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Tommy Burnett

Tommy Burnett has been performing magic and mentalism for over 30 years. He is New York City's Favorite Mentalist and has been dubbed ‘The Man Who Knows Too Much.’ He is unlike any other Mystery Performer in the world because he was born with cerebral palsy and admits that magic and mentalism helped him build the confidence he needed to survive when he was younger. Nowadays, Tommy's unique story and extraordinary thinking in Mentalism, Magic and in life has taken him all over the world performing his act.

Tommy Burnett is considered one of NYC's Top Mentalists. He has performed in Europe, Scandinavia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and his act has been seen in 48 out of 50 states in the United States. He has made various TV appearances including NBC, ABC, CBS News, and many other local TV appearances. He has also had his own one man show.

Tommy is the creator of The Psyclops Mind Reading System, author of Advancing Mother and many other mentalism props and effects including The Acidus Pad, Mental Exchange and Are You Mental?

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Tommy Burnett

Psyclops Mind Reading System by Tommy BurnettHere is what happens:

The performer shows his participant(s) a pack of blank index cards that have writing on one side (the other side is blank.) A different word, number and design are written on each card. The participant genuinely mixes them thoroughly and then selects one of the cards from the pack. They can remember everything on the card or just one item, it is totally a free choice. With little to no pumping you can tell them what they are thinking, duplicate a drawing, guess a pin number. Not only that, you can do this for up to 3 people at a time.

Over 60 pages of instructions,...

2019 / 11 / 21

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Tommy Burnett

Advancing Mother by Tommy BurnettAdvancing Mother is a 'progressive' advancement in the revelation of the famous effect, Mother Of All Book Tests (MOABT) by Ted Karmilovich. If you already own a copy of MOABT then Advancing Mother is for you. If you don't, then hopefully this will inspire you to get one for yourself.

Tommy Burnett's thinking will take you down a short but winding road towards the goal of revealing a thought of word. By using Tommy's well thought out system you no longer need to secretly discover the first letter of the word. You can get an immediate hit without asking anything and in most cases get hit after...

2019 / 11 / 21

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