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Magic & Conjuring New Hot List Hot Authors Best​sellers Most Wished Top Reviews
    Potpourri Bundle by Nick Conticello    70 Top Effects From 70 Years of Magician's Magazines by Brick Tilley    Odd Conceptions by Nico Heinrich    The New York City Lecture by Ulysses Frederick Grant    100% Magic Notes by Troy Murphie    100% Magic by Pavel    The Tournament by David Devlin    Super Prediction Tricks by Robert A. Nelson & E. J. Moore    Deckless ACAAN by Unknown Mentalist    Lift: levitate a wallet by Kevin Parker    Card College Light Trilogy by Roberto Giobbi    Ploy by Fraser Parker    Paz by Adrien Lochon & Fraser Parker    Making Mindreading Pay by Robert A. Nelson    The Smagorad by Gary Inglese & Dennis Laub    Magicseen No. 73 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw    Magic Medley by Paul A. Lelekis    The Origami Butterfly by Brick Tilley    Today's Tools by Jim Kleefeld    Bug Magic by Jim Kleefeld
Non​fiction New Hot List Hot Authors Best​sellers Most Wished Top Reviews
    Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System by John Rieder    The Here and This and Now (NHB Modern Plays) by Glenn Waldron    Human Movement: How the Body Walks, Runs, Jumps, and Kicks by Carla Mooney    Impeached: The Removal of Texas Governor James E. Ferguson by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky    Labouring Side by Side: The Local Church as the Most Significant Arena for Disciple-Making by Eben Kanukayi Nhiwatiwa    Counseling Women Across the Life Span: Empowerment, Advocacy, and Intervention by Jill NCC Schwarz PhD    Gadamer and Wittgenstein on the Unity of Language: Reality and Discourse without Metaphysics by Patrick Rogers Horn    Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam by Abdullah Saeed    Dealing With Feelings by Virginia Palmer    Against Global Capitalism: African Social Movements Confront Neoliberal Globalization by E. Osei Kwadwo Prempeh    Bodily Extremities: Preoccupations with the Human Body in Early Modern European Culture by Florike Egmond & Robert Zwijnenberg    Berlitz Pocket Guide Iceland by Berlitz    Berlitz Pocket Guide Japan by Berlitz
Fiction New Hot List Hot Authors Best​sellers Most Wished Top Reviews
    Between Worlds by Jennifer Ridge    Crystal Heart: Book Three of the Paradise Series by Ivana L. Truglio    Bubbles: The fabubbulous story of Angelique's Nursery School by Malcolm Howard    Jeopardy Surface by Sheri Leigh Horn    The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley    Greed Can Kill by Bob Doerr    Dot & Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery by Ellen Stoll Walsh    Swift for the Sun by Karen Bovenmyer    Jungle Jitters by Lisa Dalrymple    Home Ground by Louise Welsh    Long Teeth: Stone Angel #4 by Marvin H. Albert    Village Prodigies by Rodney Jones    Trouble in Tahiti: Blood on the Hibiscus by Hayford Peirce
Games New Hot List Hot Authors Best​sellers Most Wished Top Reviews
    College Bridge Series Fourth Semester by Chris Hasney    College Bridge Series Third Semester by Chris Hasney    College Bridge Series Second Semester by Chris Hasney    College Bridge Series First Semester by Chris Hasney    Jacoby Super Accepts by Chris Hasney & Jerry Pottier    Fat Free Card by Chris Hasney    American Bidding System Bundle by Chris Hasney & Jerry Pottier    The Expert American Bidding System by Chris Hasney & Jerry Pottier    Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders by Walter Crist & Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi & Alex de Voogt    A Guide to Contract Bridge - A Collection of Historical Books and Articles on the Rules and Tactics of Contract Bridge by various    The Lazy Man's Sicilian: Attack and Surprise White with the Basman-Sale Variation by Valeri Bronznik & Steve Giddins    Mastering Chess Middlegames: Lectures from the All-Russian School of Grandmasters by Alexander Panchenko    The Double Queen's Gambit: A Surprise Weapon for Black by Alexey Bezgodov
Gambling New Hot List Hot Authors Best​sellers Most Wished Top Reviews
    Card Punch by Chris Wasshuber    Short-Changing by Penny Ante Jim    China's Song by Brick Tilley    Spot the Spot by Brick Tilley    How It's Done by Edward A. Litzau    Gamblers' Tricks with Cards by J. H. Green    The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table by T. Hayes    The Best Short Change Scam Ever by Devin Knight    The Open Book by J. H. Johnson    How To Sell Snake Oil by David Devlin    Monte Carlo by Anonymous    How Psychics Locate Missing People by Devin Knight    Carnival Games Exposed by Stephen Ablett

