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Time Trix

by Maurice Janssen
#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
#3 [with Demo Video] author
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Time Trix by Maurice Janssen

I have always been fascinated with time, just how precious it is. It's the one commodity we can afford to give away for free. I present to you, two different time predictions one for analog clocks and one for digital clocks. They are simple and to the point.

Volunteer names an hour or draws an hour hand pointing to their freely chosen hour and performer reveals a prediction.

Digital time: they merely think of one specific digital time among many. Associate their time with a time task and the performer reveals that specific task. I also included some extra, super easy impromptu time predictions.

1st edition 2021, PDF 6 pages.
word count: 1858 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

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