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Marketing, Selling & Business Matters

How do you market your magic performances? How do you attract more interest for your entertainment services? How do you sell more and make more money? How can you make a living doing magic? These are some of the questions answered in the ebooks in this category. You should also browse the Theory, Articles & Reviews category.

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Stan Kramien
Show Me The Money by Stan Kramien

The real secrets of the fund raising and promotion business. Every phase of the promotion business is fully covered in this huge tome. This ebook is without any question the epitome of fund raising courses. Please be advised. This book is for the serious student only!

  1. Warning
  2. The Twenty Five Real "Secrets" of the Telephone Promotion Business
  3. 1. In The Beginning
  4. 2. First Things First
  5. 3. Our Sample Business Plan For The Big Office
  6. 4. Booking A Sponsor
  7. 5. Contracts
  8. 6. The Sponsorship Agreement That Is Worth More Than The Price Of This Ebook
  9. 7. What To Do With The Sponsor After You Have...
★★★★★ $80
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Stephen Ablett
Marketing Magic: a guide to getting the gigs by Stephen Ablett

This ebook examines all the markets, promotional material, advertising methods and business strategies in finding, getting and keeping work as a professional magician.

This updated 2020 ebook contains 761 A4 pages with 242 chapters reflecting on the current markets and new information since its was first published in 2015. It also includes new chapters on Comparison sites and Virtual shows.

There is an accompanying video recorded in 2015, lasting 2 hours, 25 minutes discussing some of the key chapters within the initial publication.

He reveals everything from how much performers are...

★★★★★ $40
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Timothy Hyde
Magic Coach 100 by Timothy Hyde

A collection of the very best Tips, Ideas, Advice & Articles from the first 100 issues of MagicCoach newsletter. This 200 page ebook is packed with ideas on Marketing & Promotion for Magicians and other Freelance entertainers.

Contributors are Mac King, David Ginn, Billy McComb, Gary Oulett, CJ Johnson, Dick Christian, James Randi, Scott Wells, Greg Wilson, Clive Court, Randy Charach, Ray Haddad, Terry Parrett, Dan Harlan, Dave Dee, Tim Ellis, Stan Davis and Mark Byrne.

It’s not just a reprint of the first 100 issues! Timothy and his team have extracted all the best articles, tips & resources. They have checked and updated the...

★★★★★ $10
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Timothy Hyde
Magically Speaking by Timothy Hyde

Catapult your entry into the world of professional speaking! "Magically Speaking" has been compiled by long time professional speaker and magician Timothy Hyde.

An overview of the entire speaking industry with special focus on how magicians can make the transition into this lucrative field. Guest articles from speaker bureau owners, speaker coaches, marketing gurus and other magicians already working in this field. Some of the questions answered in this MasterClass:

What should a speaker have in their promotional press kit? Do you know the questions a speaker bureau will ask you if...

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Timothy Hyde
Magic Coach 200 by Timothy Hyde

Magic Coach 200 - The very Best of Magic Coach, Volume 2, is jam packed with the same sort of Ideas, Tactics, Actions and Strategies that made Volume 1 such a huge success. Volume 1 has been in the Top 5 Bestsellers list in its category here at Lybrary since publication!

It's author and compiler Timothy Hyde is widely acknowledged as one of Australia's busiest and most respected magicians. Volume 2 builds on the previous collection of magic business & marketing ideas, taking the best information shared in the Magic Coach Newsletter, Blog and in the acclaimed [lc=4327 Vanish Magazine series - "Ten Little Secrets."...

★★★★★ $15
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Tommy Windsor
Supermarket Magic by Tommy Windsor

Make money performing at stores, malls and shopping centers with a one-man magic show.

If you are of average ability, this book reveals Tommy Windsor's exact plan for booking and performing a short, 15 to 25-minute magic act at stores in your area. The book tells you everything . . . how to book . . . how much to charge . . . how to play . . . sales gimmicks . . . the contract . . . and even reproduces all the ads and publicity the store can use. There are no ads for you to sell. With this, and one suitcase of magic, you can make $850+ per day, right near home, and still hold your regular...

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Tommy Windsor
Presto Press Book by Tommy Windsor

The smart magician's guide to advertising and promotion, with over a hundred ways to advertise and get more dates. Learn insider secrets of advertising your act at a price that won't break the bank. Includes copy for advertising pieces, folders, and sales brochures, as well as suggested slogans for advertising giveaways.

One of the best pieces in the ebook is a treatise on how much to charge for your act. Undercharge and you've left money on the table, while overcharging can cost you the job. This is an ebook you won't be able to put down till you've digested every word. And you'd better...

