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Magic by Misdirection

Dariel Fitzkee
Magic by Misdirection by Dariel Fitzkee

This volume, book three in the trilogy, is all about the psychology in magic. Mechanics alone, a sleight or move, are not sufficient to produce a strong magic effect. Dexterity by itself is more like juggling. Only if misdirection, the psychological aspect of deception, is added into the mix, will one be able to create a truly magic experience.

There aren't many good works on misdirection. This is one of the must read ebooks, a classic in the theory of magic. A shorter but modern discussion of misdirection can be read in Pocket Power by Jarle Leirpoll.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Several years ago, in our examination (Review No....

★★★★★ $9
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Rings In Your Fingers

Dariel Fitzkee
Rings In Your Fingers by Dariel Fitzkee

A complete text on methods, mechanical devices, moves, techniques, figures, artifices, routines, etc., for performing one of the great classics in the repertoire of magic. It includes modern improvements, suggestions and ideas, together with routines eliminating the use of the key.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Once Dariel Fitzkee has determined to track down a magic trick or a principle of conjuring, there is virtually no stopping him until he has exhausted his subject; and the poor quarry has little chance of escaping its pursuer and the searching inquiry which will pierce its innermost secrets and bare them...

★★★★★ $12
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Showmanship for Magicians

Dariel Fitzkee
Showmanship for Magicians by Dariel Fitzkee

Dariel Fitzkee authored one of the best trilogies on magic theory. This volume, book one in the trilogy, primarily deals with theoretical aspects of a magic performance. This book has been cited numerous times and is one of the standard works every serious magician should read. Fitzkee has a very analytical mind and describes his thoughts clearly. As with any theory not everyone will agree with every detail and every suggestion. Regardless of if you fully subscribe to Fitzkee's thinking or not, there is plenty to learn from his writings.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Several years ago, Dariel Fitzkee wrote a...

★★★★ $9
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The Trick Brain

Dariel Fitzkee
The Trick Brain by Dariel Fitzkee

This is book two from Fitzkee's trilogy and is unlike any other book ever written on magic. It was the first book (and to my knowledge the only book) to attack magic methods from a scientific standpoint. Fitzkee develops here a classification of effects, from appearances to vanishes, and then describes a system to invent or develop new trick plots. This is an invention system. I would say it is one way to invent new trick plots. But even if you are not of the scientific sort, the classification and discussion of magic effects and methods is a tremendous resource to expand your horizon and think...

★★★★★ $9
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Genii Volume 10 (Sep 1945 - Aug 1946)

William W. Larsen
Genii Volume 10 (Sep 1945 - Aug 1946) by William W. Larsen...
  1. ...
    • ... - Wm. G. Strickland (Marius)
  2. Scene Around New York - Roger Barkann
  3. Magigals Page - Geraldine Larsen
    • Chicago Assembly No. 9
    • Magical Musings
      • New Assembly in Dallas, Texas
      • Los Angeles Magigals
      • Magigals Parent Assembly Magigals
  4. Why I Have Written My Trilogy on Magic - Dariel Fitzkee
  5. McDonald Birch - biographical sketch
  6. News of the P.C.A.M.
    • Performers on P.C.A.M. Shows - photos
    • Report of the July Meeting of the Jan Jose Mystic 13
  7. Odd Magical Facts - Frank Fewins
  8. Moron Magic - Mandroop the Magician (George McAthy)
  9. The Hocus Family...
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Genii Volume 02 (Sep 1937 - Aug 1938)

William W. Larsen
Genii Volume 02 (Sep 1937 - Aug 1938) by William W. Larsen...
  1. ... C. Spratt, editor
    1. Turn The Pack Over - T. J. Crawford
    2. 'The Passe Passe Silks' - Vernon Cook
    3. Flash Silk Penetration - Vernon Cook
    4. Another Mirror Glass - R. S. Glover
    5. Satan's Time Clock - R. S. Glover
  2. Winner Of Sweepstakes Prize - Caryl S. Fleming
  3. Thoughts Are Things - Dariel Fitzkee
    • The Stull Rising Card Trick
    • Fooling Yourself with the Shadow Trick
    • Good Card Table Material
    • For Close-up Workers
  4. Diary of a Magician's Wife - Geraldine Conrad
  5. Paging the Ladies - Geraldine Conrad
    • Bagdette
    • Oakland Ladies Newsletter - Lile Burke
    • Welcome...
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The Loudmouth 1

Zac Eckstein
The Loudmouth 1 by Zac Eckstein... The spectator now will divine the object you have hidden, but with a surprise ending. Not only could he divine the object in the box, but you will prove to him that you knew he could do it all along, even before the show... One of the best kicker endings ever, you are going to love it!

An analysis of the man Dariel Fitzkee and his ground breaking work in The Fitzkee Trilogy, and why it was so controversial and would become mandatory reading for all who study this art-form.

A dissection on the different paths to creativity...

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Jamy Ian Swiss Book Reviews

Jamy Ian Swiss
Jamy Ian Swiss Book Reviews by Jamy Ian Swiss...
★★★★★ $27.50
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