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Patter, Plots & Scripts

What you say during your performance is probably more important than what you do, except of course if you are performing a silent act. However, most magicians focus on technique. Nothing wrong about spending a lot of time on moves, but spend at least the same amount of time on honing your presentation, what you say, when you say it and how you say it.

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William W. Larsen
Evidence of Deception by William W. Larsen

Here's an entertaining, 40-60 minute lecture that you, the magical performer, can present on the topic of paying attention to avoid getting taken in by scams, cons and crooked politicians. And it's a money-maker, too.

Entertain your talk with magic: Your audience will not only be informed, but entertained with magic effects that you likely already have, or modestly priced items easily obtained from most any dealer. This newly revised edition also includes three effects recommended by Larsen, that you would previously have had to buy separately.

This lecture is in demand: Not a magic show...

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Mark Lewis
Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse by Mark Lewis

This is the pocket trick of the universe. And this is the best ebook ever written on it. You may have seen this performed by a carnival pitchman or magic demonstrator at a fair or exhibition. Briefly the effect is that a tiny little mouse scampers all over the place. It walks along the hand, it turns left, right and even rolls over. It will scamper out of a glass and hop from one deck of cards to another. It is a sensation!

Also included in this ebook is a description of the Magic Coin trick and the Spooky Pencil trick. The pencil trick in particular is a fabulous trick in it's own right...

★★★★★ $10
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #31: Clippo by Larry Brodahl

A script and methodology for doing the classic Clippo trick that will make you and your audience appreciate the beauty and mystery of a small, easy to carry trick.

Clippo is a trick that is wonderful on paper, and useless in reality. For such a clever trick, there never seems to be an appropriate reaction. And frankly, the trick has no ending and occasionally fails.

In this manuscript, you'll learn:

  • why Clippo fails to get a good reaction
  • how to make Clippo
  • the script
  • even some of the script writing and design process followed
This trick is suitable for parlor or stage.


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Oswald Rae
Practical Patter for Practical Magicians by Oswald Rae

From the preface:

Patter fulfils very useful purposes. It serves to entertain and keep an audience in a good humour, also it occupies their minds, and is invaluable as an aid to misdirection. The patter herein has been carefully written round each effect, with due allowance for necessary moves, misdirection and dramatic effect. Obviously much of it can be used for other magical effects, if required, and most performers will doubtless make alterations to suit their own particular style.

  • Preface
  • The Clock Dial
  • The Elusive Blocks
  • Perplexing Politics
  • "Matter Through Matter"
  • Aerial Treasury ...
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Alex De Vega
Patterettes by Alex De Vega

From the Foreword:

"Patterettes" is not really a book of Patter. Personally I do not believe in ready-made Patter; which is like ready-made clothing - must be altered to suit the individual. "Patterettes" is rather a collection of snappy little gags that may be added to your patter at your discretion. I do not claim originality for what is to follow: some are original but many are not. They are taken from my "gag books" in which I have collected many notes of little sayings, jokes, etc. which I have made suitable for patter in connection with conjuring and the allied arts.

  • Foreword ...
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Wolfgang Riebe
100 Card Trick One-Liner Jokes by Wolfgang Riebe

The most popular magic tricks amongst magicians are card tricks, yet there are few jokes and sayings that cover those ‘quiet’ moments between tricks and moves. Here you will find many. What about just adding some comedy entertainment to your next card trick? Looking for the right quick one-line joke - you should find one, or many more here.

1st edition 2020, PDF 15 pages.

★★★★★ $3.99
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #32: Teddy by Larry Brodahl

A parlor/small stage version of the Gypsy Thread that does not rely on florescent thread, but instead uses yarn. It comes complete with a offbeat and funny script.

  • Preface
  • Effect
  • Methodology
    • Materials
    • Preparation
    • Moves
  • Scripts
  • Analysis of the trick
  • Script Insights
    • Fixing flaws
  • Performance Notes
  • Errata
  • Credits
  • An Additional Service
  • Final thoughts

1st edition 2020, PDF 21 pages.

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George Mackenzie Munro
Art in Ten Minutes by George Mackenzie Munro

A lightning sketch lecture.

The presentation of this amusing "Lightning Sketching" act involves no particular skill. Very little practice is required to produce the drawings that illustrate the booklet.

This ebook can also function as an introduction to learning to draw, because it takes the reader from the most simple beginnings of drawing (dots and straight lines) all the way to rather impressive sketches which can be achieved literally with a few well placed strokes.

