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Body Tricks

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by Stephen Ablett
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Body Tricks by Stephen Ablett

Body Tricks is an expanded collection of over 100 magical effects, tricks and stunts using the human body (No-props required). Learn how to remove your own thumb, grow an extra finger and make it grow in size. Twist your head all the way around and levitate in mid-air. Over 200 full color photographs detailing step by step instructions for each effect.

For me this is the ultimate in impromptu. No preparation, no props, just your body. Once you have learned a few of these effects you will never have an excuse not to perform a trick because you 'forgot your pack of cards'. These tricks are great to entertain children or to burn the time waiting for the food to arrive in a restaurant. Several of these effects are very strong, some are more of the party game type, but all are fun and entertaining.

This ebook was originally compiled as a resource of tricks for those rare occasions when you are asked to perform, but have no props to hand. It was also utilized to compile a complete stage show on a cruise-ship, when the suitcase with the props in it went missing! It consist of close-up, cabaret and stage effects.

[If you prefer a video over an ebook then check out Body Tricks (Video).]

1st edition 2006; 2nd edition 2007; 182 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introductions
  2. Tricks with your Thumb
  3. Tricks with your Fingers
  4. Tricks with your Hands
  5. Tricks with the Arms
  6. Tricks with your Nose
  7. Tricks with your Eyes
  1. Tricks with your Legs
  2. Tricks of the Mind
  3. Tricks of Strength
  4. Tricks with other Body Parts
  5. Party Games
  6. Jokes
  7. After Thought
Some of the effects you will learn are:

Moving Thumb
You remove your thumb from your hand and show it to the audience, before restoring it back to normal.

Restrained Thumb
The spectator is shown that they can manoeuvre their thumb into their palm with ease. The magician then makes one small change, and suddenly the spectator can no-longer move their thumb as they could before.

Stretching Thumb
You apparently make your thumb stretch to double its size.

Thumb Off
The magician pinches his thumb and wiggles it. Upon which, he pulls it off his hand and drags across his own finger. Moments later, he returns it to the stump where it magically restores itself.

The magician is sucking his finger, when suddenly he bites down with his teeth and tears his hand away from his mouth; showing the finger is missing! He swallows the finger and allows it to pass through his body before it re-appears on the hand.

Extra Finger Lock
You and your spectator interlock your fingers. However you seem to have a spare finger left over, while they do not.

Finger Crack
You apparently snap your fingers with a loud crack, and yet come to no harm. You then move on to snap the spectator’s fingers!

Finger Stretch
The first finger physically grows in size, in full view of the spectator, and clearly shown in comparison to the other fingers around it. It is then pushed back in, and returned to normal.

Finger Test
You can make your fingers touch, however the spectator will fail.

Finger through Cheek
You take your finger and stab it through your cheek into your mouth. You then remove your finger and show the cheek is restored.

Finger through Tie
You take your finger and push it through your spectators tie tearing a hole through it. You then drag it out, ripping it. However you give it a little rub and it is magically restores.

Magnetic Fingers
The spectator’s fingers are drawn together, as if being pulled together with magnets.

Miscommunication Fingers
After interlocking the spectator’s finger, you tell them to move the right finger, but instead they move the left. This happens a few times until you say the magic words, and miraculously they are now able to move the correct finger.

Missing Mid-Finger
You apparently pull your index finger off the hand, before restoring it.

Ring Finger Bond
The fingers of the spectator are positioned touching each other. You instruct that this is a lie-detector test. As you ask a question, they are to respond by separating a set of fingers. However when you ask the embarrassing question, they are unable to separate the fingers, exposing them at an embarrassing truth!

Telescopic Finger
The left-pinky finger is shown the audience. The right hand then pinches the finger, and seemingly it sinks into the hand. Both sides of the hand are shown. Moments later it is pulled back up into position.

Three Finger Monte
The magician displays all four fingers on his hand. He shakes it for a moment, and suddenly it turns to three fingers. He then shakes the hand in the opposite direction, and the finger returns.

Vanishing Pinky
You make your pinkie finger disappear. Displaying both sides of the hand, to prove it has vanished before returning it.

Fist Fight
The spectator is told to put both hands into a fist, and press them down together so they become practically impossible to move. Another spectator is told to push the hands apart with his one finger on each hand, which he fails to do. The magician gives the second spectator super-strength, and on their second attempt, the hands come apart easily.

