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A Few Principles and Deceptions for Card Magic

Erivan Vazquez

A Few Principles and Deceptions for Card Magic by Erivan VazquezAfter more than one year and a half of planning, programming and thinking over and over about details, my third release is here. For this occasion, I'm sharing with you three effects along with some really cool phone applications. These are the effects found in the ebook:

THE PERFECT LOCATION: You place a red card as a prediction in a blue deck. A spectator selects a freely chosen card from the same blue deck and replaces it in a random position of his choice. The deck is divided into two and you take cards simultaneously from each packet. When you get to your prediction card (the red card),...

2017 / 5 / 12

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Two Packs Are Better Than One

Erivan Vazquez

Two Packs Are Better Than One by Erivan VazquezYou will get two wonderful effects which are almost self-working because all the things you do seem so natural and imperceptible. The effects will require almost no effort on your part. These are effects that require nothing more than a good presentation and to be able to use your sense of touch. That's it! You don't need more than that because the clever thinking behind the principles that make the effects work every time will do all the work for you and also you can use the patter given for each of the effects.

The following effects are described:

Influential Coincidence: A spectator...

2015 / 6 / 26

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The Cards Will Back You Up

Erivan Vazquez

The Cards Will Back You Up by Erivan VazquezWith this trick you will be able to read your spectator's mind and also to see through the cards just as if you had X-Ray eyes.
  • You never know the spectator's card
  • You never look at the faces of the cards after the selection has been made
  • Self-working
  • Works every time without failing
EFFECT: You show a well shuffled deck of cards, but just to make sure that there is not any type of arrangement, both you and your spectator shuffle it more. He gets half of the deck and you take the other half. When everyone is satisfied that the deck is really mixed, the deck is assembled. You now ask...
2014 / 6 / 29

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Pages:  1 
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