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by Chris Rawlins
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Un-Luck by Chris Rawlins

"A clever principle for clever performers." - R. Paul Wilson

"Chris Rawlins has been a busy fellow. Un-Luck is Chris' latest offering that takes his One Card Poker routine to the next level. I saw Chris perform One Card Poker at Mindvention 2019 and it was fantastic. At its core, Un-Luck a hands-off 'spectator locates the aces', but it's really so much more. Chris has taken his basic concept and has added 5 new variations that make this more than just another card trick. I will be adding Un-Luck to my 'bag of tricks' and I am sure that once you've had an opportunity to try it out for yourself, you will too." - Seth Kramer

Imagine having the ability to let your spectator legitimately shuffle and cut the deck, make every single choice, and arrive at only four cards, and for those cards to be under your complete control the entire time. Un-luck will teach you how this is possible. Un-luck includes Chris' original and deeply fooling routine, plus never-shared details, one specially designed and printed prop, and five additional variants taught. [Note that a printed prop, which isn't totally necessary, is not included with this download.]

Learn how to:

  • Win a head-to-head game every time.
  • Know the outcome of your spectator's actions before they truly shuffle and cut.
  • Draw connections between your spectator's actions, choices, and their credit card.
  • Know their future using nothing more than a deck of cards and a video prediction you send to them before they do anything.
  • Reveal something personal in an entertaining and surprising way...And much more.
As a bonus this download includes a more than one hour video on the "One Card Poker" effect.

1st edition 2020, PDF 35 pages.
word count: 5943 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

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