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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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    Stand-Alone Routines by Paul A. Lelekis    Ablest Change by Abhinav Bothra    The Triple by Cameron Francis    SUCD: Some Unusual Chemical Demonstrations by Richard Paddon    Magicseen No. 58 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw    The Knight's Tour: A Scenic Journey by Richard Paddon    Snatch by Dave Forrest    Clue by Gerard Zitta    Soapbox Derby by Gregg Webb    Audacious 2 by Abhinav Bothra    Pockethereal by Jon Racherbaumer    Quick Deck Switch by Steve Pellegrino    The Book That Burns In Hell by Gregg Webb    Lucky 13 by David Devlin    The Visitation by David Devlin    Fired Thoughts by Pablo Amirá    Psychic Mysteries by Robert A. Nelson    Stop Fooling Us! by Wesley James    iDPS: Inverse Diagonal Palm Shift by David Walsh    Ken Brooke Cups and Balls Routine by Cameron Francis    Fred Kaps Chinese Chow by Cameron Francis    Brain Bracking by Mike Kempner    Cheat Hand by Gerard Zitta    The Book That Casts No Reflection by Gregg Webb    Test Conditions by Art Vanderlay    Verbal Amnesia by Mike Kempner    Colombini Magic Farewell Tour Lecture Part 2 by Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini    Colombini Magic Farewell Tour Lecture Part 1 by Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini    New Avantgarde Magic 21 by Alexander de Cova    Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. IV: Prestigiazione Con Monete E Anelli by Salvatore Cimo    Cicatriz ESP by Art Vanderlay    Jogless Cull Shuffle by David Walsh    Injog Obtainer by David Walsh    The Fairest Hands-Off Open Prediction by Mike Kempner    Face Up Face Down Mentalism by Mike Kempner    Pabular: 10 effects from volume 4 by Aldo Colombini    Pabular: 10 effects from volume 3 by Aldo Colombini    Rink's Rope and Ring Penetrations by Lewis Ganson    Newspaper Trick by Gene Anderson    Parakeet Magic by Various Authors    Depth Delusion by David Walsh    2 Thoughts by Pablo Amirá    Magnetic Money by Mike Kempner    Cerebral Connection by Mike Kempner    Mammon by Cedric Taylor    Power to Influence by Abhinav Bothra    New Avantgarde Magic 20 by Alexander de Cova    Quarks and Quirks (for resale) by (Benny) Ben Harris    Exit 51 (for resale) by (Benny) Ben Harris    Crossroads (for resale) by (Benny) Ben Harris
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Stand-Alone Routines by Paul A. Lelekis
Stand-Alone Routines

Paul A. Lelekis provides workers with five very strong, full routines that can be used in any performer's repertoire. These routines are strong openers and powerful closers. This e-book begins with a Prologue called Consistency of Action. This section
Paul A. Lelekis31 Aug 2014$10.00

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Ablest Change by Abhinav Bothra
Ablest Change

Ablest Change is a bold and fast card color change that immediately establishes you as a skilled magician. This is a one handed color change which is fun to practice and perform. Here you end up without any face-up card and this change offers two easy
Abhinav Bothra31 Aug 2014$3.95

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The Triple by Cameron Francis
The Triple

"It's a BEAST! Nice work!" - Liam Montier

"Great, solid commercial stuff like you ALWAYS do, Cam." - Jack Carpenter

"It's really f***ing GOOOOD!" - Dave Forrest

Three amazing effects. One professional grade routine... This
Cameron Francis31 Aug 2014$10.00

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SUCD: Some Unusual Chemical Demonstrations by Richard Paddon
SUCD: Some Unusual Chemical Demonstrations

This ebook describes how to make ten of the most interesting chemical reactions possible. From liquids that change colour as they are mixed, liquids that apparently read minds or have feelings, to spectacular glowing reactions. The explanations and science
Richard Paddon30 Aug 2014$2.95

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Magicseen No. 58 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 58

Vol. 10, No. 4, no date [September 2014]; 60 pages

Cover: Chris Dugdale

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Readers' Letters
  3. In the Phonebox with: Danielle Clements - Mark Leveridge
  4. In The News
  5. Promote Yourself - Attention Seekers - Promoting
Mark Leveridge &
Graham Hey &
Phil Shaw
30 Aug 2014$5.00

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The Knight's Tour: A Scenic Journey by Richard Paddon
The Knight's Tour: A Scenic Journey

The classic of mentalism fully explained. As performed by Richard Paddon at MindVention. Includes a performance video as well as a program for Windows PC to project and record the moves as the performer calls them out.

