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The Bammo Gridlock Dossier

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Mark L. (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 11 September, 2023)

The Bammo Gridlock DossierWhen I was a 'mathematically-minded' young boy, my mind turns off as soon as I see Max Maven with one of his matrices (or equivalent) on TV (sorry! or Martin Gardner!). Because: 1) 1+3, 2+2, 3+1 is still equals to 4. In other words, predictable (that you are going to be forced) and formulaic (once you've seen one, you feel like you've seen them all, see point 3). 2) It is sterile, as in a hospital with spotless white tiles, and dry, like sitting in a pure math class (no apple and oranges story, just pure numbers). 3) You can only present a matrix effect at most only ONE (1) time in a session. Showing another one seems to be a repeat of the previous one. 4) Spectator feels like he is just following many mathematical (i.e. boring) instructions.

This book: 1) Shows you how to present a matrix effect without making it feel like a matrix effect, by creative usage of themes, props and other presentation ideas. 2) presents matrices that does not feel like a math class. 3) Provide interest to the spectator to follow the instructions, without feeling like a tedious computer program cooking recipe. 4) There are some curve ball ideas thrown in (using other magic principles) to disrupt the thinking that these matrices are predictable - that they go in only one way all the time; a misconception proven here. 5) Changed my perception of this principle.

Very well written, straight to the point, every word not wasted, lots of eye openers, insightful, creative, comprehensive and inspiring for planting the seed in your head to come out with more ideas, full references to continue your discovery. You know, the usual with Mr. Bob Farmer.

Worth the money. Suitable for beginners as well, all skill levels.