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miniTesla Pegboard (15.24 mm raster)
by miniTesla

miniTesla Pegboard (15.24 mm raster) by miniTesla

Note that this part uses our old raster spacing of 15.24 mm. We now use a 16 mm raster to allow a direct mechanical interface to Lego pieces.

This pegboard is letter size (11" x 8.5") and made from clear 1/8" thick acrylic. Additionally, you will receive four M4x20 mm long hex spacers made from nylon and four M4 matching nylon screws. These spacers function as feet for the board.

The board has holes to accept our spring connectors. Please see the free miniTesla manual for details on how this prototyping system works. At one edge we added bigger holes and cutouts to mount pushbuttons, switches, potentiometers, speakers, and other components meant to be mounted to a panel.