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Tony Slydini

Tony Slydini

(1st September 1901 - 15th January 1991)

Born in Poggia, Italy as Quintino Marucci. Took later the stagename of "Tony Foolem" and eventually "Tony Slydini". Learned as boy in Italy from amateur father. Moved to Argentina as teenager, where he developed his own unique brand of magic. He worked in vaudeville until the depression. Moved to USA, New York and Boston and worked there as pro close-up magician.

Slydini developed a tremendous ability to misdirect by studying every nuance of performer-spectator interaction. Every word is carefully chosen, every movement and look is designed to convince the onlooker that everything is open and natural. Nevertheless miracles happen.

It is hard to describe what and how Slydini does magic. One has to see and witness a performance to fully appreciate his genius. Dick Cavett once asked Dai Vernon who could still fool him. Nobody, the Professor replied almost regretfully, then added with a smile, "Of course, Tony can."

Coauthors: Lewis Ganson

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Lewis Ganson & Tony Slydini
The Magic of Slydini by Lewis Ganson & Tony Slydini

This is a classic book, probably the best book on close-up magic ever written. Now available as an ebook with an improved layout. The original book had 448 photos grouped together in full-page photo plates. This meant that most photos were removed from the text which goes along with the photos. We have corrected this error in this digital edition. All photos have been inserted in the text where they are referred to.

Slydini was a genius of misdirection. Every movement and every word is deliberately chosen to direct the attention of spectators as well as to produce a graceful and engaging...

2006 / 6 / 1

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Tony Slydini
The Amazing Slydini by Tony Slydini

This is a silent film of Slydini performing some of his feature effects including

  • Paper Balls in the Hat
  • Cigarette Miracle
  • Two Cigarettes from One
  • Coin Magic
  • The Paper Cone
  • Slydini shows his "Knotted Silks" to Remo Inzani
  • A Symphony in Silk
Please note that this is performance only. No explanations are given.

[Note that in the lower right corner is a constant 0.00.00 time code which occasionally obstructs the view, but is in general not an issue.]

From the 1950s, length 9 min 38 s

2014 / 10 / 22

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MP4 (video)

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