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What I Learned From Making Way Over 250,000 Fun Balloon Creations by Topper

In this ebook Topper shares everything he learned about the business and entertainment side of twisting over 200,000 fun balloon creations. What you MUST do and what you should NEVER do if you want to make money twisting.

Some of the things you’ll find in the ebook are:

  • What I will NOT leave home without
  • What MANY parents have told me about our competition
  • What you do NOT want the parents to tell me about you
  • What to do with kids that are standing in front of you
  • What to do with kids in line
  • What to say! (My Lecture called “The Phine Art of Silly Chit Chat!”)
  • List of suggested...
★★★★ $4.50
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How We Raised Over 245% of Our Goal With Our First Crowd-Funding Project by Topper

Crowd funding is 'in'. Many try it. Many think it is an easy avenue to raise money, but often it leads to disappointment. Carl E. Jones aka Topper explains how he was successful in his first attempt to crowd fund a project. He covers:

  • Why?
  • Research
  • Doing it!
  • Pre-Launch Activities
  • National Publicity
  • Launch Day
  • Focus On Your Donors
  • Updating Donors & Others
  • Campaign Management
  • At The End & Beyond

1st edition 2013, 50 pages

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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Money Making Secrets for Magicians by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Revised and expanded collection of valuable information for magicians and other variety acts, revealing how to get more money from your existing act.

The person who's fortunate enough to actually enjoy the work they do is indeed a lucky individual. And that's what you can do, too, with this updated guide that teaches you:

  • How to play summer and winter resort hotels. What to do, how much others average, etc.
  • How to play on cruises to Bermuda, etc., with all expenses and a profit. Makes an idea paid vacation.
  • How a doctor turned free show requests into paying propositions. This info...
★★★★★ $8
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Unknown Mentalist
Businessassins by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of this ebook can purchase Businessassins 2 for half price.

The extraordinary art of 'killing'. With just your business card. You can choose to 'kill' instantly. Or you can choose to 'kill' remotely over phone. You can even 'time the kill' for many weeks or months later. Actually just one business card is handed over to the 'victim'. But the impact in the mind of the 'victim' will be far bigger.

Businessassins is especially for the mentalist to hand out his business cards. No 'magicky' methods. Appears like some unfathomable 'mind thing' to the 'victim'. And you will appear like a true mentalist. ...

★★★★ $12
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Unknown Mentalist
Businessassins 2 by Unknown Mentalist

If you already own Businessassins or buy along with this, you can get this ebook for half price.

The secret art of 'killing' with your business cards is further explored here with 3 more amazing 'killing systems', exclusively developed for the mentalist. The 3 routines explained are

All the information mentioned on the page of Businessassins is applicable here too. These are innovative combinations of some solid and proven methods and principles. The routines are very clean in that everything is completely examinable throughout the process. The secrets are very cleverly...
★★★★★ $12
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W. G. Magnuson
How To Make Money with Mind Reading by W. G. Magnuson

Here is a rare release from the past by G. W. Magnuson. In the 40s, he put out a booking system for mentalists. It showed an easy way to get into theaters with your mind reading show. This system was used by most of the prominent mentalists in the 40s and 50s including Bob Nelson.

Believe it or not, this almost forgotten system still works today, but on a more limited basis. If you are a mentalist looking to fill in some of your open dates, then you may find Magnuson's ideas to be of use.

In the 40s and 50s, many top names mentalists were using this system to make a good living, while others not...

★★★★★ $3
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Walt Lees
How To Make Big Money Selling Magic by Walt Lees

This recording gives all the secrets of grafting or pitching. Walt reveals the secrets that enabled him to earn a handsome living pitching such items as Svengali decks, the coin and glass, three card trick, and other tricks of the grafter's trade. You will find everything from the grafter's own language and terminology, to the pitches, and how to make the products.

Walt Lees is a born pitchman. His voice draws you in. It plays with your mind, you are getting interested, intrigued, fascinated, excited, until you can't hold it anymore - you must have this trick - you buy it, and the pitchman...

★★★★★ $19
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Walt Lees
The Art of the Grafter: a pitchman guide to selling by Walt Lees

This ebook holds extremely valuable information for anybody who would like to become a pitchman or grafter who sells Svengali decks and other items. Even if you do not sell as a pitchman, but perform on the street or other public venues you will learn quite a bit from Walt Lees.

Some of the points discussed are:

  • Which magic tricks are suitable for pitching?
  • Types of pitching
  • Earnings and rewards
  • Requirements of a good pitchman
  • Styles of pitching
  • Choosing a good site
  • Peek selling times
  • What to have with you
  • Dealing with complaints, hecklers, pilferers, non-buyers, aggro merchants,...
★★★★★ $10
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Wayne R. Wissner
Handbook for the Theme Park Magician by Wayne R. Wissner

The amusement park and theme park business is an interesting opportunity for magicians. If you have ever wanted to experience this performing venue ... now is the time ... and this is the ebook. The Handbook For The Theme Park Magician will tell you all you need to know: how the parks operate, how they book their attractions, what to expect (both personally and professionally) and more.

