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Club 71: 2003

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by Geoff Maltby
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Club 71: 2003 by Geoff Maltby

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Issue 139
  • Geoff's News and Reviews
  • Magical Diary, Who, What, Where and When
  • Barrie Richardson's Final Ecstasy
  • Michael Factor tells how to tell your trade marks from your other ones
  • Paul Hallas with the simplest of collectors
  • Letters. Have your say by post or e-mail
  • AliCardAbra's Lubbly Bubbly Wand
  • Arun Bonerjee addresses Symbolism
  • Soumya Deb steals a dove
  • Alan Ward vanishes the lady the easy way
  • Werner Miller's Mysteries with cyclical courts
  • Competition Send your original material and maybe win a prize
  • Peter Duffie is miraculously impossible
  • Rex Stott reviews the 2002 Magi Cruise to the Caribbean
  • Steve Burton says
  • Unclassified ads. Bring, buy or swop
  • Ian Adair with colouriffic - not for the children
  • Peter Kane unexpectedly aces
  • Malolm Yaffe punchlines the method
  • Henrique attends Julien and Vici's wedding and goes to a love fest in Berlin!
  • Eddie Dawes looks at the magic journals
  • T.V. And Walt doesn't believe it
  • Jim Breedon's pen is impossible to stop, courtesy Fred Lowe
  • John Rhodes surveys all of the magic in the non magical press

Issue 140
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Jim Breedon's magic pen back again with a timely gold hunter
  • Competition results. Are you a winner?
  • Ian Adair asks where have all the flowers gone?
  • Arun Bonerjee detects extrasensory lies
  • Peter Duffie changes over quicker
  • JJ works for nothing - almost!
  • Collectors Comer and Eddie Dawes considers the late Dr Morris Young
  • Unclassified ads. Sell, buy or swop, for free
  • Malcolm Yaffe is the shape of things to hum
  • Alan Ward, Ah yes he remembers it well.
  • Ali Cardabra is forever bouncing bubbles
  • Barrie Richardson proves that everyone's a winner
  • Brand new competition, get your entry in now
  • Henrique covers eggs, Woolies and goldfish
  • Ananta Deb Banerjee plays in the sand
  • What's happening in and around the magic clubs
  • Dr. Michael Factor explains the true position in law regarding bookers videoing your show
  • Magical Society Reports
  • Walt Lees surveys the televisual horizon
  • The brothers Chadhury neck and neck tie
  • John Rhodes rounds up all the magical news in the lay press

Issue 141
  • News and views with Geoff Maltby
  • Ian Adair with a liquid Plume
  • Bob Ostin with a new series based upon his sensational QE2 lectures
  • Arun Bonerjee digitizes colours
  • Stephen Tucker starts a new series modestly entitled Miracles
  • Henrique with more tales of woe
  • Peter Duffie suggests that Here We Go
  • Kennedy Smith with the tenth symbol
  • TV Magic, Walt reviews the recent spate of magic on the magic box
  • Werner Miller visits an escort agency in Austria
  • Alan Ward Howls all the way to be frank
  • Magical Diary, who, what, where and when
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the magical press
  • Ali Cardabra continues his series with more bouncing bubbles
  • JJ tries to establish whether it was a thread or a magnet
  • Jim Breedon fills a vacuum
  • Competition details. How to enter
  • Basic Card Technique This month we consider Stevens's other shuffle
  • Malcolm Yaffe is not convinced that fair is fair enough
  • Unclassified ads Sell buy or exchange
  • John Rhodes with all the magical news in the British lay press

Issue 142
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Arun Bonerjee with a Star Date, or should that be a Planet Suite?
  • Paul Hallas offers his KIS Coin routine
  • David J Brown interviews Jeff McBride
  • Watch Peter Kane's Expanding card display
  • Air in the Hats. A new series by Mel Moore
  • Stephen Tucker's Miracles focus on the Berglas Effect
  • Eddie Dawes collects info on the Milkman's Wallet, a library without books and the Collector's day
  • Ian Adair's first class stamp collection
  • Ali Cardabra produces an instant puppet
  • Jim Breedon's Magic Pen writes of boxes of rings and things
  • Phil Goldstein's Symboligarchy
  • Werner Miller with yet more cupidity
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, Sell or announce for free
  • Soumya Deb has a bit of spare cash for us
  • Competition, your chance for riches and fame
  • Basic Card technique continues with The Ascanio Spread
  • Alan Ward with a mental puzzle
  • Peter Duffie combines his luck
  • Henrique on the subject of good looks in old age
  • Walt is watching the box again
  • Malcolm Yaffe gets a headache
  • John Rhodes rounds up all of the magic to be found in the lay press

