Screen Shots of SIMON:

The following picture shows the main window of SIMON. On the left side is the tool box, where one can choose various elements for ones circuit. On the top is the menu bar, and on the bottom is a help line which displays possible mouse button operations and the name of the current circuit file. The main area of this window is dedicated to the graphical editor, which allows easy drag and drop assembly of single-electron circuits. From there one can also launch the built in graphical postprocessor which displays simulation results (see next picture).


This is a window of the graphical post processor. It allows to display several graphs with different y-axis. It is also possible to have more than one graph windows of different circuit files visible.

The next picture shows a screen shot of SIMON in the interactive mode. Charges and voltages of every node are updated dynamically. Orange arrows mark possible tunnel events which one can activate interactively with a simple mouse click. According to the tunnel event one chose, charges and voltages change, and the history of the system energy (see next picture) is displayed. This operation mode is very usefull to study a single-electron circuit in detail.


This is the history of the system energy, that is the free energy of the whole circuit. In this example one can see a local minimum which indicates a possible memory function of the electron trap shown above.