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Our philosophy is to provide a very limited number of valuable ads to our customers. You will never see us blaster all our pages with random ads. We welcome your request to place an ad on our site, but we will be selective and in some cases will reject offers, which we feel do not serve our customers.


Our current per month traffic statistics are: 1 million page views and 80,000 unique visitors. The trend in both visitors and page views, as well as other metrics, is a steady increase in the popularity of our website. Our newsletter goes out to over 8000 recipients. Our newsletter is double opt-in with all bouncing and over-quota addresses removed weekly.

We service a wide selection of customers from around the world. Their interest ranges from magic (mentalism, sleight-of-hand, illusions, card tricks), gambling (poker, black jack, roulette) and games (chess, bridge) as well as memory development, math and puzzles.

If you have any further questions or if you would like to order an ad please contact us.

We accept the following forms of advertisements

  • Ads in our text-only newsletter: Ad can be up to 5 lines of 60 characters long. One showing of the ad in our weekly newsletter is $300. This newsletter is read by more than 8000 subscribers each week.

  • Ads on our website: We accept banner ads, and in-context text links. Banner images must be static. We do not allow any form of animation.

    • Category full banner (486 x 60 pixels): The banner is placed next to or above category heading. $500/month or $5000/year.

      ad example for category page placement

    • Publisher leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels): The leaderboard is placed on the top of the listing of all products by a particular publisher. $300/month or $3000/year.

      ad example for publisher page placement

    • Author leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels): The leaderboard is placed on the top of the listing of all products by a particular author. $300/month or $3000/year.

      ad example for author page placement

    • In-context text links: Any word or phrase on our website can be linked to your website. Link on a product page is $100/month or $1000/year. (A product page URL has a -p- before the product ID.) Link on any other page except home page is $300/month or $3000/year. Link on homepage is $1000/month or $10,000/year.

  • Add ebook cover to featured ebooks

    • Featured Ebooks on right hand side: Your ebook cover will be added to the handful of ebooks in the 'Featured Ebooks' box. This box is always present on the right hand side. $300/month or $3000/year.

    • Random insertion of cover on the very top: Here the ebook cover is shown in the header image randomly choosen out of a handful of titles. $300/month or $3000/year.
We are open to other advertisement proposals. Please get in touch with us to discuss details.
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