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The products in this category are available for resellers. In general we offer a 50% retailer discount, but it can vary. Some products for example only carry a 40% discount.

Please also know that the minimum order quantity for any given product is 3. You have to buy at least three copies of any product you want to purchase for retail.

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Crossroads (for resale)

(Benny) Ben Harris

Crossroads (for resale) by (Benny) Ben Harris
"This is going to fry a lot of people..." - Richard Kaufman

"...the Crossroads Deck; a devious conception and one of the most interesting to hit the magic scene in recent times..." - Peter Duffie (from the foreword)

"The Crossroads technique alone, which we really like, will be seen as food for thought by many. As mentalists, our variation would be to use no deck at all. Just a single, thought-of card in the pocket. The solution will dawn on you after reading the text..." - Richard Busch & Larry Becker

2014 / 7 / 18


Enlightenment Book 1 (for resale)

(Benny) Ben Harris

Enlightenment Book 1 (for resale) by (Benny) Ben HarrisFull details of how this magnetic miracle works.
"Ben...what a beautiful thing you have created here. The moment that card breaks free from gravity in the spectator's hand is quite the joyous event." - Paul Harris
Enlightenment is a revolutionary way of using magnets to create the illusion of levitating a playing card or a dollar note.

This 100 page book gives you all of the details. Learn the back history, how a simple advertisement in a catalog inspired the idea. Learn how to operate the gimmick, how to install it in a deck of cards, and how to use it to make a dollar bill float. You'll still...

2014 / 7 / 18


Al Koran Professional Presentations (for resale)

Hugh Miller

Al Koran Professional Presentations (for resale) by Hugh MillerAl Koran's Professional Presentations is a magical classic and was first published in 1967 by Harry Stanley at the Unique Magic Studio. The original publication was marred by poor photographic reproduction so this new edition from Martin Breese has illustrations by Paul Griffin based on the original photographs. Hugh Miller has contributed a fascinating and lengthy introduction which explains a great deal about the background of this book which is a 'must' for every performer's library. Each effect is a stunner and the original Koran Medallion and many other now classic effects, are explained...
2012 / 3 / 2


Telepathy Personified (for resale)

Ron and Nancy Spencer

Telepathy Personified (for resale) by Ron and Nancy SpencerFor years Ron and Nancy have fooled audiences worldwide with their Minds in Harmony act. Here, for the first time, they reveal all of their treasured secrets - secrets that will enable the reader to recreate this act in its entirety. In his foreword to this book Edwin Dawes says:
"Despite the numerous times I have seen Ron and Nancy Spencer present their act it has never palled, the freshness and apparent spontaneity of their interaction (not to mention the challenge for the magician of endeavouring to detect their methods!) has captured the imagination. For much of the second half of the...
2012 / 3 / 2


Castle Dracula Mentalism (for resale)

Charles W. Cameron

Castle Dracula Mentalism (for resale) by Charles W. CameronHere are the secrets of Charles Cameron's stunning Castle Dracula Show. Charles Cameron is well known as the father of modern Bizarre magic. And for years, in a specially-built theatre at the Edinburgh Wax Museum, he and his group produced an amazing show which included brilliant original effects.

The show was honed year after year until each effect was near perfect and here in this beautifully produced book, Charles at last reveals his closely guarded secrets. Every single effect included can be performed exactly as described. Only a handful of props are required for you to emulate the mysteries...

2012 / 3 / 2


Clue and other Mysteries (for resale)

Jack Yates

Clue and other Mysteries (for resale) by Jack YatesJack Yates is renowned as a creative innovator as evidenced by his many contributions to magical literature. This work contains nine first-class routines with a mental flavour including Clue which is worth its weight in gold and the P&S System.


  • Monty: Three spectators choose one card each and then exchange them so that no one has his original selection. Despite this you are able to tell each spectator the identity of the card he now holds.
  • Spy Story: A spectator's selected card is revealed when the performer magically decodes a secret message.
  • Choice: A spectator chooses one...
2012 / 3 / 2


Applications (for resale)

Peter Duffie

Applications (for resale) by Peter DuffieThese are almost all effects based upon magic that can be performed without faked or gaffed cards.