  • Foreword
  • Presentation
  • Fishes
  • Notes On The "Birds" Sketch
  • The Restless Fays
1st edition 1922, 27 pages; PDF...
★★★★★ $5
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George Mackenzie Munro
The Lightning Sketcher by George Mackenzie Munro

An attractive rapid sketching act suitable for any entertainment. Easily acquired by means of the guide to presentations, non-technical self-instructor. Includes 30 exclusive lightning, reversible, and plain line sketches. Accompanied with the appropriate and witty patter. Anyone can do it. Little practice required. No preparation necessary.

  • A Triangular Yacht
  • Oval Oddities
  • An Animal With Points
  • The Cat
  • A Fruitful Pear
  • A Full Man From An Empty Coffin
  • Reversible Sketches
  • Line Sketches
  • Suggested "Patter" For Lightning Sketches
1st edition 1925, 32 pages; PDF 23 pages.
★★★★★ $5
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #33: Ring and Rope by Larry Brodahl

A multi-phase ring and rope routine using only a regular rope and ring.

Most ring and rope routines don't really look like magic. They look like the rope is looped and threaded and re-threaded, and otherwise fiddled with to account for the "magic". Not this routine. Simple. Easy to perform. Almost surrounded. No gimmicks, no gaffs. Everything's examinable, and nothing is added or taken away. A rope - and a ring. And a killer script.

The author of How To Write A Script reveals his 'Ring and Rope' routine, which he has used to close his act, and is nothing but visual, clean magic. This ebook gives you every...

★★★★★ $10
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Brian T. Lees
Body Language by Brian T. Lees

As entertainers we must use every tool available to delivery our magic to the audience. Body language, often not considered, enhances the connection, compliments the communication and directly impacts the entertainment factor. This ebook identifies body language. It is an attempt to bring the skills associated with theater into the hands of the magician. We have to play to those in the back row and balcony. The best approach is to entertain using your full body.

  • Body language
  • Body elements
  • Timing and body language
  • Body language comparisons
  • Wrapping it up
1st edition 2020, PDF 16 pages....
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Edwin Hooper & Tommy Windsor
Collected Cartoon Stunts by Edwin Hooper & Tommy Windsor

An easy to do show that you can also perform online and via video-conference. Hints, tips, ideas, novelties, patter, presentation and surprises enabling you to easily present ... a complete lightning cartoon act.

Here is great material, the cream of material collected from several out-of-print publications - over thirty Cartoon stunts plus "How Stage Cartoonists draw their pay" by Tommy Windsor an article that is packed with valuable information and ideas to help you become a Lightning Cartoonist. A feature act for any program. A welcome break in an all-magic show. Skill in drawing is not...

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Wolfgang Riebe
200 Politically Correct One-Liner Jokes for Magicians by Wolfgang Riebe

The world has changed - radically! Being an entertainer and telling jokes has gone from 'having fun' with the audience to complaints about every possible issue. Political Correctness now rules. Whatever your view on the issue, the new reality is that all entertainers now need to be more aware than ever before not to offend an audience member. Hence the need for one-liner jokes that are non-political, non-religious, non-sexual, and just about non-everything.

As much as is humanly possible, jokes from past books and new ones have been combined in the ebook that will 'hopefully' not offend anyone....

★★★★★ $7.99
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #34: Thumb Thing Fun by Larry Brodahl

An age old penetration of your own thumb using a string or chain has been revisited and reworked into a clever and deceptive trick. Simple. Easy to perform. Surrounded. No gimmicks, no gaffs.

A classic of magic we all learned early on and never do, as it's not a very good trick. Until now. The trick has been transformed into a very cute and clever brain teaser with nothing more than a little modified handling and some clever scripting.

1st edition 2021, PDF 24 pages, video 1 min 48 s.

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John Wade
Do Get The Name Right by John Wade

The pro guide to better compèring.

From the introduction by Billy McComb:

He's written a leaflet ... I shall not call it a book ... on Compering ... this bearded idiot. I've read it and regrettably he seems to know what he's talking about. I have written a bit to make the omissions less glaring ... but blast me cups and balls, he does appear to know what he's on about. And he does get booked to do it ... and at good money too. Forgive me. I must leave you ...

1st edition 1984, 13 pages; PDF 14 pages.

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Richard Merry & Val Andrews & Clifford Davis
Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry & Val Andrews & Clifford Davis

A collection of gags, laugh lines, one-liners, and bits classified to cover all kinds of situations. Including a series of three articles on the task of the compere. An ebook for all who entertain with magic.

