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Andy Cannon
Mtangulizi by Andy Cannon

An ebook for anyone who wants to improve the way they are received by their audience whether onstage, in the bar or in casual settings and we cover a few simple things we can do right off the bat to see this change.

Many people are struggling and not getting suggestion to work. This ebook will change that! We look at what the majority of people are NOT doing that is preventing them from seeing success in their use of suggestion and normally its just one simple thing.

If you're interested in being seen as unique and different and above all look and feel real - you'll find the approaches...

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Anthem Flint
Pendulums by Anthem Flint

This is Anthem Flint's first ebook. It covers the art of using a pendulum in the real world and in performance. Anthem Flint begins by teaching you how to make decisions using the pendulum. Then, he shows how to help others make decisions with the pendulum. From there he moves onto jaw dropping and emotionally powerful routines that will stick with you wherever you go. Anthem teaches hard-hitting mentalism with emotional undertones, an unwritten Q&A, and mental magic routines that will leave your audience floored. Anthem has been fooling even the most learned magicians with his 1 in 52 routine....

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Bob Cassidy
The Pendulum of Fate by Bob Cassidy

Everything you need to know about pendulums:

  • The Principle of Ideomotor Movement
  • Dowsing with Pendulums
  • Using the Pendulum in Mentalism
  • The Horizontal Pendulum
  • Mikame Blue
  • Flipchips
  • A Rat in the Desert
1st edition 2004, 20 pages

[For beautiful pendulums and other resources for the mentalist visit Magic Pendulums.]

★★★★★ $25
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Devin Knight
Unknown Forces by Devin Knight

If you are looking for a mind-blowing effect that even fools most magicians, then look no further. This is a PK demonstration at its best and looks like the real thing! You can apparently control objects with your mind. This was one of the late Al Mann's favorite PK effects and he fooled the author completely with it.

The principle is almost forgotten and little known. It is only known by a handful of magicians and was used in the past by mediums to fool the public and most magicians. These are effects you can do and not get caught as there are no gimmicks. With this secret you can do mind-boggling...

★★★★★ $10
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Dr. Bill Cushman
Trybil: AKA the Multi-Bob Book by Dr. Bill Cushman
"I finally had a chance to read Bill’s wonderful book on pendulums. Without a doubt, this is the best book ever written on the subject. I recommend it without reservation to anyone who is serious about this type of work." - Bob Cassidy
Many modern day magicians believe that the pendulum is the most underutilized tool in the world of mentalism.

Within Trybil: AKA The Multi-Bob Book, Dr. Bill teaches you how to become an expert operator of this most rare and unique form of magical of tools, the Multi-Bob pendulum. With anywhere from 2 to 6 bobs, you are able to control, and guide your audience...

★★★★ $55
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Dr. Bill Cushman
Dr. Bill's Bend by Dr. Bill Cushman

As seen on Steve Cohen's 2 hour feature television special, "LOST MAGIC DECODED" aired on The History Channel, October 18th, 2012!

"I chose to perform "Dr. Bill's Bend" on my television special because I needed a pendulum routine with a distinct ending. My studio audience loved this routine, and so did I. Perhaps I should add it to my live shows at the Waldorf-Astoria? It's that strong." - Steve Cohen, The Millionaires' Magician
Imagine using a simple pendulum made from a piece of ribbon and a key (these can all be borrowed) to teach an entire audience to focus their mental powers in ways...
★★★★★ $25
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George B. Anderson
The Magic Pendulum by George B. Anderson

From the introduction:

Anyone who's ever seen the late, great Al Koran's use of the sex detector or swinging pendulum which is nothing more than a weight on a piece of string, knows how fascinating and impressive it is. Here is a complete routine of tricks with the sex detector, that can run a full 15 minutes. An array of eight varied tricks, all apparently accomplished by use of the Pendulum with a most impressive finale. While the sex detector seems to accomplish each miracle, it can be thoroughly examined because there's absolutely no gimmick to be discovered. There's a pseudo-scientific approach...

★★★★★ $6.95
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Ken Muller
More Than Adept by Ken Muller

An enhanced pendulum demonstration for a group audience.

A volunteer uses a pendulum to "read the mind" of other spectators with the performer far away.

This demonstration can easily have the greatest impact on a lay audience of any mentalism effect you may ever perform. It is not a demonstration of your psychic skills but of latent talents of each spectator. The purpose is to enhance the perceptual awareness of each spectator, enhance belief in paranormal abilities, engender trust and align group energy and focus. Thus, More Than Adept can serve as a transition from a simple pendulum...

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Paul Voodini
The Haunting of Paul Voodini by Paul Voodini

The Haunting of Paul Voodini is a compilation of routines and set pieces, many of them taken directly from the “shut eye” paranormal community. These routines would sit well in any bizarre, mentalism, or séance theatre presentation and should be regarded as building blocks and foundations around which evenings of wonder and mystery may be built.

As with most of Voodini’s work, the vast majority of this work is ungimmicked and relies instead upon the correct creation of atmosphere, the subtle use of hypnotic wording, and the ability of the performer to engage the guests’ imaginations....

★★★★ $20
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Ray Noble
The Cleansing by Ray Noble

In this unique routine you will meet an interesting man named George who happens to be a voodoo priest. This routine is told in story form to enhance the effect and to let you see how powerful belief can be. The Cleansing is a method that uses a pendulum to help cleanse a person from negativity or other things that might be upsetting them. Through the power of a pendulum not only is the negativity or worry removed but a calming takes place within the person. This is a routine that uses the persons own mind to free them of their trouble. It is played as real and those attempting this needs to...

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Simon Caine
Oracle: a deck of cards and a pendulum by Simon Caine

Oracle is a multi phase performance piece with a pendulum and deck of cards by Simon Caine.

To demonstrate the powers of the pendulum, first it is used to divine a freely selected card. Next, the pendulum is able to answer questions from the audience, completely out of the hands of the performer. The selected card is then lost and mixed face down into several others by the participant, and still, the pendulum is able to 'dowse' the selection, using nothing more than the participants unspoken thoughts. Finally, a card is merely thought of by another audience member. The pendulum reveals this...

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TC Tahoe
Swinger's Party by TC Tahoe

TC has thrown a party, a pendulum swinging party and his guests have brought to this party some of the best material you will find on "the most underused tool in mentalism".

Featuring Richard Webster, Jeff McBride, Alain Nu, Docc Hilford, Neal Scryer, Stuart Palm, Stuart Nolan, Scott Grossburg, Erick Olson, Dr. Bill and more.

There is a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for story-telling magic, mentalism, or even tips on how to use this fascinating tool.

So whip out your pendulum and start swingin'!

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • TC Tahoe
    • Drinking The Moon
    • For Whom The Wine Glass Tolls ...
★★★★★ $30
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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products)