1st edition 1993; original 60 pages; PDF 48 pages; illustrated

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Centre Forward
  4. Jointly Does It
  5. The Auld Curse
  6. I Give Up!
  7. Boxed - In
  8. Mind Games
  9. An Odin Sequel
  10. Women
  11. Palmed Addition Utility Sleight
  12. A Turn - Up For The Book
  13. A Curious Incident
  14. Collusion
  15. Rising Crime
  16. Audience Participation
  17. Fireside Aces
  18. The Scottish Assembly
  19. Once Again
  20. Duffie On Keyboards
  21. A Change In Mood
  22. Glasnost
  23. Guardian Angels
2012 / 3 / 2


Al Koran's Legacy (for resale)

Hugh Miller

Al Koran's Legacy (for resale) by Hugh MillerThis is a completely new, revised, expanded and updated edition.

The ebook contains most of the original material but virtually everything has been re-written and benefits from the skill of an expert editor. There is a host of additional material written by Lewis Ganson and previously published in the Routined Manipulation series published by Harry Stanley.

Along with Graham Jolley, Martin Breese has always been a follower of Al Koran and his amazing material. Al Koran’s name appeared on almost every page of the Gen. And thanks to Harry Stanley his material has been preserved for future generations to study and use.

Graham Jolley...

2012 / 3 / 2


Close-Up to the Point (for resale)

Peter Duffie

Close-Up to the Point (for resale) by Peter DuffieThis was Peter Duffie's first solo book published on the heels of his hugely successful Alternative Card Magic and Contemporary Card Magic.

It includes mostly card routines with a couple of coin routines sprinkled in for good measure. The effects are not difficult to do and can be classified as easy to intermediate at the most.

It is a joy if one can study the early creative output of one of the most accomplished card magician alive today.

1st edition 1984; original 30 pages; PDF 37 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Author's Introduction
  3. Ghost Hunters
  4. Collectors Item
  5. The Journey
  6. Copper, Silver, Card!
  7. Deja Vu
  8. Signus XII ...
2012 / 3 / 2


Chan Canasta's Book of Oopses (for resale)

Chan Canasta

Chan Canasta's Book of Oopses (for resale) by Chan CanastaThis book could fetch hundreds of dollars on ebay. It was very hard to find a copy. The book was shrouded in mystery. The few that had a copy didn't tell what it was. Many who didn't have one, wanted it badly. Now the wait is over...

Martin Breese reprinted this one of a kind book. And the one of a kind Martin Breese let me reproduce it as ebook.

Given the recent popularity of psychological methods in mentalism, the Book of Oopses was decades ahead of its time. Most effects use psychological quirks and biases to predict your entirely 'free' choice. It is eerily disturbing how easily we...

2012 / 3 / 2


Don Driver Interview (for resale)

Don Driver

Don Driver Interview (for resale) by Don DriverA specially-recorded hour-long interview of Don Driver (interviewer is the late David Alexander) that gives history, insights, and advice on how to make money selling the most popular trick deck in the world. Don also tells many stories and anecdotes of how he got into magic, side shows and ultimately pitching Svengali decks.
2012 / 1 / 19


The Svengali Pitch: The Real Work (for resale)

Don Driver

The Svengali Pitch: The Real Work (for resale) by Don DriverThe Comprehensive Guide to Making Money Pitching Svengali Decks

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been made on selling the humble Svengali Deck and yet few people ever learned the inner secrets of how to pitch the deck successfully. This DVD fills that shortage.

Don Driver pitched for twenty-five years all over the country. He learned his pitch from S. David Walker, the Grand old Man of Svengali pitching who has been at it since the early 1940s. Mr. Walker learned from Mickey MacDougall, the creator of the Svengali pitch.

Explained in detail is a pitch that has been polished and...

2012 / 1 / 19


Building a Tip (for resale)

Don Driver

Building a Tip (for resale) by Don DriverVital knowledge and an essential skill for buskers, pitchmen, or anyone who wants to gather a crowd Don Driver reveals the exact construction and presentation of how he built tips in Las Vegas for a highly successful jam auction, stopping people on the streets and holding them. This DVD has actual footage of Don working this on Hollywood Boulevard as well as the bally being done by street performer Zachery Strange.

A tip in pitchman parlance is a group of people that has stopped to look what all the fuss is about, and who is ultimately ready to be pitched to and buy products.

"The Dollar...
2012 / 1 / 19


Magicseen Small Retail Bundle

Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Magicseen Small Retail Bundle by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil ShawYou will get 4 printed copies of the most current Magicseen issue sent free of charge via USPS priority mail to you. Suggested retail price is $6 per issue.

