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Bestsellers overall
1.Grant's Illusion Secrets
Grant's Illusion Secrets by Ulysses Frederick Grantbest seller

2.The Royal Road to Card Magic
The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard & Fred Brauebest seller

3.202 Methods of Forcing
202 Methods of Forcing by Ted Annemannbest seller

4.Practical Mental Effects
Practical Mental Effects by Ted Annemannbest seller

5.The Jinx
The Jinx by Ted Annemannbest seller

6.Expert Card Technique
Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard & Fred Brauebest seller

7.Gems of Mental Magic
Gems of Mental Magic by John Brown Cook & Arthur Buckleybest seller

8.How to Develop a Perfect Memory
How to Develop a Perfect Memory by Dominic O'Brienbest seller

9.Tarbell Course
Tarbell Course by Harlan Tarbellbest seller

Free Ebooks

Free Magic Ebooks

Faromania by Mats Kjellstrom
This is a list of references to all things Faro Shuffle. Download Faromania (~1.3 MByte).

Winning Products Sampler Ben Harris
If you create, design, manufacture or retail products for the magic market you will find a lifetime of experience in this ebook. Download Winning Products Sampler (~3.6 MByte).

Everything I know about Marketing Magic Preview Maxwell Murphy
This is the first chapter from Maxwell's ebook Everything I know about Marketing Magic. Any creator, producer, manufacturer and retailer of magic should read this insightful ebook. Download Marketing Magic Preview (~1.1 MByte).

In Black and White John Gelasi
A collection of three great close-up card pieces. "Change for Three Jokers": A novel "Wild Card" effect where three Jokers change into the mates of a selection one-by-one, concluding with the production of the selection itself. "R.B. Mix": A simplisitc but effective "Oil and Water" routine with just 4 cards, but lots of magical moments. "Waver": Nick Trost's classic "Eight Card Brainwave" taken to a new level. Download In Black and White (~0.5 MByte).

An Introduction to Mentalism Craig Browning
Written by Craig Browning for the sake of educating those curious about the art of mentalism as it pertains to the world of theatrical magic. Download An Introduction to Mentalism (~2.1 MByte).

Double Magazine Issue 2 Kyle MacNeill
It includes an interview with legend Peter Duffie, a trick from Kyle himself, a trick from David Devlin, a short review of the Blackpool Magic Convention 2011, a review of High Spots by Caleb Wiles and a competition. Download Double Magazine Issue 2 (~1.4 MByte).

Fink by Kyle MacNeill
The VISUAL appearnce of a thought-of word that will knock your sox off! Just click the download button below and add this wonderful effect to your set now. Young Kyle MacNeill has been forging a reputation for himself as a clever and enthusiastic card magician. At just 14 years of age, his approach and dedication to our art is so heart-warming. Here is a young man who cares about the details, the history, and the integrity of our art. I was amazed to receive this application of Fandango from Kyle. It firmly displays an understanding of our craft far beyond his meager years. With people like Kyle, the future is in good hands. EFFECT: A spectator initials a business card and then writes ANY WORD on it. The card is left face down, the performer not knowing the "thought-of" word. From a deck of playing cards, a card is FREELY selected and signed. It is then left in the middle of the deck. The performer takes an indifferent card and draws a "Thought Bubble" on its back. This card is left face down on the table. Two queens are removed from the deck and the "Thought Bubble" card is sandwiched between them. With a gentle shake, the word that the spectator secretly wrote on the business card appears WITHIN THE THOUGHT BUBBLE. It just APPEARS OUT OF THE BLUE! It's a stunning moment, and so unexpected. But, there’s more. Two more climaxes follow: 1. The secretly written word is shown to have now VANISHED from the initialed business card. 2. The "Bubble Card" that now contains the signed word is turned over and is found to be the spectators signed, selected, card! Based on Luke Dancy's GRAB, Ben Harris' FANDANGO and THROUGH THE UNIVERSE BACKWARDS, this effect is a killer. A brief description of FANDANGO is included so you have EVERYTHING you need to perform this right away. Download Fink (~1.3 MByte).

4 Most by Peter Duffie
This is an ebook with four lovely card effects put together by Peter Duffie. We have converted it into our HTML & PDF formats. This is a good ebook to check out and see how many of our other ebooks look like. If you can read the HTML version in your web browser and the PDF version with your AcrobatReader, you are good to go for our other ebooks. Download 4 Most (~0.1 MByte; make sure to extract the zip file before viewing the ebook).

Tarbell Course sample by Harlan Tarbell    ⇒ Tarbell Course full ebook
This is lesson 9 of the original Tarbell Course from the 1920s as PDF. The Tarbell Course is without a doubt the most recommended and most purchased magic book in history. The only recent contendor to this position is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi. Download Tarbell Course sample (~0.3 MByte).

Card College 1 sample by Roberto Giobbi    ⇒ Card College 1 full ebook
This is the chapter on the glide from Card College 1 as HTML. It includes two video clips. Card College is the ultimate resource for any card magician from the bloody beginner to the seasoned veteran. Download Card College 1 sample (~10.4 MByte; make sure to extract the zip file before viewing the ebook).

Card College 2 sample by Roberto Giobbi    ⇒ Card College 2 full ebook
This is the chapter on the double lift, part 2 as HTML. Volume 2 of Card College has a wonderful detailed chapter on theory. Download Card College 2 sample (~4 MByte; make sure to extract the zip file before viewing the ebook).

