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Born in England in 1964 Scott now lives with his wife and son in Southern Spain.

Hooked on magic at the age of 8 when his Grandfather gave him a copy of The Amateur Magicians Handbook by Henry Hay, Scott performed his first paid stage show at 11 years old, then on to escapology and close up magic in his teens. In 1989 after an encounter with Tony (Doc) Shiels book The Cantrip Codex, he became hooked on all things psychic and hasn’t looked back since.

Although a full time Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer for over 20 years, inventor of the BIP Book, The First Impression pad (which has received rave reviews from some of the best in the business), Raffle Tickets, The Time Traveller and more, Scott has also been a prolific lecturer, presenting various lectures since 2004 at Magical Societies across Europe.

Much sought after as a performer, public speaker and corporate lecturer he continues to perform, invent and write for both magic and lay audiences.


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Envelopology Part 1 by Scott CreaseyThe first part of two ebooks exploring the science of envelopes in magic and mentalism.

Inspired by and dedicated to the memory of Alan Shaxon

Over a 20 year period Scott has modified, adapted and developed the humble envelope into a utility tool that should be part of any mentalist or magicians arsenal.

In Envelopolgoy Part 1, Scott provides clear photographic manufacturing instructions which will enable you with nothing more than some envelopes, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors, to manufacture four utility devices, which will spark your imagination.

Also included are full descriptions...

2012 / 11 / 2
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My Q and A by Scott CreaseyA full 30 minute act that you can carry in your pocket and perform in almost any standup situation, My Q & A the ultimate mentalism routine.
"It doesn't matter how you obtain the information, it is how you answer the questions that is important."
The statement above is one I have read again and again in published works on the Q & A from some of the best in the business.

I am afraid however that after nearly twenty years studying the systems of others and working on my own Q & A methods and routines, I have to disagree. To me as a full time mentalist and psychic entertainer, how you...

2012 / 6 / 4
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Clear Perception by Scott CreaseyThe clear force bag has been around for a long time and should be part of any mentalist's arsenal. They come in many shapes and sizes and range in style from the cheap and tacky to the over complex and expensive.

For the first time Scott explains how with basic tools you have at home, you can in about fifteen minutes, easily and cheaply manufacture the clear Zip Lock force bags he has been selling at his lectures for over ten years.

Also included in these 34 pages of photographic instructions are eight full routines suitable for platform or close up and taken from Scott's own working...

2012 / 4 / 25
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Tarot in Your Pocket by Scott CreaseyFor the first time outside of his lectures, Scott reveals one of his pet effects, Tarot in your Pocket perfect for one to one or large groups.

A twenty minute (or more) piece of psychic theatre you can carry in your pocket.

Scott explains in detail how to prepare your own props using just some blank cards and a sharpie (not supplied) Take eleven double blank cards with the names of the tarot written on them. Cleanly read the minds of various individuals and give them a Tarot and Numerology reading based on their free choices.

As a bonus Scott explains how, while across the room with...

2012 / 3 / 14
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The Corporate Mentalist by Scott CreaseyA full corporate presentation in your pocket.

This lecture (or teach in if your prefer) is a change from the usual show a trick then explain it format Scott has used up until now, it is in fact his corporate lecture, performed, explained and laid down in print. In the introduction Scott writes:

This presentation is a reality, it was honed and perfected on various corporate sales decks within the cut throat world of the time share industry which is still thriving on the Costa el Sol, it has also been presented at a number of other corporate events in the UK and is a commercial no nonsense...
2012 / 3 / 3
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Mental(Magic)ism by Scott CreaseyScott has a working repertoire of approximately fifty routines which he mixes and matches as the occasion arises. He has chosen some of his favourites for these lecture notes.
  • Introduction
  • Playing cards in Mentalism (a discussion)
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Sealed Thoughts
  • Five Keys to Dreamstate
  • Wordology
  • The Time Traveller
  • Zenner-Phobia
  • Traffic Lights Revisited
  • Pure Mentalism (a discussion)
  • The Eternal Triangle
  • Multi-Tarot

1st edition 2008, 48 pages.

2012 / 3 / 3
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Escaping the Restraints of Reality by Scott CreaseyScott offers a mix of magic, mentalism and escapology.
  • I Only Drink Fro My Nerves
  • Fire on a Budget
  • Mind on Fire
  • Mind on Fire (The Re-Mix)
  • Seven Keys to Dreamstate
  • The Clear Impression
  • Close Up Dupe
  • Clipboards and Druids
  • The Druids Eye
  • The Chronolgue Prompt
  • The 21st Century KB Wallet
  • To Cuff Or Not To Cuff
  • Gimmie Some Slack

1st edition 2005, 50 pages.

2012 / 3 / 3
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