Select the Finest Ebooks from all Subjects, and Exclusive E-Books for Magicians, Gamblers, and Gamers stocks ebooks in all subject areas and is particularly well sorted in magic (magic tricks, mentalism, illusions...), gambling (poker, blackjack...), and games (bridge, chess...). We can offer exclusive contents you will not find anywhere else. Our ebooks will make you a better poker player, a more skilled magician and a more powerful chess and bridge opponent, or simply entertain and inform you.

Magic ebooks

Our primary love and focus is magic. This is where started many years ago and it is where we put most of our focus in terms of acquiring exclusive contents and publishing our own textbooks and study aids. We have literally hundreds of download products you will not find anywhere else. This includes exclusive publications by universally respected performers like Dai Vernon, Bob Cassidy, Roberto Giobbi, Allan Ackerman, and Luke Jermay to name just a few. If you aspire to become the next David Copperfield, Lance Burton, David Blaine, Criss Angel, or Harry Houdini, then you would be well advised to study the many excellent ebooks we offer. And we don't stop at ebooks. You can download dozens of MP3 audio files, hundreds of MP4 video clips and many apps for your iPhone or iPod. We also have a growing selection of software to help you become the best magician you can be.

Once part of our magic community you will have access to our Magic Knowledge Base, a full text search engine which will give you access to close to a million pages of content. This search engine is fully integrated with the body of ebooks you purchased. If one of your search results is in an ebook you already bought, you have full text access to this ebook through your browser and you can exchange comments with other customers and sometimes even with the author. All your ebook purchases are automatically added to your personal digital-shelf from where you can either view your ebooks or download them.

The digital-shelf has four primary functions:

  1. Safety Backup: Should you loose your ebooks for example due to hard disc failure or a computer crash, you can re-download your purchases. You do not need to ask anybody or get permission. You simply login to your account, proceed to your digital-shelf and download your purchases. Problem solved.
  2. Online Access: There are times when you might not have your computer with you, or when you cannot download anything on your computer (for example when you are on a public computer, or in the armed services). No problem at all. You can access your ebooks through any web-browser. You can search and browse, and even print pages.
  3. Information exchange with others: The digital-shelf has a commenting feature where you can add a comment or question to any particular page. Other customers who have purchased the same ebook can read your comments and respond, answer questions, and upload an image. Sometimes even the author of the ebook will be answering. This feels and behaves like a little forum.
  4. Personal Digital Library: Build your own personal digital library. The digital-shelf automatically includes all your ebook purchases. This is a convenient way to build up your personal digital library. You can quickly check which ebooks you already bought. And as mentioned above, you can even view and search many of them.

Gambling ebooks

Cheating at the card table, at craps or other casino games has a lot to do with the techniques magicians use and vice versa. Our product line is therefore particularly strong in the game protection field. And we have the very best in strategy and skill development for all major casino games for money. You will be able to read about various forms of poker be it draw, stud, Texas Hold'em, Omaha or other varieties. You will learn everything you need to know about craps, blackjack, roulette, keno, and the list continues. On top of that we have fascinating fiction depicting gamblers of all sorts and their stories.

Gaming ebooks

We offer a growing selection in contract bridge, chess, sudoku, and crossword. For example we have several exclusive contract bridge ebooks by Eddie Kantar and Marty Bergen. We are also working on adding ebooks on other games and in particular computer games. We are always happy to get suggestions and leads to interesting (e)books.

Non-Fiction ebooks

We are adding new ebooks on a daily basis in all categories, and have already thousands of the most recent ebooks available. We are putting an emphasis on Computer, Engineering and Technology, Business ebooks, True Crime and Performing Arts. Let us know which subject areas you are particularly interested in and we promise to provide more ebooks in those.

Fiction ebooks

Similar as with the Non-Fiction category, we have thousands of ebooks available and are adding every day new ones. We are placing an emphasis on Mystery & Detective, Thriller, and Romance. Our philosophy is to slowly add ebooks and categorize them well, rather than to flood the shop with all available ebooks as other retailers have chosen to do. You can then find all kinds of problems with the descriptions, from misspelled author names to wrong cover images and outright wrong description or categorization. Of course, we are not free of such errors, but we hope that we have a lot less than others.
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