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Psychokinetic Plastic by Bill Montana
Psychokinetic Plastic

The basic effect is a piece of plastic bends under the power of the human mind.

Psychokinetic Plastic is a fun and exciting effect that may be accomplished by the performer or the performers audiences.

Easy to do and simple to make. You probably

Bill Montana10 Jan 2015$18.00

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Coffee Black by Bill Montana
Coffee Black

This manuscript contains a couple of Bill Montana's previously obscure works.

The Attraction of Money
A US bank note starts to raise from the table as if it is attracted to the performer. This does not use strings or threads but I will tell you

Bill Montana1 Jan 2015$50.00

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Ceromancy by Bill Montana

Ceromancy is a divination system using melting wax that is poured into cold water so that the shapes the wax forms can be interpreted. This is a great psychic reading system for the mentalist that is looking to expand his knowledge base or looking for
Bill Montana1 Jan 2015$25.00

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The Secret History of the Seance by Bill Montana
The Secret History of the Seance

Simply put The Secret History of the Seance is a dark true tale of what really went down in the early days of the séance and spiritualism and not the lies you have been told. Based on personal experiences. This work is not for everyone. That said if
Bill Montana7 Dec 2014$50.00

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Floating Stone by Bill Montana
Floating Stone

"If I were to ask you if you have ever seen a stone float in water your answer would be No. Because, as you and I both know that stones sink in water."

This work deals with Hindu and other world mythology where you will learn how to float a stone upon

Bill Montana7 Dec 2014$50.00

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Audio Psi by Bill Montana
Audio Psi

Audio Psi is a manuscript of instructions that teach the user how to build a voice responsive Psi Wheel that is also highly responsive to movement that may occur in the performance venue. Audio Psi is very different than others as it can react to the
Bill Montana6 Dec 2014$25.00

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The Lotus Flower by Bill Montana
The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is a self opening paper apparatus in the form of a flower that will open by itself in a very magical way. Based on an origami form that is hundreds of years old although it was never used in magic before so its a fresh new apparatus
Bill Montana6 Dec 2014$9.99

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Seeing the Light by Bill Montana
Seeing the Light

Warning: When using any of the information contained herein, one must use caution and respect. This information has the power to change a person's life. Heed this warning or you will surely pay for your misuse of this effect.

You must be at least

Bill Montana7 Jan 2010$19.95

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