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Commercial Gems Volume 3

reviewed by Brian Reaves (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 18 January, 2023)

Commercial Gems Volume 3Mel delivers some great jokes here and two of the routines are easily doable in a pinch. The Q&A Teapot routine requires a little work and probably will fly by most non-British audiences who don't see teapots very often, but the other two are fun. I wouldn't call any of them mind-blowing or incredible finales, but these are nice asides to have ready for the right audience and situation. Mel's sense of humor is evident here and I can only imagine how much fun he must be live. For the price, you're getting a couple of great routines and one you probably won't use as-is, but all of it can be adapted to your performing style, I think.