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Moe Seidenstein

Moe Seidenstein

(31st March 1909 - 24th April 2003)

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aka 'Moe from Pittsburgh'. Moved to New York City. Inventive amateur cardman 1927-1936. 1930 and 1931 IBM 3rd prizes for card tricks. 1932 IBM 4th prize for pocket trick. 1934 IBM 2nd prize for card tricks. Bio is William P. Miesel, Moe and his Miracles with Cards (1986, 58pp).

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Moe Seidenstein
Moe's Miracles by Moe Seidenstein

Moe Seidenstein was a legendary character who baffled the magic convention attendees in the 1930s with "Moe's Move a Card" and "Think a Card," stunning effects with no possible hint as to method. Then, Moe disappeared. Now you can learn 11 of Moe's tricks - well, actually 10 because for one no method is given. Moe relies heavily on estimation. A good primer for estimation is Kato on Estimation.

11 pages.

  1. The 'Moe' Look At A Card Trick
  2. Moe's Counting
  3. Moe's Location While The Back Is Turned
  4. Moe's Riffle Behind The Back Location
  5. Another More Mental Force
  6. Moe's Spread Trick
  7. Moe's Card Riffle Over The...
★★★★★ $6
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