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Hands, Fingers & Body

Regardless of where you are and what you have or don't have with you, you will always have your fingers, hands and body with you. And with them you can perform some exceptional magic tricks. Shadowgraphy needs a bit more than your hands. You will need a good light source and a white wall or screen. Shadowgraphy has been very popular in the past, has then fallen out of favor, but I can see some signs that it is again gaining momentum. With some thought one can put together a modern shadowgraphy act.

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Devin Knight & Al Mann

Secrets of the Non-Liftable Person by Devin Knight & Al MannLearn the secrets behind having the ability that no one can lift you, be you man or woman. A strong man attempts to lift you off the floor and easily does so. A few minutes later he is unable to lift you! An amazing, yet easy to do feat. No gimmicks, just know how. This feat has been featured on TV and in side shows. You get four different methods. Two were used by Al Mann who taught them to Devin Knight and are little known. You also get the Resista Girl method that was sold by dealers many years ago.

Many mediums used these methods during séances to show that spirits prevent them from...

2017 / 8 / 27

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Dale A. Hildebrandt

Negative Arm by Dale A. Hildebrandt
  • Impromptu
  • No reset to worry about
  • Can be repeated over and over with different people in the same venue
  • 75% to 80% success rate
  • An "out" that is just as spectacular for when this doesn't hit
  • Let's see yer palm ... yet another out
  • Both serious and funny presentations
  • Not another card or coin trick
  • Plus a bonus effect: break/knife: my switchless bill change (only taught in the PDF)
The amazement comes when the lady or gentlman you have just done the secret ritual to cannot then reach the doorframe. Their arm literally shrinks. The arm can no longer reach the doorframe; the doorframe...
2015 / 3 / 31

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Richard Merry

Dwarf Show by Richard MerryThe curtain opens and you see a table on which stands a strange dwarf. The dwarf introduces himself and immediately starts his hilarious magic show. The laughs are guaranteed!

In this scarce manuscript you will find the most complete description on the Dwarf stunt. You can prepare a complete act following the clear and detailed instructions. Your audience will laugh from the beginning to the end. This stunt can be done virtually anywhere.

The dwarf stunt can be a success in the show of not only magicians but of clowns, comedians and other entertainers.

Topics covered in the manuscript...

2014 / 6 / 16

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David Devlin

Popcorn Routine by David DevlinYou are at the carnival. The sights, smells, and sounds are over-whelming. You come across a small stage with huge, colorful banners behind it. A man with a microphone walks onto the stage, and begins his bally. That's right! He is getting the crowd excited to see the Sideshow!

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please gather around the stage. Another show is about to begin. We can't block the midway, so gather down and gather around. You are going to see the most amazing display of human anomaly so incredible you have to see it to believe it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome...

2013 / 11 / 23

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MP4 (video)

Ray Noble

On Thin Air: Levitation by Ray NobleHave you ever been asked, "Hey, can you float like that guy on TV?" Well you finally can with On Thin Air. This is a very practical method of levitating. This self levitation can be preformed indoors as well as on the street. Imagine being able to levitate anywhere and anytime. Levitate at parties, on the sidewalk and even at the mall.

You will be able to walk up to a group of people and levitate! After you are done levitating you can stay and talk or just walk away. The levitation is completely under your control.

This is a great way to cause a sensation at your next walk around magic...

2013 / 9 / 24

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Aldo Colombini

Paper, Rock, Scissors by Aldo ColombiniA unique great idea by Didier Dupré using the famous game PAPER, ROCK AND SCISSORS. You play the game with a spectator and you predict the last game played. You predict if the spectator wins or loses and with which symbols! Easy to do. Two different presentations given. Suitable for close up and stage.
2013 / 8 / 11

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MP4 (video)

Louis Nikola

Hand Shadows: The Complete Art Of Shadowgraphy by Louis NikolaShadow entertainments are as old as the hills, but their popularity is undiminished and the hand shadow expert is a recognized and popular artist and entertainer. A practical guide for both adults and children.

Generations of entertainers have amused audiences of children and adults with the art of hand shadows, using only a light source and their own two hands to form immediately recognizable profiles of people and animals. Lovers of nostalgia and aspiring hand shadow artists will delight in this ebook, which features more than 50 hand shadows.

These quaint illustrations depict many different...

2011 / 12 / 9

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Devin Knight

Retro-Gravity by Devin KnightIf you haven't heard of Retro-Gravity, it was a self-levitation that Al Mann and Devin Knight created over 20 years ago. It has been kept under wraps all these years. Whispered about on the underground, and hinted that it would be released someday... That day is NOW.

Retro-Gravity allows you to levitate 2 to 4 inches in the air. It is a special gimmick you attach to your shoe and once done is completely invisible. Any time you wear your shoes, you are ready to levitate. Anywhere, anytime under any conditions! This means you can walk around in a restaurant, party or out door festival and levitate...

2011 / 12 / 3

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Stephen Ablett

Body Tricks (Video) by Stephen AblettBody Tricks is a collection of 64 magical effects using nothing but the human body.

Learn to remove your own thumb, stretch your fingers, twist your hands and levitate of the ground. This is the ultimate in impromptu magic, tricks that can be performed instantly without the need of any searching for props.

Whether you're a professional magician, hypnotist, psychic or just looking for some interesting stunts to amuse your friends, there is something here for everyone.

Thumb Tricks

  • Travelling Thumb
  • Moving Thumb
  • Stretching Thumb
  • Restrained Thumb

Tricks with your Fingers ...

2011 / 2 / 26

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MP4 (video)

(Benny) Ben Harris

Hole in the Head by (Benny) Ben Harris
"Something that's never been done before using a method that's never been used before - very cool." - Richard Kaufman

"...situational, astonishing and a devilishly clever piece of magic. The best effect I've seen in a long time!" - Joshua Jay

"Mind expanding magic in every sense..." - Michael Ammar

Hole in the Head created a furor when released to the general magic community. Originally worked up as a situational piece for a David Blaine TV special, the general market place would have nothing of something as esoteric. No, you had to be able to pull it out of a baggie and stumble through it for a street...
2009 / 7 / 15

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Henry Bursill

Hand Shadows Second Series by Henry BursillHave you ever tried to adjust your hands and fingers for a portrait of Shakespeare, a sheep, or a wild Indian? The author of this delightful book of hand shadows spent long hours working out the figures in this book. By following his clear visual instructions (each of the 16 figures in this book is explained by a full-page illustration that shows you the precise positioning for fingers and hands) you can create Shakespeare, a sheep, Wellington, a hare, Mike, Mike's pig, a cockatoo, a bull's head, a squirrel, Mrs. Gamp, Mr. Punch, and other people and animals. After you have mastered these, you...
2005 / 9 / 10

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Henry Bursill

Hand Shadows by Henry BursillAt some time or other most of us have amused ourselves by casting shadows on the wall with our hands. Hand shadows are an ever-popular diversion, especially with the young. The number and variety of objects that it is possible for you to form, simply by moving your hands and fingers around in different positions, is practically limitless, subject only to your patience and ingenuity.

But figuring out the exact finger positioning is not a simple matter; some shapes are quite difficult to obtain. The author of this delightful picture book of hand shadows spent long hours working out the figures...

2005 / 9 / 10

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