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reviewed by Tim Brown (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 13 January, 2022)

PredigitionI own quite a few of Mr. Janssen's offerings, and this is another one of his effects that I am also happy to have purchased. The workings are simple enough, but the payoff is huge. The way of how he has framed this effect excites me because his thinking gets me thinking of more 'what ifs' in terms of how effects can be constructed and created. To me, its power comes from his ability to offer not just an effect, but intriguing inspiration. I feel like Thor receiving Mjolnir from Odin. This effect is a great one to perform as part of a routine or as a stand-alone. A back turned/blind-fold presentation is always a crowd baffler. I would recommend this to those who appreciate effects like this, but also, to those who appreciate the thinking that goes into creating a very smooth piece of mind reading mentalism.