Issue 143
  • Geoff reviews the news
  • Bob Ostin goes on holiday and gets his eyes tested in a subliminal way
  • Mel Moore gets all aerated about 'is 'at
  • Eddie Dawes tells us what we missed in the other magical press
  • Jim Breedon shows how Fred Lowes chain goes
  • Tuck in to more marvellous Tucker miracles
  • Pete Kane with a ropy card trick
  • Can Ian Adair dare chance a star prize
  • Ali Cardabra can cut a balloon - and then restore the rest
  • Peter Duffie faces up to the cards
  • Brickbats, bouquets and suggestions
  • Lee Thompson is interviewed by Alex Kocan
  • Barrie Richardson demonstrates Prof. Willmarth's eye-popper
  • Magical event diary and society news
  • Henrique has a problem when a lady immigration officer gets a bit personal
  • Alan Ward has a problem when five over the eight
  • Competition details of your chance for fame and untold wealth!
  • Malcolm Yaffe switches in, and out, then shakes it all about
  • Werner Miller shows how Michael Mouse decks the cards
  • John Rhodes presses on with local magic in the lay local press

Issue 144
  • Magic News with Geoff
  • Ian Adair with politically incorrect doings with sheep
  • Barrie Richardson creates a great impression with his book
  • Jim Breedon ultimately assembles his aces
  • Stephen Tucker continues his home spun philosophies on miracles and abominations
  • Malcolm Yaffe potters about and attempts to save a snitch in the nick of time
  • Alan Ward turns it round and upside down and turns the meaning inside out
  • Walt watches the box
  • Peter Duffie triples his humdinger
  • Pete Kane does a mono three shell game
  • Unclassified ads: Buy, sell, exchange and announce
  • Magical event diary
  • Your letters, brickbats, bouquets and suggestions in a heavy postbag this month
  • Phil Goldstein with a little Planetration
  • Alex Kocan interviews Alex Crow
  • News from around the magical societies
  • Bob Ostin is 'Gone'
  • Mel Moore airs his hats
  • Basic Card technique offers the Ascanio count according to Fred
  • Henrique airs his views for all to see
  • John Rhodes with masses of magic from the lay Press around the country

Issue 145
  • All the news about the place with Geoff
  • Club and Society dinners, dos and doings
  • Magic in the Adair way with a prediction for the grownups rather than the children
  • Barrie Richardson lives in a double billet or is that a billet-doux
  • Bob Ostin is fit and well despite a bandinage about his personage
  • Shock Horror! Ali Cardabra exposes his balls on silk
  • Al Smith returns to our pages both on the offensive and with a vengence
  • Werner Miller makes out with the Ace of Clubs
  • Hello Sailors! What did you miss on this year's magic cruise?
  • Letters from readers Brickbats, Bouquets and Variations on ideas previously published
  • Eddie Dawes' scholarly collecting column blows the dust off of things Teutonic and then ogles Germanic female straight jacket escapees on rollerscates
  • Competition Your chance for fame and fortune
  • Peter Duffie with a card trick
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy Sell Swop or Exchange
  • Gypsy Card Miracle from Arun Bonerjee in India
  • Malcolm Yaffe contends that the tricks are not important
  • Stephen Tucker's Miracles - where he considers the clever use of a penny and a bit of knicker elastic
  • John Rhodes winds up with a look at the magic news in the non magical press

Issue 146
  • News and Reviews with Geoff Maltby
  • Jim Breedon on fees and cards in bottles
  • Society Diary Is your magic club in the news?
  • Malcolm Yaffe exposes himself with a cutaway
  • Ian Adair proves that everyone is a winner this month
  • Ali Cardabra changes the colour of his wand
  • Ali Bongo in conversation with Alex Kocan
  • Letters page What's your view?
  • Peter Kane is up and under
  • Eddie Dawes looks at the other magical press
  • Peter Duffie with a pictorial ratification
  • Vic Bridle on his personal volition
  • Mel Moore contres up a dinosaur, possibly to be disguised as a dragon
  • Werner Miller sets up his tripod
  • Al Smith asks just who is offended
  • News of the current competition. Fame and fortune could be coming your way!
  • Stephen Tucker's miracle this month is a toss-up between the greengrocer's and the sweet shop
  • Alan Ward has a vision of Jesus Christ
  • Chris Wardle's number is up when he divines the devil
  • Henrique on all things magical, musical and mechanically marvellous
  • This month Michael Factor teaches how to turn lead into Gold - but FOR REAL!
  • John Rhodes with the magic in the lay press
  • Unclassified adverts - buy, sell, swop or trade

