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(Benny) Ben Harris

(Benny) Ben Harris

Ben Harris has been inventing magic tricks since the late 1970's.

His most famous invention, Cosmosis: The Original Floating Match (1986) is one of magic's most popular effects. It is also one of the most ripped-off tricks in modern history as any search on the internet will prove. As the author of dozens of books, manuscripts and lecture notes on the art (as well as 40 plus individual tricks), Harris has toured, lectured and performed in over 30 countries. He has created magic for the world's leading magicians and for the Disney Company. He is currently preparing his new book The Lost Art Of Metal Bending for the magic market, a novel (trilogy: Occam's Phaser, The Pickled Man, Half Past Then) and a screenplay. He is also directing the BackStory Project.

Ben regularly completes artwork for the Paul Harris Presents, and Real Secrets teams. He has designed hundreds of DVD packs and trick sets for the world's leading magic distributor: Murphy's Magic Supplies. With over 30 years experience in publishing for the magic industry, projects have included work for Max Maven, Paul Harris, Jay Sankey, David Harkey, Daryl, Joshua Jay, Joel Givens, Steve Shufton, David Blaine, Richard Sanders and too many more to name.


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