  • Publisher's Introduction
  • Part One: Notice To Quip
    • Cards
    • Ropes
    • Cigarettes Etc.
    • Money
    • Christmas
    • Multiplying Cigarette-Lighters
    • Burnt And Restored Note
    • Fire And Brimstone!
    • Silks, Hanks, Flags, Etc.
    • Mental
    • Wands
    • Paper, Watches And Miscellaneous
    • Eggs
    • Liquids
    • Impromptu
    • Levitations And Anti-Gravity
    • Openers
    • Village And Church-Hall Shows
    • Compere Gags Introductory And General ...
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #35: Picto Transpo by Larry Brodahl

The trick PictoTranspo by Gene Anderson is a wonderful reframing of a Roy Johnson trick. In the trick, two large pictures - one drawn by the volunteer - swap places, even though the pictures are marked on the back with the volunteer's and magician's names.

A logical and funny script is included that covers why the trick is being done, and even allows you to pick any volunteer.

Note: This trick is not fully explained. You must own the trick to be able to perform it.

1st edition 2021, 17 pages.

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #36: Save Me Magi by Larry Brodahl

If you do any type of an "instant-stooge" trick using cards (for example Karrel Fox's "Gift of the Magi"), you know there's a chance that the volunteer will name the wrong card. This is an "out" for that situation. There are no real gimmicks, no difficult handling, and it almost instantly resets. The out is a non-R/S version of the Brainwave Deck based on an idea by Martin Peirce.

NOTE: This can be used as a standalone effect also.

1st edition 2022, 13 pages.

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Gerry Findler
How To Do Chalk Cartoons by Gerry Findler

A simple and easy form of drawing that anyone can do.

From the introduction:

Much of the information given in this booklet is invaluable and some of it has not appeared in other publications; certainly, if you are considering including lightning cartoons in your repertoire, you will find items to interest you in this booklet.

  • CHAPTER 1: Equipment and Materials
  • CHAPTER 2: How to Sketch
  • CHAPTER 3: Novelties
  • CHAPTER 4: Secrets of the Lightning Cartoonists
  • CHAPTER 5: The Business Side of Entertaining

1st edition 1940, 43 pages; PDF 19 pages.

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P. T. Selbit
Conjuring Patter by P. T. Selbit

The reader will find in this volume witty and appropriate patter suitable for almost any and every trick. Including patter and hints for tricks with coins, eggs, birds, handkerchiefs, bird cages, oranges, ribbons, bottles, glasses, water, tubes, etc.

  • To The Reader
  • Opening Remarks
  • Patter For Aerial Treasury Act
  • Chosen Orange And Mystic Ribbon Trick
  • The Egg And Handkerchief Trick
  • Bagged Canaries And Cage Trick
  • Handkerchief Manipulation Act
  • How To Construct Patter
    • Bits About Bottles
    • Gags On Glasses
    • Tube Trifles
    • Water Witticisms

1st edition 1927, 14 pages; PDF 14 pages.

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P. T. Selbit
Conjuring Patter 2 by P. T. Selbit

A further selection of magical patter and other novelties, including chapeaugraphy and papertearing.

  • Patter for Card Manipulation Act
  • The Never-Empty Glass of Water
  • Selbit’s Sugar and Milk Trick
  • Paper Tearing
  • Chapeaugraphy
  • An Introduction to a Dumb Show
  • Miscellaneous Gags

1st edition 1927, 14 pages; PDF 12 pages.

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T. S. Barns
Bits of Patter by T. S. Barns

From the introduction:

I think that among the first requirements that people make of a magician, or of a "society entertainer," as some of our young stars term themselves nowadays, is that he be really clever, - clever not only with his hands, so that he can give a creditable performance without lumbering up their drawing rooms with a hack full of gorgeous hangings, but also with his mouth, in that he be able to talk to them in their own terms about the tricks he does.

  • Just a Word
  • Drum Head and Casatte
  • Orange and Ribbon
  • Astra Floating Ball
  • The Rice Bowls
  • The Hindoo Lota
  • The Cards...
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Collins Pentz
Modern Vaudeville Patter by Collins Pentz

Excerpt from the preface:

Many magicians have told me they would like to obtain a good book on patter, that would fit some of the more modern tricks, and patter that could be used for various tricks.

Feeling that such a book would have a big sale and wishing to accommodate these seekers after original patter, which could be made use of while presenting some of the very latest tricks, I have taken upon myself the task of producing this handy vest pocket volume and trust it may be of much value in improving the acts of many magicians.

Although you may not care to use it word for word...

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #37: Jumbo Blue B'Wave by Larry Brodahl

A combination of "Disposable Color" and "B'Wave", both classics by Max Maven, makes each trick stronger and more fool-proof with just the addition of some scripting ideas and a few simple handling changes.

1st edition 2022, PDF 25 pages.

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