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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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    Negative Arm by Dale A. Hildebrandt    Secret of Touching Cobras - Without Getting Bitten by Devin Knight & Al Mann    Sandwich Pass by Raymonde Crow    Double Whammy by Ray Noble    TCAAN by Pablo Amirá    Working Nine To Five For Gilbreath by Art Vanderlay    Finger Burn by Gerard Zitta    Double Fatality by Raphaël Czaja    Manipulation with Cards by Peki    The Voodini Steps to Mentalism by Paul Voodini    Yubble Drig 1 by Troy Murphie    The Solomon Question by Nicholas Wanstall    Five Kinks by Ian Baxter    Lost Luggage and the Close Up Cabaret by Scott Creasey    Manipulation Balls Lecture by Peki    Obscure Marlo by Paul A. Lelekis    Visual ACR by Klaud    Jumbo Poker Tells by Devin Knight    Six Lessons in Crystal Gazing by Robert A. Nelson    Video Magic by B. W. McCarron    Bobo Magic Show by J. B. Bobo    The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M. by Paul LePaul & Bro. John Hamman    Brainstorming with B'Wave by Cristian Vidrascu    The Art of Remembering and Placing Multiple Key Cards by Nick Conticello    Sure Stats by Gerard Zitta    Sand Witch by Klaud    Cathy Shadows: Tarot on a Cold Afternoon by Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini    New Other Stuff 1 by Dale A. Hildebrandt    Improved Brainwave Deck by Devin Knight    Ninja Control by Klaud    Lucky 13 by Dale A. Hildebrandt    The First Five by Dale A. Hildebrandt    The Magic Pendulum by George B. Anderson    Black Art: a DIY version by Laurie Ireland & Paul Studham & Jasper Ward    Manipulation with Balls by Peki    Totally Twisted by David Devlin    A Spell Of Cards by Al E. Smith    Kara's Crystal Visions by B. W. McCarron    Sunken Treasury: Part 3 & 4 & 5 by Nick Conticello    Magical Rope Artistry by Daniel Rowan    Killing Classics 1 by Jozsef Kovacs    Robo Reamon by Aaron Chee    Wacky Ralph by Aaron Chee    The Art of Eddie Joseph by Hugh Miller    Sure Guess by Gerard Zitta    Inkubators by Paul Hallas    Zodiaco by Pablo Amirá    Lives of the Conjurers: Volume 2 by Professor Solomon    The Prototypes of the Everymen of Magicians (a parody) by Dale A. Hildebrandt    Twice Shy Second Edition by Dale A. Hildebrandt
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Negative Arm by Dale A. Hildebrandt
Negative Arm

  • Impromptu
  • No reset to worry about
  • Can be repeated over and over with different people in the same venue
  • 75% to 80% success rate
  • An "out" that is just as spectacular for when this doesn't hit
  • Let's see yer palm ... yet another out
  • Both serious
Dale A. Hildebrandt31 Mar 2015$2.95

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Secret of Touching Cobras - Without Getting Bitten by Devin Knight & Al Mann
Secret of Touching Cobras - Without Getting Bitten

The first book of its kind, it contains information you will not find elsewhere on the inside secrets of snake magic and snake charming.

Have you ever wondered how magicians and snake charmers touch deadly cobras on the nose and NOT GET BITTEN? Well,

Devin Knight &
Al Mann
30 Mar 2015$9.95

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Sandwich Pass by Raymonde Crow
Sandwich Pass

The one-card middle pass is a versatile, although relatively unknown and underused sleight. Raymonde Crow teaches this powerful move, plus several unique variations of what he calls the Sandwich Pass, which will enable you to instantly control a card to
Raymonde Crow29 Mar 2015$5.00

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Double Whammy by Ray Noble
Double Whammy

The Double Whammy is a fun and easy card effect that hits hard. I wanted a card routine that I could do anytime with a borrowed deck. This is an effect that will knock their socks off and have them falling on their knees yelling, "He is the chosen one!"
Ray Noble29 Mar 2015$12.00

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TCAAN by Pablo Amirá

In TCAAN (THE Card at Any Number) your participant will know the exact position of THE card to get amazing results. He/She will be a psychic for a moment and do an amazing feature on an imaginary poker table (interesting theme and narrative during performance)
Pablo Amirá29 Mar 2015$13.00

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Working Nine To Five For Gilbreath by Art Vanderlay
Working Nine To Five For Gilbreath

Whilst seated around a dinner table, one of your guests requests for you to show them some of your abilities. Grabbing a deck of cards from your drawer, you hand them to your guest instructing him to give them a shuffle.

Once done the deck is then

Art Vanderlay29 Mar 2015$7.50

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Finger Burn by Gerard Zitta
Finger Burn

[Note: This effect was already part of Mentalism Games.]

