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Pablo Amirá

Pablo Amirá is a Chilean Mentalist, Psychologist and Creator. He works professionally in different events, venues and theatrical settings. As a Psychologist he works facilitating learning spaces doing classes, talks and workshops for different human groups. As Creator he has published several effects and ideas in digital and printed format, founder of “Mentalism Center”, partner at “Mystikos” and author of “Simply Mental”, a compendium hardcover book that includes most of his best work to date. He has contributed to different magazines and books for his colleagues and friends, as well as producing several different products with different companies around the world. Pablo is Kenton Knepper´s mentee and part of the new generations of Mentalist under his influence.



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Weekly Cartomancy by Pablo Amirá
"...a wonderful approach to a classic! It is really simple to do and it is a worker! If you love effects "cronologue style" this is for you!" - Luca Volpe

"I've just read this and, MAN, Pablo know what it takes to entertain! No need for complicated methods, electronics or plots: just an understanding of what people really care about. This is classic Amirá: simple, bold, beautiful and super fooling!!! The way he teaches it does require a certain prop, but he also talks about ways to do without it and frankly, if you've been around for some time, you'll come up with a few ideas of your own, I'm sure."...

2017 / 11 / 25

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Aeonian by Pablo AmiráPeople care about only one thing: Themselves. So if you want to create everlasting impressions, perform not just for them but also with them, and Zodiac Sign revelations are perfect for that.

Welcome to Aeonian, a collection of Zodiac related routines. These are not "guessing routines" or method with complicated and convoluted procedures, but direct moments of intimate mysterious revelations.


1. Handy Zodiac: Reveal anyone's Zodiac Sign with a new propless method and routine (featured at my recent Penguin Lecture)

2. ImagiSign: Just pure imagination and mindreading. Other...

2017 / 7 / 17

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