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The Open Billet Box Collection

by Steve Pellegrino

(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Open Billet Box Collection by Steve Pellegrino

The Open Billet Box is a practical, versatile solution to other billet switching boxes. It's a prop you can make yourself for less than $15.00 in less than 5 minutes. No tools are required.

The original Open Billet Box manuscript produced two follow-up manuscripts:

  • The Open Billet Box Continued
  • The Open Billet Box Q&A Edition

These have been off the market for almost a year. Steve edited and combined the three manuscripts into one large manuscript at a lower cost, which is only available on

Here are a few features of The Open Billet Box:

  • It folds up to fit into a briefcase.
  • It can hold a large number of billets.
  • The switch is silent.
  • Mechanically there is nothing to fail.

In the original manuscript, Steve goes over the psychology of billet boxes in general and where the more expensive ones fail. He also includes two entertaining routines - one that you can use to open your show and one you can use as a finale.

Don't let the low price of the manuscript and the cost to create the box deceive you. The Open Billet Box is a practical, straightforward mentalism prop that you will be happy to use in your show.

The Open Billet Box Continued is a manuscript Steve Pellegrino has gathered suggestions and developed some new modifications to the box and other ideas to give you new directions for your Open Billet Box. The manuscript includes:

  • Details on how to lock the gimmick.
  • Different kinds of boxes you can use.
  • A new routine, Synchronicity, take two unrelated random thoughts from the audience and brings them together for an amazing prediction revelation.
  • Additional ideas for making the most out of your prop.

The Open Billet Box Q&A Edition: When Steve first released the original Open Billet Box manuscript, people were asking for a way to do a thoughtreading/Q&A-style presentation with the prop. So over several months of development, Steve developed a clever solution that builds on the original Open Billet Box gimmick. Here's what you can do with this new version:

  • On slips of paper, the audience writes any questions or personal information they want. Papers are collected in a box and then dumped into a clear bowl on the other side of the stage. The mentalist proceeds to read the minds of audience members, telling them their thoughts or answering their questions. It's a classic Q&A presentation with a modern handling.
  • If you've already put together an Open Billet Box, it will be easy to make the modifications necessary to achieve this routine.
  • You have complete control over how many billets you want to access. You can access all of them, or you can target specific audience members and only access their billets! The choice is yours.

Included are:

  • Clear instructions for you to modify the gimmick.
  • Two ways to handle the billets
  • Two methods of gaining access to the billets
  • Two Bonus items - a third handling which modernizes a classic routine and a simple way to prepare a clear clipboard that gives you complete access to the billets while completely hiding them from the audience - No angle problems! The audience can be staring at the clipboard and see nothing, yet you can read everything on the billets.

1st edition 2014, updated & expanded 2021, PDF 43 pages.
word count: 11017 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Brian Reaves (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 07 April, 2022

I love this simple concept. I was able to create this after one quick trip to the store, and using it is foolproof. I did find it wasn't necessary to use tape as described in the first version. The box still worked, and it allowed me to use all the supplies purchased as needed but still throw the necessary stuff together to create the box in seconds. Once you have the concept, you can see how easy it is to adapt it to other boxes. I've seen very expensive billet boxes out there that follow a similar idea but this is the most affordable version out there that allows you to keep the box open the entire time.