For the first time, Richard Paddon

Richard Paddon27 Aug 2014$9.95

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Snatch by Dave Forrest

Impossibly produce a card the spectator is thinking of from a cased deck, bound with a rubber band!

Your spectator shuffles the deck and hands it back to you. You make no moves. They think of a card from inside the deck. You make no moves. They are

Dave Forrest26 Aug 2014$9.91

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Clue by Gerard Zitta

This clever mathematical principle allows you to find a thought item among any number of items, even though you do not know the initial order. You don't even need to know what they are. You see nothing. It is entirely hands off and improvised, and can
Gerard Zitta25 Aug 2014$10.00

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Soapbox Derby by Gregg Webb
Soapbox Derby

Magic, sleights, humor, opinion, history, presentation, theories, reviews, cartoons, advice, laughs, observations, ramblings, tricks, tricks, tricks, ...

Chapter 1

  • Introduction
  • No Other Card Quite Like It!
  • Lead-In to Wallet
  • The 30 Second
Gregg Webb24 Aug 2014$12.00

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Audacious 2 by Abhinav Bothra
Audacious 2

Stop your pulse, Plant thoughts, Influence Choices and Demonstrate the most impossible coincidence.

Asystole - A one of a kind Impromptu pulse stopping effect where your palm can be face-up all the time with nothing covering it.

Note: If you

Abhinav Bothra24 Aug 2014$15.00

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Pockethereal by Jon Racherbaumer

As a plot, Cards Across is fairly simple and direct. It's a transition effect where a number of cards - usually three - magically travel from one packet to another. There are methods that use gimmicked cards, others use purely sleight-of-hand.


Jon Racherbaumer22 Aug 2014$10.00

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Quick Deck Switch by Steve Pellegrino
Quick Deck Switch

This is a secret weapon Steve has been using for two decades. The Quick Switch gimmick will allow you to easily switch a deck of cards at any time during your performance. He has used it to switch a regular deck with a stacked deck in the middle of a set
Steve Pellegrino22 Aug 2014$12.95

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The Book That Burns In Hell by Gregg Webb
The Book That Burns In Hell

    Chapter 1:

  • Blinded Deluxe
  • Comedy Mental
  • New Experimental Grip for Webb's False Count with Coins
  • A Handling Variation of the L'Homme Masque Load
  • New Shamanism

    Chapter 2:

  • Leaf Rejuvination
  • Bubble-Pop Corn
  • Tierra Del Fuego Leather
Gregg Webb19 Aug 2014$12.00

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Lucky 13 by David Devlin
Lucky 13

A blue backed deck is shown. A card is removed, and placed aside. The deck is spread face down. It is seen that all of the cards have blue backs, except for one card which has a red back. Two cards are now very randomly chosen, and their values are added
David Devlin19 Aug 2014$6.00

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The Visitation by David Devlin
The Visitation

This came about thanks to Larry Jennings' classic effect, "The Visitor". David has always loved that effect. It is impromptu, there is no setup, a borrowed deck can be used, and the effect is stunning. One day, David was playing with the routine, and
David Devlin19 Aug 2014$6.00

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Fired Thoughts by Pablo Amirá
Fired Thoughts

A matchbox that contains a burnt piece of paper. Your participant decision, his imagination and a great precognition moment.

That's Fired Thoughts!

You will learn a simple and practical routine and a special DIY prop that you can use for several

Pablo Amirá19 Aug 2014$9.00

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Psychic Mysteries by Robert A. Nelson
Psychic Mysteries

Impromptu mental mysteries for the psychic entertainer. This is an updated version of the original.

From the introduction by B. W. McCarron:

Psychic Mysteries is one of Nelson's earliest works. Original copies are as rare as the proverbial hen's
Robert A. Nelson18 Aug 2014$9.95

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Stop Fooling Us! by Wesley James
Stop Fooling Us!

The Wesley James Magic Castle Lecture

Not everyone will immediately recognize the name Wesley James. Those in the know will. For many years Mr. James has been an underground secret. During his many years as a professional he refused to lecture for

Wesley James17 Aug 2014$25.00

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iDPS: Inverse Diagonal Palm Shift by David Walsh
iDPS: Inverse Diagonal Palm Shift

The quite difficult Diagonal Palm Shift has been described in the famous The Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase. Here David has created an even more deceptive variation which has the advantage that it can be done from a standard dealers grip, the
David Walsh16 Aug 2014$2.00

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Ken Brooke Cups and Balls Routine by Cameron Francis
Ken Brooke Cups and Balls Routine

Here you have a unique cups and balls routine created by Ken Brooke, using just three cups and three balls with a surprising climax: The production of a fruit or vegetable. This routine is not difficult to do and is performed by Cameron Francis as
Cameron Francis13 Aug 2014$10.00

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