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Fireworks: 12 card revelation routine

reviewed by Dan Sherer (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 14 February, 2023)

Fireworks: 12 card revelation routineIf you want to start from nothing and learn a multiple revelation routine, this is excellent. Fundamentally, you learn 3 things: a control, a bunch of revelations, and a routine. The control is very good. Easy, effective, deceptive. I use it a lot even though I don't do most of the revelations anymore. The revelations are all good, and would stand alone as one-off reveals. Good to have in the arsenal. The routine is excellent, not because you should do it (though there's no reason you shouldn't), but because it shows you how a multiple revelation should build and how to keep track of all the moving pieces throughout. If you want to build your own longer or shorter routine, this is a good basis. If you want to do what Doc Eason does and vary the number according to how many people are in the room, well, at least you have a bunch of revelations and a control to be ready. Highly recommended.