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Jason England's 17 Card Books to Study

Last Update: 09/05/2017 (Replies:4)

In September 2010 Theory 11 released a short video clip where Jason England introduced 17 books on card magic any serious card magician should read. It was titled "An instructional download on the things you can't download" (my emphasis). Well, I respect the talented guys at Theory 11, but they are a bit behind the curve when it comes to downloads, because 10 of the 17 books are available as download ebooks from - and most of them for many years. One book is available as ebook from...

Quick Change, Costume Change

Last Update: 09/05/2017 (Replies:0)

Recently I have become interested in the art of quick costume changes. I am listing here all the resources I could find. If you have others, please email me or comment below. The information listed here was shared by Dennis Schick, Sam Weiss, Thorsten Happel, Chris Brown, Hans-Christian Solka, ...


Torn & Restored Newspaper

Last Update: 09/05/2017 (Replies:0)

The Torn & Restored Newspaper is a classic effect in magic. Some performers have built their reputation on this trick alone. The other day a customer asked me if I have any explanation that he could download as ebook. Yes, I do have several great explanations and presentation ideas.

  • A wonderful routine is in The Magic of Slydini
  • Another fantastic one is in Pocket Power by Jarle Leirpoll. This one is even performed on a video clip that is included with the ebook.
  • There is a routine in New Ways to Mystify by Robert Parrish
  • You will find a...
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