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Wilford Hutchinson

(England: 8th October 1888 - 7th October 1963)

Pro playing throughout Lancashire with Paper Folding and Paper Tearing. Then dealer-prop maker (under "Ashlyn" trade name) in Ashton-under-Lyne from c1913 until the end of 1939. As house organ published-edited Conjurer's Chronicle 1919-39. Articles in Midget Magician.

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Wilford Hutchinson

Conjurers Chronicle by Wilford HutchinsonThis house organ ran from May 1919 until February 1940. Each issue had 8 pages and was mostly filled with ads for items Hutchinson retailed. However most issues also included a trick contribution or effect (see below for the list of contents). The most interesting contribution is Graham Adams' Card Work, a series of his favorite effects, moves and in particular his take and fondness of Erdnase.
  • Volume 1
    • The Evolution of the Flags / Wilford Hutchinson
    • The "C.H." Sympathetic Blocks / Cecil Heygate
    • The Mysterious Glass Frames (stage illusion) / B. Wayre
    • The "Flu" Trick / Jas. H. Smith (The Naval...
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