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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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    Name? by Jon M    Phone Mysteries & Mimosa by Gerard Zitta    Simplex Card To Box by Klaud    Merkbuch by Charly Eperny    Impossible Motorcycle Appearance by Rupesh Thakur    The Magic of Marconick by Marconick    5 More Miracles with 5 ESP Cards by Pablo Amirá    The Secret Out by W. H. Cremer    Chemical Magic by V. E. Johnson    Hoax Issue 3 by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi    Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! by Dale A. Hildebrandt    Triumphal Color by Klaud    Empty Multiple Out Envelope by Scott Creasey    Real Linked by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)    Subtrunk by Rupesh Thakur    Tip-Over Trunk by Rupesh Thakur    Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. VII: Cartomagia by Salvatore Cimo    Weather Your Way by Devin Knight    Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen by B. W. McCarron    Flea Business by Troy Murphie    Shadow Box by Rupesh Thakur    Deceptive Base by Rupesh Thakur    Killing Classics 2 by Jozsef Kovacs    Melange by Gregg Webb    Clearly Mental by B. W. McCarron    Pabular: 10 effects from volume 5 by Cameron Francis    Club 71: 10 effects from volume 3 by Cameron Francis    The Junx by Gran'Pa Chet    Self-Publishing: Immortality on a Budget by Tom Stone    4 Most by Peter Duffie    The Curious Case of Jack the Ripper, Conan Doyle and Houdini by Paul Voodini    Negative Arm by Dale A. Hildebrandt    Secret of Touching Cobras - Without Getting Bitten by Devin Knight & Al Mann    Sandwich Pass by Raymonde Crow    Double Whammy by Ray Noble    TCAAN by Pablo Amirá    Working Nine To Five For Gilbreath by Art Vanderlay    Finger Burn by Gerard Zitta    Double Fatality by Raphaël Czaja    Manipulation with Cards by Peki    The Voodini Steps to Mentalism by Paul Voodini    Yubble Drig 1 by Troy Murphie    The Solomon Question by Nicholas Wanstall    Five Kinks by Ian Baxter    Lost Luggage and the Close Up Cabaret by Scott Creasey    Manipulation Balls Lecture by Peki    Obscure Marlo by Paul A. Lelekis    Visual ACR by Klaud    Jumbo Poker Tells by Devin Knight    Six Lessons in Crystal Gazing by Robert A. Nelson
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Name? by Jon M

Name? is an approach to mind reading that is so clean, very simple and very easy to do that you will want to try it right away.

Imagine this...

A spectator is invited to stage, and asked to think of a name. They record their thought on a single

Jon M20 Apr 2015$30.00

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Phone Mysteries & Mimosa by Gerard Zitta
Phone Mysteries & Mimosa

It is impossible nowadays to be a magician or mentalist and not perform an effect with a phone, smartphone, ipad, laptop, etc. It is also perfectly justifiable to use it as a prediction, as an out, a cueing system, a cribsheet, a storyboard, etc.


Gerard Zitta19 Apr 2015$40.00

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Simplex Card To Box by Klaud
Simplex Card To Box

The easiest way to do card to box!

Klaud's Simplex Card to Box teaches you a way to do the classic card to box without palming, 100% impromptu, just intelligent routining. Any card selected (can be signed!) Your spectator will even HEAR when the

Klaud19 Apr 2015$5.00

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Merkbuch by Charly Eperny

Dies ist ein digitales Faximile des persöhnlichen Merkbuches von Charly Eperny vom Jahre 1961. Wärend dieser Zeit lebte Eperny in Wien. In mehr als 250 Seiten mit handschriftlichen Aufzeichnungen in Wort und Bild finden sie die schönsten und verwunderlichsten
Charly Eperny19 Apr 2015$35.00

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Impossible Motorcycle Appearance by Rupesh Thakur
Impossible Motorcycle Appearance

The effect: Imagine this ....

Two large blocks are rolled on stage. Two people from the audience get some cans of spray-paint and paint their names on these blocks. The blocks are placed in the center of the stage. A large folding screen is roiled

Rupesh Thakur19 Apr 2015$14.00

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The Magic of Marconick by Marconick
The Magic of Marconick

Here Marconick demonstrates many of his signature pieces with silk and some billiard ball manipulation, rope magic and cigarette magic.
  • Silks vanish from cage ball.
  • Four billiard balls from silk.
  • Two purple silks are knotted on a rope. A third
Marconick19 Apr 2015$6.00

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5 More Miracles with 5 ESP Cards by Pablo Amirá
5 More Miracles with 5 ESP Cards

In a world where everything becomes complicated, it's good to become a minimalist, enjoy the simple things and obviously perform Mentalism miracles with just 5 ESP cards.