You will be given sound and practical advice from a man (Wayne Wissner) who has made his living for many years in this lucrative field. Advice on your act, your assistants, your daily life (both on and off...

★★★★★ $4
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Will Alma
Money from Magic by Will Alma
  • How to secure Engagements.
  • What's what about your printing.
  • How to get a mailing list.
  • What fee to ask.
  • What to do after an entertainment.
  • Hints on arranging your programme
  • Etc.

9 pages

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Wolfgang Riebe
Work on Cruise Ships as an Entertainer and Speaker by Wolfgang Riebe


  • Do you want work on a cruise ship?
  • What’s it like?
  • What types of contracts are available?
  • What is expected of you?
  • Ship life - what’s it all about?
  • How much do they pay?
  • How many shows do you need?
  • What kind of accommodation do they offer?
For Singers, Magicians, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Jugglers, Classical Acts, Multi-Instrumentalists, Musicians, Lecturers, Speakers, Dancers, etc.

Everything you ever need to know about cruise liners. Inform yourself of all the ins and outs of this industry. Make the right choices.

Plus ‘contact addresses’ of cruise...

★★★★★ $8
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Wolfgang Riebe
Your Own Touring Show by Wolfgang Riebe

Before you take your magic show on the road, this ebook shares some vital tips with you.

Taking a large stage/illusion show on the road is a massive task that can be hugely rewarding and profitable. However, there are also many pitfalls that one needs to be aware of that can ruin you. This is a short ebook filled with concise information to guide you in the right direction so that you don't end up jumping in the deep end and making costly mistakes.

From market, research to planning your show and the types of tricks one should consider including transport, sound and lights, special effects...

★★★★ $3.99
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Wolfgang Riebe
Magic as a Million Dollar Business by Wolfgang Riebe

Do you want to take your magic career to the next level?

From whom would you like to learn the real secrets of success in the magic business? Someone that has a little theoretical knowledge and lives in one-bedroom apartment and claims to know it all? Or someone that started with nothing and today has the global hands-on experience, lives in the dream mansion, drives the big cars, walks the talk and has actually done it all?

As a magician, you may not have heard of Wolfgang Riebe. Why? He never focused on the 'magic scene' - instead he focused on the 'layman out there' and building a mega...

★★★★★ $399
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Wolfgang Riebe
Financial Savvy for Magicians by Wolfgang Riebe

What I wish I knew 30 years ago when I started my magic career.

Are you starting out, or fairly new to the magic profession? Are you an established pro that needs honest and open advice on how to become wealthy as a magician? This ebook should be the first and most important work in your magic book library. You may know secrets of magic tricks, but more importantly, do you know the secrets to a wealthy magician lifestyle?

Let's be honest, besides the handful of famous magicians...

  • How many wealthy magicians do you really know?
  • How about magicians that can retire comfortably tomorrow? ...
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Wolfgang Riebe
15 Animated Video Logos by Wolfgang Riebe

With social media, YouTube, and mobile magic videos becoming increasingly popular, opening animated video logos for magicians are a great way to add that 'professional' touch. Here are 15 different video logos supplied in both MP4 and MOV formats complete with a 'User Licence' to include these videos in any, and all of your video productions and use on all social media platforms.

As these are high-quality custom-made logos, they would easily sell for over $20 each and thus cost in the region of $300 and more, especially with an end-user licence included. This is a limited special offer on...

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MP4 (video)

Wolfgang Riebe
The Million Dollar Magic Act by Wolfgang Riebe


For the first time ever. A verifiable, proven Comedy Cabaret Magic act that has been performed in over 150 countries, the world's top cruise liners, theatres, and global corporate events.

Why would anyone share a success formula? Wolfgang has had an incredible global career and believes that we all need to share the magic for future generations. This is his way of leaving a legacy for a group of select magicians who are serious about taking their careers to the next level.

  • Learn from a professional that walks his talk and has lived the dream. ...
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Zachary Gartrell
How To Make Money With Thumbtack by Zachary Gartrell

The result of the 5 years working in the Thumbtack online market place Zachary Gartrell has written the guide to making more money and booking more shows using Inside you will find a step by step guide to setting up a strong profile that sets you apart from other users on the site. Next, Zachary guides you through the process of sending convincing quotes that will get you hired.

Thumbtack is a competitive marketplace that connects service professionals with customers. When a customer uses Thumbtack, they type in what kind of service they want and offer some details about their...

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