Priority mail also means that most likely you will have the issues in your store before subscribers will receive them at home, giving you a hot new item to draw your customers into your store.

If you need more issues we also have an even better deal for our 20 issue bundle.

[Please note that this retail bundle is only available for retailers in the US and Canada.]

2012 / 1 / 10

printed issues (USA)

printed issues (Canada)

The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards (for resale)

Crispin Sartwell

The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards (for resale) by Crispin Sartwell
"This is the best compilation of Color Changes to date. I know this because I've been collecting color changes for the last ten years myself. I applaud his research and thoroughness. It is well organized and coherent." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Crispin Sartwell has produced a well-written treatment of color changes that is the first of its kind. An important contribution to the art of magic and a must-have resource for every card handler." - Jerry Cestkowski (The Flourishman)

"As a professional magician for 36 years, I have been constantly told that my simply done but highly effective color change done at the outset of the one stage card...

2011 / 8 / 9

color softcover

Magicseen Retail Bundle

Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Magicseen Retail Bundle by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil ShawYou will get 20 printed copies of the most current Magicseen issue sent free of charge via USPS priority mail to you. This means that you get an issue for $3 including shipping and handling. This is our best offer for retailers.

Priority mail also means that most likely you will have the issues in your store before subscribers will receive them at home, giving you a hot new item to draw your customers into your store.

If you need less issues we also offer a small retail bundle where you will receive 4 copies.

[Please note that this retail bundle is only available for retailers in the US and Canada.]...

2011 / 4 / 29

printed issues (USA)

printed issues (Canada)

Paul Harris in Las Vegas Close-Up (for resale)

Paul Harris

Paul Harris in Las Vegas Close-Up (for resale) by Paul HarrisThis book has long become a classic for close-up magicians. I have acquired a box as part of a larger deal and am pricing it ridiculously low. If you already have this buy three more copies and hand them out as gifts. Your friends will love you.

1st edition 1978; 150 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Pen-Ultimate
  2. UnCanny
  3. Stapled! by Paul and Looy
  4. The P.H. Invisible Palm
  5. Absorption
  6. OverExposure
  7. Invisible Rising Card
  8. "The Hard Way"
  9. Aero-Dynamic Dollar by Thomas A. O'Lenick
  10. Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician
  11. Cros Twist by Daniel Cros
  12. Paper Chase by Paul Harris and Daniel Cros
  13. The Incredible...
2010 / 12 / 15


Toony Angel (for resale)

Michael Maxwell

Toony Angel (for resale) by Michael MaxwellThe most successful effect of this kind was Dan Harlan's CardToon where a deck of cards doubled as a flip book. Riffling through the cards one would see a cartoon magician drawn on the backs find and reveal a chosen card. This effect was a huge success, potentially it was the most successful magic trick of all times (my guess, I don't really know).

Toony Angel builds on the basic idea to use a deck of cards as a flip book, but rather than animate a cartoon character on the back, the angel on the bicycle, from the Bicycle back design, starts to cycle towards you, zips around on the back of the card and...

2010 / 12 / 15

Slurp (for resale)

Mark Parker

Slurp (for resale) by Mark ParkerThe performer displays a small stack of cards showing an illustration of a glass full of red wine, the glass still has a price tag attached to its stem. A spectator is asked to sign their name/initials on the price tag for identity purposes. The performer takes the card and visibly squeezes wine from the card into a small glass. The card is now shown to the spectator but the glass is now empty...amazingly the price tag still has their signature written on it...a miracle.

The gimmick that allows you to squeeze wine from the card is very well made from aluminium and plastic and can be used...

2010 / 12 / 15

Anagramation (for resale)

Jim Krenz

Anagramation (for resale) by Jim KrenzThe performer displays a stack of business cards which each have a magical logo and the phrase "For Astonishment..." on them. The spectator initials the top card of the stack and a playing card is also selected, but not yet revealed. The performer flips through the stack of cards and the printed letters move slowly at first, then begin careening all over the card, bouncing off the edges and each other. As the letters slow down, they are seen to be forming into new words in an "anagramic" way. When they are finished moving, they read "Nine Of Hearts!" When the spectator's selected card is revealed...
2010 / 12 / 15
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