Issue 147
  • News about the magic scene with Geoff Maltby
  • Walt Lees reviews the Tommy Cooper Tribute show
  • Diary of upcoming magical events around the country
  • Magical Society reports
  • Ian Adair mentaly crystallises his paddle, but magically
  • Ali Cardabra vanishes his salt pot latexley
  • Alex Kocan digs the Mud nicely
  • Eddie Dawes looks at a book worm serpentinely
  • Barrie Ricardson riffles the sexiest woman in the room
  • Henrique describes children truthfully
  • Letters. Your chance to get it of your chest, or were ever it may be
  • Competition - fame and riches beyond your wildest imaginings
  • Bob Ostin mysteriously dies greenly
  • Al Smith writes on the offensive, but not really offensively
  • Chris Wardle walks around with his book test
  • Cluedunnit? asks Martin Pierce
  • Our very own ace magician Peter Kane with poor wild blues and poor wild card
  • Buy, Sell or Swop, or just bang the drum, easily
  • Jim Breedon has a drink for us all Cheers Jim!
  • Malcolm Yaffe becomes repetitive
  • Stephen Tucker with a guest miracle
  • The Ascanio Spread according to the gospel of Brother John Hammon
  • John Rhodes with all the lay magical news

Issue 148
  • News with Geoff
  • Henrique Is in trouble with H M Customs and Excise, again!
  • Michael Factor defines miracles past and present
  • Letters your chance to have your say
  • Malcolm Yaffe stages a fright keeping his zone friendly and comfortable
  • Unclassified ads Buy sell or swop at no charge
  • Arun Bonerjee sees a rat and predicts it
  • Basic Card Technique Part 50 - Walt Lees counts his buckles
  • Peter Kane with a clever force by just rolling over
  • Martin Peirce counts other people's money
  • Euan Bingham visits the Travellers
  • Ian Adair pips with eye popping bunnies
  • Ian Ward presents a mathematical Black Star
  • Werner Miller works wonders and not a pair of diamonds in sight
  • Peter Duffie is not Impromptu
  • Soumya Deb with an alternative knife suspension
  • Jim Breedon, Will Ayling and the incredible power of the sixth stone
  • Competition details. Do you have a miracle to share with our readers?
  • Magic event diary. Is you club on the map?
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up the other magical press
  • Stephen Tucker asserts miracles
  • John Rhodes majors on the labours of Blaine
  • Al Smith rounds off this issue with another offensive peep through his rear view window

Issue 149
  • Geoff's News and Reviews
  • Our very own Henrique works hard and yet unfortunately is fee free
  • Malcolm Yaffe still doing the same five bloody tricks
  • Letters page Sound off on the important (and unimportant) matters of the magical day
  • Jim Breedon with competitions and a crock of gold
  • Magical Diary. Is your magic Club on the map?
  • Ian Adair with a different card box
  • Ali Cardabra with last century's balloons
  • Stephen Tucker's Miracles miraculously turn anagramatical
  • Jerry Christensen in thoughtful reflection
  • Werner Miller forces down under
  • Prize competition details for all readers
  • Alan Ward fires off a sidewinder missile
  • Barrie Richardson with body language and eggs
  • Phil Goldstein dies easy
  • Peter Kane holds his drink
  • Peter Duffie scotches the four gatherers
  • Basic card sleights - the push off count
  • Eddie Dawes chronicles the collectors' seminar at British Ring Southport
  • Lorraine Francis starts off in magic
  • John Rhodes with all the magic in the lay press
  • Al Smith closes this issue, tells it how he sees it and castigates the exposers

Issue 150
  • News and Reviews conducted by Geoff Maltby
  • Henrique's Dewdrops with a sort of writers' union
  • Magic Society events diary. Is your club here?
  • Walt reviews the latest telly offerings and exposures
  • Alan Ward mirrors infinity
  • Malcolm Yaffe is over egging the Christmas pudding
  • Werner Millers' Mysteries with Austrian outgrowth and piercing
  • Les and Martin Peirce combine forces together with the four aces
  • David Hemingway with his own routine for Patrick Page's Cord-a-Cup
  • Ali Cardabra suffers from Deflation
  • Peter Duffie finds it can be lucky for sum
  • Competition. Fame and fortune await you
  • Barrie Richardson ascends the Devil's Peek
  • ChiKanery and Peter Kane uses four decks in a Casino memory feat
  • Stephen Tucker serves up a brace of bracelets
  • Ian Adair with Present Laughter
  • Ken Parsons examines a nightmare brought about by Stephen Tucker
  • Basic Card Technique continues with the Paul Hallas method for the Elmsley Count
  • Eric and Muriel Sharp help a local lad make good
  • Mandy Davis reports on the annual Junior day
  • Eddie Dawes with a round up of the magical press
  • John Rhodes rounds up the lay press
  • Al Smith' rounds up this issue and this year with a thoughtful allusion to magic and Delia Smith!

word count: 313831 which is equivalent to 1255 standard pages of text
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