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Tricks and Magic Made Easy (hardcover)

by Edward Summers Squier
hardcover |  
Tricks and Magic Made Easy (hardcover) by Edward Summers Squier

Book is in good condition. Some bumping. Handwritten note on flyleaf.

  • Introduction
  • I: Tricks Without Sleight-Of-Hand
    • Discovery Of A Card
    • Gathering The Kings
    • Naming The Pack
    • The Magic Pairs
    • The Turned Card
    • The Magic Square
    • The Royal Court
    • The Assembly
    • Discovery Of Four
    • Discovery Of Two
    • The Permanent Card
  • II: Sleight-Of-Hand With Cards
    • Shifting The Cut
    • Forcing A Card
    • The False Shuffle
    • The Indicated Card
    • The Faced Card
    • Palming A Card
    • Changing A Card
    • Springing The Cards
  • III: Tricks With Coins, Watches, Dominoes, Etc.
    • Tricks With Coins
    • The Pass
    • The Change
    • The Joining Of The Coins
    • The Handkerchief Wrapper
    • The Vanishing Quarters
    • The Increasing Dimes
    • Money Multiplied
    • The Dime In The Orange
    • The Shower Of Money
    • Head Or Tail
    • Odd Or Even
    • The Handkerchief
    • Tricks With Watches
    • Tricks With Dominoes
    • Tricks With Dice
    • The Cut String
  • IV: Stage Illusions

1st edition 1919, 188 pages.

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