Hands Turn Up
The Magician and spectator(s) all cross their hands, and interlock their fingers the exact same way. On the count of three, they attempt to rotate their hands. However only the magician can perform this, the spectators are all stuck.

Hand-Snap Backwards
The magician holds out his hand, his fingers outstretched. After a moment, his hand snaps backwards against the side of his arm, breaking every bone in his wrist. Moments later, it magically returns to normal.

Locked Hands Test
The spectators all lock their hands together, and at the magicians command they become stuck. However he clicks his fingers, and suddenly they magically break free.

Spectators Arm Twist
Lifting up the spectators arm, you twist their arm around in an unnatural fashion.

Twisting Arm Illusion
You ask a spectator to copy your actions. Both of you place your hands palm down on the table and begin to turn them in a clockwise direction. The spectator is unable to turn his hand more than part way, but you continue turning your hand in a full circle!

Two Left Hands
The magician shows that he has two left hands.

Bloody Murder
A number of spectators are chosen to participate in a murder. The magician closes his eyes and turns away. He instructs the spectators to choose one person to be the victim, and one person to be the murderer. The murderer is to take an imaginary knife and to stab it into the back of the victims head several times. He is told to twist the knife, and carve out a section of the brain. After a bit of this, the victim is instructed to lie on the ground, and play dead. The murderer is to hide among the other spectators. The magician now turns around and says that he can tell a murderer by examining his or hers fingerprints. He instructs all the spectators to hold their hands out in front of them. The magician looks at the hands, and is able to identify the murderer.

Arm in the Hat
The magician reaches into his hat looking for the rabbit, but he reaches so far that his entire arm goes into the incredibly small hat. Moments later, he pulls the entire arm out of the hat. Miraculously!

The spectator lifts their right arms out to the side, up in the air. The magician shows that he can lower the hand just by pushing on it. He then mutters the magic words, and turns the spectator into a strongman. Upon which, he is unable to push the hand down, due to their new found strength

Forever Falling
The spectator seems to fall through the floor.

Growing Arm
You visually make your arm grow in size, in full view of the spectator.

Hercules Arm
The spectator places his hand on his waist, and the magician uses all his might to lift the hand, but fails. He then puts a magic spell over the spectator, upon which, he is able to lift the hand right of the waist without any trouble.

How Many Hands
The magician places his hands on the arm of the spectator who is told to close his eyes. The spectator is asked to state how many hands are on his arm. In reply, they are adamant that there are two hands there, although the performer has since removed one. In performance, he can use this extra hand to touch him, pick his pocket or move objects without him knowing about it.

Idol Hands
The magician is able to take control of the volunteers hand and force it to move at his command.

Not In-Sync
Your arms or the spectator’s arms seem to move by themselves!

The spectators arm is extremely strong, and cannot be pushed down, but after one slight change with the foot, they drop like a feather.

Rising Arms
The spectator’s arms rise uncontrollable into the air!

Shrinking Arm
You find the nearest wall and extend both arms, so that your fingertips can just touch the wall. You then rub your elbow on one arm, with the other hand, and upon reaching for the wall again you find that the arm has shrunk in size and can no-longer touch the wall, when the other arm still can.

Time Test
The magician removes his watch, and shows an imprint of the watch on his wrist. He says that his arm and watch have a connection, and that even though they might be apart, they still feel connected. You give the watch to a spectator and ask another spectator to call out any hour they like. The spectator with the watch then sets the time for that time. The magician then holds out his arm again and we watch the chosen hour slowly appear in blood red over the arm of the magician.

Break Your Nose
You hold your nose, and apparently snap it, creating a loud crack noise.

I’ve Got Your Nose!
The nose is removed from a child's face, shown to them and then magically restored.

Bite in your hand
A bite hold is seen in your hand, as if it were bitten away!

Floating Sixth Finger
A floating sausage appears before your very eyes!

Hole in the Hand
A hole suddenly appears in the hand, which looks like a gunshot. You can even see through the hole to items in the foreground.

See-through Finger
You make your finger semi-transparent, and even see-through.

Shrunk finger
Your finger shrinks in size as it passes around your arm.

Stuck Eyes
Supposedly hypnotizing your guest, you prevent them from opening their eyes for as long as you wish, when ready, you release them from the trance, returning them to their ordinary condition.

