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Ricky Kinosa

Ricky Kinosa has some serious psychological problems, all of which have resulted in his formation of "The Card Punk Manifesto", a philosophy which justifies and promotes the use of flashy card manipulation. All of his effects, notes, etc. involve flourishes or extreme card manipulation in some way. He knows a lot of you won't like it, but frankly, he doesn't care. Never heard of him? That's the point.

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Ricky Kinosa

The Card Punk by Ricky KinosaIf you like card flourishes or extreme manipulation, if you like what Dan and Dave Buck or Jerry Cestkowski do, then this is the ebook for you. However, this ebook is not just a collection of flourishes. You will learn the card punk's triumph routine. A lot of photos make the study of these flourishes and manipulations possible and accessible to dedicated students.
  • Promiscuous Double Lift
  • Card Punk Triumph
  • Card Punk Triumph Kicker
  • Another Freakin' One Handed Cut
  • Machiavelli Production

1st edition 2006; 34 pages.

2006 / 12 / 28

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Ricky Kinosa

The Circle Fan by Ricky KinosaMost every card man can do a pressure fan and many can do one-handed fans but can you do a circular fan, one that goes around 360 degrees and closes on itself? There are a few methods in circulation. Ricky explains the one developed by Toyozane Sanada. Sanada is a very creative Japanese magician who invented among other things the Sanada gimmick which is very effective for sponge ball work. However, there is no good explanation of how to do the Sanada fan in print. You can find it demonstrated on a number of videos but there is no good explanation that teaches the technique at least not in English. ...
2007 / 7 / 18

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