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Nelson C. Hahne

Nelson C. Hahne

(Dayton, Ohio: 9th December 1908 - 4th October 1970)

Inspired as youth seeing many famous vaudeville magi and learned from aunt's gift of Hoffmann's Later Magic. Pro commercial illustrator and later art director in the advertising field. Amateur magician. Since 1924 illustrated over 23 magic books plus catalogs and The Linking Ring since 1924 at age 18. Invented the Penetrating Silk (1926), which Joe Berg marketed; and the color-changing "Poker Chip of Camelio" (by 1932). Retired in 1960s to Pompano Beach, Florida, where he died of cancer.

Co-authored 3 booklets: Here's Magic (1930, with Joe Berg), Modernism in Pasteboard (1934, with Ralph Hull), and Smart Magic (1935, with Ralph Hull). Tricks in Linking Ring, Sphinx, etc.

Coauthors: Joe Berg, Ralph W. Hull

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Nelson C. Hahne & Joe Berg

Here's Magic (used) by Nelson C. Hahne & Joe BergHardcover No. 105 of 300 autographed copies. Autograph on frontispiece page by Nelson C. Hahne. For details on content see the digital edition.
2020 / 1 / 9

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Ralph W. Hull & Nelson C. Hahne

Modernism in Pasteboard by Ralph W. Hull & Nelson C. HahneThe inventor of the "Mental Photography Deck" and one of magic's best illustrators teamed up to provide this outstanding collection of 11 stunning card and mental effects.

The experts agree, this is one book you can't afford to pass up. Ralph W. Hull's thorough explanations guide the reader through a series of clever card routines. This guidebook introduced artist Nelson Hahne's "Magical Map" concept of using his excellent pen-and-ink drawings to thoroughly explain the subtleties of the various moves and handlings.

Not just for card workers, Hull's "Animated Chalk Marks" effect will also...

2019 / 9 / 3

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Nelson C. Hahne & Joe Berg

Here's Magic by Nelson C. Hahne & Joe BergWhen one of magic's most clever minds teams up with an award-winning magician and illustrator, you know the result will be unique effects that play strong and is so clever that even magicians are fooled. And that's what you get with Hahne and Berg's Here's Magic.

There is literally something for every performer within these 96 pages. Effects with cards, coins, silks, a gambler's monte effect using a single matchbook, club magic, a stage illusion that predates Copperfield's Statue of Liberty vanish by some 50 years (but with a similar method), mentalism effects, the award-winning poker chip...

2017 / 3 / 18

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