Follow the legacy of 5 Miracles with 5 ESP cards, 5 MORE Miracles with

Pablo Amirá18 Apr 2015$28.00

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The Secret Out by W. H. Cremer
The Secret Out

There is quite some confusion about this book, because there are American editions and British editions, some only with card magic, others with additional chapters on cups and balls and other non-card magic effects. The book we have reproduced was printed
W. H. Cremer15 Apr 2015$7.00

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Chemical Magic by V. E. Johnson
Chemical Magic

This ebook describes a host of chemical experiments which can be presented as magic tricks or surprising science experiments. It is a reproduction of an old book and therefore some of these experiments require exotic chemicals, some of which are toxic
V. E. Johnson15 Apr 2015$4.00

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Hoax Issue 3 by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi
Hoax Issue 3

Special John Guastaferro issue. John took his time answering questions we asked and also chose to give readers a little treat by explaining two amazing tricks. Also featured are Cameron Francis, Vikas Bhadola and Sapan Joshi.


  1. Color
Antariksh P. Singh &
Waseem &
Sapan Joshi
15 Apr 2015$5.00

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! by Dale A. Hildebrandt
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! is a small collection of routines and effects from the published works of Dale A. Hildebrandt. From the eBook Triceratops comes "Baking Soda and Vinegar", an Oil and Water-themed effect; as well as "Devilish Plus"; which
Dale A. Hildebrandt14 Apr 2015$8.99

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Triumphal Color by Klaud
Triumphal Color

Klaud's Triumphal Color is a new approach to the "Triumph + Color Changing Deck" routine that allows you a very easy setup (no gimmicks) to create wonderful moments of magic.

Your spectator selects one card, the deck is shuffled face up/face down,

Klaud12 Apr 2015$5.00

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Empty Multiple Out Envelope by Scott Creasey
Empty Multiple Out Envelope

In this 40 minute instant download video Scott explains and demonstrates how to manufacture the Empty Multiple Out Envelope, a utility device he has been using in both his close up and stand up performances for years.

If you can use a pair of scissors,

Scott Creasey12 Apr 2015$29.00

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Real Linked by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)
Real Linked

Link any signed playing card with itself.
  • Spectator selects any playing card (no force)
  • You tear out two frames and link the frames together
  • The card can be signed
  • The spectator can keep the card as a souvenir after you unlink them
  • No preparation
Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)12 Apr 2015$9.00

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Subtrunk by Rupesh Thakur

How to build your own Subtrunk or Metamorphosis.


  • The history of Metamorphosis
  • Houdini's Substitution Trunk
  • Parts required
  • Dimensions
  • Step by step: framework, making the box
  • Trap: toptrap, backtrap
  • Performance
These instructions
Rupesh Thakur12 Apr 2015$14.00

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Tip-Over Trunk by Rupesh Thakur
Tip-Over Trunk

Build your own Tip-Over Trunk.


  • Effect
  • Secret
  • Sizes and parts required
  • Step by step
  • Examples of theming
  • Trolley
  • Pushbar
  • Inside
These instructions are for magicians who want to build their own illusions. Clear 3D drawings
Rupesh Thakur12 Apr 2015$14.00

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Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. VII: Cartomagia by Salvatore Cimo
Enciclopedia dell'Illusionismo vol. VII: Cartomagia

CARTOMAGIA è il settimo volume della collana, composto da 358 pagine. In questo volume sono descritti effetti con le carte da gioco che non richiedono particolare abilità e che, dunque, sono alla portata di tutti: effetti con carte contrassegnate, carte
Salvatore Cimo12 Apr 2015$12.00

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Weather Your Way by Devin Knight
Weather Your Way

One of the most visual and comical mental effects you will find. Invite three people to help you. These are not stooges and there has been no pre-show work.

Mentalist states that the two most talked about things among strangers are the weather and

Devin Knight7 Apr 2015$9.95

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Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen by B. W. McCarron
Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen

Professional mediums, corporate espionage experts, and unfriendly governments all have something in common. They want information: yours!

Protect yourself from the secrets of professional data thieves and along the way, you'll begin thinking of way

B. W. McCarron5 Apr 2015$6.00

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Flea Business by Troy Murphie
Flea Business

Would you like to perform a flea circus act, but can't think of any ideas or patter to build a descent routine? Look no further! The info in this flea-book will get you off on the right foot, and best of all, it won't break the blood bank. Even if you
Troy Murphie5 Apr 2015$15.00

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