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Michael MacDougall

Michael MacDougall

(USA: 1906 – 17th March 1996)

Learned in 1917 as apprentice to Horace Goldin as Indian boy in rope trick and in 1918 by reading Erdnase. Semi-pro cardman, including working a Svengali pitch cross-country and at 1933 Chicago World's Fair. Sometimes did a nightclub act. Then a gambling investigator and lecturer, competing bitterly with John Scarne in 1940s. Later left magic to be a stamp and coin dealer.

Wrote Gamblers Don't Gamble (1939, 166pp, with J.C. Furnas), Card Mastery (1944, 81pp), MacDougall on Dice and Cards (1944, 90pp), Card Mastery (1944, 81+205pp), Don't Be A Sucker! (1945, 80pp), and MacDougall on Pinochle (1951, 90pp). Memoir is Danger in the Cards (1943, 319pp).

Coauthors: J. C. Furnas

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Michael MacDougall
Card Mastery by Michael MacDougall

Michael MacDougall explains new sleights, new methods of culling and stacking, new bottom steal, and more. Of interest to all card men, magicians and demonstrators. The second part of the book is S.W. Erdnase's seminal work on the art of sleight of hand with playing cards, The Expert at the Card Table.

Paul Fleming wrote:

To call this book Card Mastery is to adopt the attitude that it is fitting and proper for the tail to wag the dog. For nearly three-fourths of the book consists of a reprint of S. W. Erdnase's great work, The Expert at the Card Table, and only a trifle more than one-fourth is the contribution of Mr. MacDougall. An actual count...

2015 / 8 / 15

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Michael MacDougall
Danger in the Cards by Michael MacDougall

A fascinating casebook of true stories from the self-styled "Card Detective" that reveals the inner workings of backroom poker cheats, dice scams, bunco artists, horse race swindles, rigged games of the carnival and midway and much, much more.

Written in a breezy style, "Mickey" MacDougall takes the reader along for an entertaining and informative ride as he consults with casino bosses and card room owners to stamp out cheaters and grifters.

Swindlers take many forms and purvey their trade anywhere people gather: aboard trains and cruise ships, at the racetrack, in back alleys, military...

2018 / 4 / 28

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Michael MacDougall & J. C. Furnas
Gamblers Don't Gamble by Michael MacDougall & J. C. Furnas

A card detective revelations of gambler's secrets.

MacDougall, who refers to himself as magician and card detective, tells of years of tracking down crooks, phony devices, and manipulations in every sort of gambling field. He shares anecdotes of various experiences, and explains several cardshark methods and moves including:

  • Culling and Palming
  • The Slip Cut
  • Bottom Dealing
  • Second Dealing and Sort Edge Cards
  • The Haymaker Shuffle
  • The False Riffle
  • The Crimp
  • Trick Stacking And A Misdeal
  • The Interlacing Riffle

1st edition 1939, 167 pages; PDF 91 pages.

2019 / 8 / 26

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Michael MacDougall
Mickey's Five of a Kind by Michael MacDougall

A compilation of five impossible to find card magic manuscripts of the 1920s and 1930s from the self-styled Gambling Detective. These manuscripts originally cost the equivalent of $120 when first released. Now, in this compilation, they are available for less than the price of a fast food lunch.

You get Mickey's Favorite four Ace Routine: The four Aces are placed face up on the table, then three indifferent cards are placed on the top of each ace. After one pile is shown to actually contain an ace and three indifferent cards, the four cards are shown again, back and front, and the ace has...

2020 / 2 / 17

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)