectator to write something in the air, while you honestly close your eyes and do not peek while they are writing it. Yet you still know just what they wrote. With the Air...
★★★ $29.99
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Al Mann
Axel Hellstrom by Al Mann

The Life and works of Axel Hellstrom. Contents include:

  • Hellstrom's history
  • Axel Hellstrom's mnemonic system
  • other performers
  • Hellstrom & Houdini & the S.A.M.
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

19 pages

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Al Mann
The "H" Factor by Al Mann

Effects with the Himber of flip-over wallet.

  • The Wallets
  • Technique
  • The Secret Thrust
  • A History
  • Richard Himber's Billfooled
  • Page One
  • The Coins From The Pocket
  • Life From Space
  • The Name In The Vault
  • One Message
  • Unknown Forces
  • Homer
  • The Noesis Of Nyx
  • One Hundred Clams
  • Instant Mindreading
  • The Mounds Of Ashtoreth
  • The Royal Album
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

26 pages

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Al Mann
The Quick and the Dead by Al Mann

The book deals exclusively with living and dead tests. It gives a detailed history of the effect and how David Abbott was fooled by mediums doing this. Learn inner secrets from the mediums on how to reveal the names of dead relatives. Simply ingenious methods that will startle you with their cleverness. Mann goes into much detail on these tests and ways to learn the names of dead relatives. Some of these methods were later revamped by Mann and released as other effects but using the basic methods. Mann also teaches you a creepy effect, called Empty Graves, where a person writes the name of a...

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Al Mann
The Wocus Legacy by Al Mann

A clever way to read billets, invented by Al Mann.

Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

11 pages

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