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This project lives from the many small contributions. If you spot an error, or have a correction or addition to make please email .


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Project News

06/04/2002I changed everything into a database driven website. MLP is now based on MySQL and is ready for a lot of growth. Did you hear me? Growth! That means a lot of submissions from you guys. Access to the home page should now be a lot faster, too. I added a little search feature. In the future I might provide an advanced search capability. Let me know what features you think would be needed.
12/14/2001I added an online submission form. With this it is much easier to send in entries for the database. I hope it is convenient.
11/11/2001Stephen Forrester submitted very interesting data on Joseph Pinetti. Check out the item 'Pip Fluid' under gimmicks. Under routines you will find more about Pinetti.
10/02/2001Peter Duffie sent in a wonderful entry for the Riffle Pass. Check it out! And if you have something to add email me.
09/29/2001Thomas Wayne made a good suggestion to add a description record to every entry. The description should explain what the move accomplishes or what the effect achieved is. This will on one hand define the item better and second will allow colleagues who are not familiar with the name of certain items make better use of this database.

I went through all items and added this new record. But I will need your help to fill in the missing descriptions or to come up with better ones.

I found one double entry for the "Magic Coloring Book" which is now combined as one.

09/22/2001Added a counter of items in the database. This will allow us to quickly track our progress. Counter shows today 151.
09/21/2001I am back from my trip and found several dozen contributions by Wesley James which are now all entered in the database. Thank you Wesley. Dave le Fevre pointed out that there were improvements to the Svengali deck, for example the Trilby deck. For details see the Svengali entry under gimmicks.
08/24/2001Added a few more corrections and additions from Wesley James. I am planning to move everything to a real database. This wouldn't change anything from the users point of view, beside possibly a faster loading of the project home page and faster searching in the future. But it will still take a while until I have all the scripts ready to test a database backend.
08/22/2001What a great entry about the Han Ping Chien move by Wesley James.
08/21/2001We have passed the 100 entry mark. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Added more from Joe Pecore and Wesley James.
08/17/2001Added material sent by Jeffrey Campbell and Stephen Forrester. Wesley James as always sent in some well researched updates and some new entries. And Joe Pecore continued his stream of data. You are all highly appreciated. Keep up the great work. Michael Henry suggested we include not just one source but as many references as we can find. I think this is in principle a very good suggestion but some filtering of references is in order. Feel free to submit more than one source for a routine or move, particularly if it adds something new.

Added links to all categories on top of the entry lists. Hope this makes browsing a little bit easier.

08/16/2001Updated the Svengali Deck entry under gimmicks.
08/15/2001Craig Matsuoka came up with a great name for this website: Geniiology. Don't know what Richard Kaufman has to say about that. A lot of new entries from Joe Pecore. Also a big thank you to Wesley James for a magnificent Tilt contribution. I think several people contributed to it (Craig Matsuoka, Randy Wakeman, Jon Racherbaumer) - please correct if I am wrong.
08/13/2001Added two new lines to each item: category and subcategory. This will help browsing and finding entries. Added a cross reference capability. See for example routine->Jazz Aces->Elmsley Count. Technical detail: Changed everything to a single hash table.
08/12/2001I entered a few title/people combinations which poped in my mind. This is to get your juices flowing to add your knowledge and tid-bits to this project. The first entries are comming in from you guys. Thanx Peter Duffie and Joe Pecore.
08/12/2001Wesley James suggested better names for the site. I settled for "Magic Lineage Project". If anybody has an even better or more appropriate title, please email me.