Heavy Legs
Ask a volunteer to sit on the edge of a chair, upon which ask them ‘without moving your back or your arms, try to lift your knees of the ground for 2 seconds’. They will find it impossible to do!

Legs through the Floor
The spectator’s legs merge into the floor.

Shoe Levitation
With this levitation, the magician faces away from the spectator, and on command, rises of the ground by a few inches, clearly showing both shoes off the ground. He then lowers himself, and everything can be examined.

Soul-less Levitation
The magician stands face-to-face with the spectator. The spectator is asked to hold her hands in front of her, and the magician places his hands over her wrists, supposedly draining the magic energy from her body. He then rises into the air, right in front of her, before returning to the ground and walking away.

The spectator is unable to stand-up, from sitting in the chair.

Stuck Foot
You stop the spectator from lifting their foot.

Toe Levitation
The magician raises his arms up by his sides and slowly appears to rise a few inches off the ground before returning to earth.

Tootsy Levitation
The magician removes his jacket, and places it over his shoes, with the toes protruding underneath the bottom of the jacket. Suddenly both feet leave the ground and the magician is seen to levitate several inches above the ground. The feet return to the floor, upon which the jacket is put back on, and the magician walks away.

Card Transmitter
The magician transmits a playing card into the spectator’s head that matches his earlier prediction.

Spirit Taps
After the spectator witnesses you place two fingers, one from each hand over their eyes, they are greeted by a spirit who touches the shoulder of the spectator.

Spirit Touch
The spectator closes their eyes, and after a few moments, feels a spirit touch them on the shoulder a few times. Upon opening them, they see that the magician is far away and they are alone away from anyone. They are asked how many times they were touched, and it is the same as the audience wanted.

Thought Transmitter
The magician holds out one of his hands, and displays all 5 fingers. He tells the spectator that he has predicted which finger they are about to choose, and has marked the back of that finger with a cross. He is about to transmit a number into their head, he does so, and asks then to shout out the first number they think off. They then count together that number of fingers to that number selected. When they stop, they are resting on the predicted finger.

Group Levitation
A spectator is chosen and asked to sit in a chair. Four volunteers are invited to try and lift the person using just their fingers, which they are unable to do. The magician says the magic words as removes his weight. The volunteers then try to lift the person again, only this time he jumps straight up, as though he were as light as a feather.

Stiff All Over
The magician turns a volunteer into a rigid metal rod, which is proven by balancing them across the edge of two chairs, which is the first miracle. Sitting upon him, and standing upon him, and yet his rigid figure does not change.

Superhuman Strength Test
The magician is able to show superhuman strength, stronger than that of twenty men!

Unliftable Body
You hold your arms at your sides and have two people grasp your forearms - one person on each side. On the count of three, they lift you in the air. It's easy. Then, you have them try it again. However this time, they can't lift you.

Dead or Alive
You invite your spectator to check you pulse, and count the each pulse as it happens. At your command, you stop your own pulse, turning into the living dead. Once they are convinced that you should be dead, you click your fingers and your pulse returns.

Neck Breaker
You grab the bottom of your head, and twist your head. A loud crack is heard creating an eerie sensation that something has just broken.
word count: 33945 which is equivalent to 135 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Michael Kras
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]   Date Added: Saturday 29 December, 2012

Do not purchase this ebook. The author is clearly not a man of ethics as many items in the book have been stolen without permission, including my Airstep Levitation which is explained in full and not even credited to me.

Support ethics in magic by buying anything but this.

Reviewed by Phill Smith
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]   Date Added: Tuesday 14 August, 2007

I was expecting a mixed bag of effects, obviously I know I'm going to have seen most of these before. However, this ebook features typo and error riddled text, abysmally simple 'tricks', (like pulling your hands into your sleeves to make them vanish) and published effects by other magicians which are included with absolutely no crediting to the originator at all... what a great disappointment.

Reviewed by John Smith
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]   Date Added: Monday 04 September, 2006

I love this stuff. Its simple but gets an amazing response. There are hundreds of photographs, clearly detailing each part of the trick. Its in step by step format and is very practical. I was performing tricks within minutes of reading them.

The author has taken many old tricks like the thumb-off-hand trick, and polished them so that they are more angle proof and get better responses.

He has also devised lots of new ones, including two incredibly powerful mind reading effects (with no props!), which are superb in so many ways.

Definitely a great book which I strongly recommend to everyone from magicians, hypnotist, psychics or even simply for children to entertain them.

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