From the audience point of view, this effect will look completely improvised as you present it with nothing. Just their fingers and yours. It really blows people's minds (laymen and magicians

Gerard Zitta29 Mar 2015$10.00

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Double Fatality by Raphaël Czaja
Double Fatality

Trick #1 - FATAL: A spectator mentally creates one card by choosing a value and a suit in a deck. The magician points out a prediction in full-view from the beginning and the spectator reveals his thought-of card for the first time. The prediction and
Raphaël Czaja28 Mar 2015$7.95

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Manipulation with Cards by Peki
Manipulation with Cards

Peki, a highly decorated magician, explains here how you can create and learn a successful card manipulation routine for stage. This video is a German video dubbed by Peki to English.


  1. Peki's entire stage card manipulation act (performance)
  2. Vanish
Peki28 Mar 2015$25.00

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The Voodini Steps to Mentalism by Paul Voodini
The Voodini Steps to Mentalism

Paul Voodini presents The Voodini Steps to Mentalism, his own very personal take on the classic 13 Steps to Mentalism by Toni Corinda. Taking the original 13 Steps to Mentalism's chapter headings as his starting point, Paul takes us on a journey through
Paul Voodini23 Mar 2015$80.00

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Yubble Drig 1 by Troy Murphie
Yubble Drig 1

The price of this ebook will go to $30 with begin of April.

A host of original 'real world' routines for the children's entertainer with integrated links to instructional videos via YouTube. Have a sneak peak at the free preview.

Whether you

Troy Murphie22 Mar 2015$20.00

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The Solomon Question by Nicholas Wanstall
The Solomon Question

In this PDF you will learn the main effect, The Solomon Question, along with a bonus effect by Atlas Brookings called White Out. Also included is an explanation on how to blend these two effects into one beautiful piece of hypnotism.

The Solomon

Nicholas Wanstall22 Mar 2015$9.95

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Five Kinks by Ian Baxter
Five Kinks

From the introduction by David Jones:
Ian loves to tinker! Given his strong creative abilities, this tinkering has more often than not, resulted in much improved effects, more streamlined methods, or both. Over the years, Ian has released a number
Ian Baxter22 Mar 2015$10.00

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Lost Luggage and the Close Up Cabaret by Scott Creasey
Lost Luggage and the Close Up Cabaret

What do you do when the luggage containing your props goes to Murcia as you arrive for an important show in Madrid?

How would you cope if you arrived at a venue and the client, who booked you for a close up strolling performance, suddenly changed his

Scott Creasey22 Mar 2015$16.00

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Manipulation Balls Lecture by Peki
Manipulation Balls Lecture

This is Peki's full fledged lecture video on manipulation with balls. It was originally released in German in 1994, but Peki has dubbed it himself in English. If you want to learn how to manipulate balls this is the video to learn it from. Jeff McBride
Peki21 Mar 2015$25.00

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Obscure Marlo by Paul A. Lelekis
Obscure Marlo

Six monster card effects that will fry magicians...and with a borrowed deck! Fool the "boys" at your next club meeting.

The enclosed effects and sleights are items from Marlo's repertoire that he would normally use to fool his world-class card

Paul A. Lelekis21 Mar 2015$10.00

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Visual ACR by Klaud
Visual ACR

An impromptu and ungimmicked finale to your Ambitious Card Routine? Yes! Visual ACR offers you a 3 phase direct to the point routine, which ends with a surprising visual moment of magic.

Get this and add to your arsenal a new weapon of astonishment.


Klaud20 Mar 2015$5.00

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Jumbo Poker Tells by Devin Knight
Jumbo Poker Tells

Instantly give any spectator psychic powers! This is a stage size version of Devin Knight's best-selling Poker Tells. Considered by many to be one of his most baffling effects to date. This new version uses jumbo 5 x 7 inch playing cards so it can be
Devin Knight20 Mar 2015$6.00

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Six Lessons in Crystal Gazing by Robert A. Nelson
Six Lessons in Crystal Gazing

Robert A. Nelson is writing as Korda RaMayne. One of the most complete books ever written on the art of crystal gazing (scrying). Learn how to develop this wonderful ability in your home.
  • Lesson 1: History of Crystal Gazing.
  • Lesson 2: Power of
Robert A. Nelson17 Mar 2015$4.00

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Video Magic by B. W. McCarron
Video Magic

Use your VCR as a video prediction chest!

Add amazing, audience-tested effects to your act, including French Postcards, Jokers Wild, Batter Up!, Break the Bank, Headlines of the Past, Mental Shopping, Lucifer's Lexicon, Movie-ola, Mental Lottery, and

B. W. McCarron17 Mar 2015$10.00

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