Hugard's Magic Monthly sample    ⇒ Hugard's Magic Monthly full ebook
This is issue no. 5 of volume 2 as a searchable PDF_facsimile. For close-up magic, Hugard's is one of the best magazines published. Many of the top performers during that time submitted articles. Download Hugard's Magic Monthly sample (~5 MByte).

The Sphinx sample    ⇒ Digital Sphinx full ebook
This is issue number 1 from volume 48 as a searchable PDF_facsimile. The Sphinx is probably overall the greatest magic magazine ever published. Download The Sphinx sample (~12.2 MByte).

Self-Publishing by Tom Stone
If you want to learn more about how to write your own ebook, then download the shareware ebook Self-Publishing (~4 MByte) by Tom Stone. This is specifically written for magicians but many of the desktop publishing techniques taught are valuable for any other genre you want to write for. Tom Stone is a top performer and very creative. His advice is excellent. You can download his ebook for free. And if you like it send Tom $5. Instructions on how to do that are in the ebook.

Junx by Gran'pa Chet
A Jinx parody. Junx (~0.1 MByte)

Sticky Trip by Matthew Leatherbarrow.
Effect: The magic-man reaches into his pocket and removes one solitary playing card say for example, the Ace of Diamonds. Draw on the back of this playing card is a rudimentary stickman. The performer goes on to explain that “the stickman lives on this card, the Ace of Diamonds is his home”, as this is explained the card is shown clearly on both sides. The performer then goes on to say “like all other people, Mr Stickman likes to go on holiday”. With one quick shake the stickman drawing disappears from the back of the Ace of Diamonds which is then placed facedown on the table. The deck of cards is fanned face-up and the performer states “select a destination for Mr Stickman”. Any card is then selected from the face-up deck and when the card is turned facedown the stickman image is seen to be drawn on its back. The performer then states “but Mr Stickman will always go home after his vacation” with this, the back of the selected card is rubbed against the face of the previously tabled Ace of Diamonds (home). When the cards are separated it is seen that the stickman has somehow magically travelled from the back of the selected card to the face of the Ace of Diamonds. The two cards may be thoroughly examined; finally the Ace of Diamonds with Mr Stickman is put back into the performers\’ pocket. The audience have indeed witnessed a sticky trip. Sticky Trip (~0.3 MByte)

Almost Perfect Card Prediciton by Pablo Amirá.
Place a card on the table. Then have a spectator freely name any card. The card on the table matches the named card. Almost Perfect Card Prediction (~0.3 MByte)

BackStory by Ben Harris.
Ben Harris has decided to digitize his entire creative magic output. This PDF will give you an overview of what is to come. BackStory (~2.3 MByte)

Perpetual Calendar by Scott Cram
If you've learned the classic Day of the Week For Any Date feat, as taught in sources such as the Roth Memory Course, The Magic of Memory, Train Your Brain and Entertain and Zufall's Memory Trix, you already know how useful a perpetual calendar can be for verification of the date. Now, you can have a compact perpetual calendar as close as your iPod, iPhone, PDA or cell phone that easily allows you to access any date in any year from 1800 through 2199!
"But wait," I can hear you say, "Don't iPods, iPhones, PDAs and most cell phones already have built-in calendars?" Yes, they do. However, most of these calendars are intended for appointments, and only handle recent dates well. Often, if you're trying to look up a date farther back than a few months ago, these calendars access these dates in an agonizingly slow manner, if you can access them at all. For example my Palm III can only access dates ranging from 1904 to 2031. Even on my PC I can only access dates from 1980 to 2099.
This perpetual calendar is in the form of 176 JPEG files, that can be loaded onto any iPod, iPhone, PDA or cell phone that can handle images*. The first 8 images constitute an index that shows which calendars (denoted with the letters A through N) correspond to which years. The remaining 168 images show the months, from "January A" through "December N".
(* Note: The images are 360 by 270 pixels each, and they may be difficult to read on iPod nanos, as well as PDAs and cell phones with smaller screens.)
Perpetual Calendar Images

Free Videos

Magic Keynote: Dreams by Dave Arch.
These are portions from Dave Arch's magic keynote where he uses several of the effects taught in his "Tricks for Trainers" series. Magic Keynote: Dreams (~493 MByte)

Free Audio and Audio-books in MP3

Magic Enhancer Explanation    ⇒ Magic Enhancer list of MP3s
The Magic Enhancer CD is a cool product which will help you create a professional show. We offer at track packages to allow you to pick and choose what you want. This explanation track also gives you an idea about the main voice featured in many tracks. Download Magic Enhancer 1: Explanation (~3.9 MByte). You can find all the track packages and other MP3 files in the section Magic/-Audio-

Magic Enhancer 2    ⇒ Magic Enhancer 2
This intro track gives you an idea about the main speaker voice. Download Magic Enhancer 2: Introduction (~3.5 MByte).

Memoirs of Robert-Houdin Chapter 1    ⇒ Memoirs of Robert-Houdin full ebook
We are experimenting with audio-books. Not all, but some of the ebooks we offer would make great audio-books. With the popularity of iPods and other MP3 players it becomes very convenient to listen to audio-books. Please let us know which ebooks you would like to see as audio-books. Download Chapter 1 (~2.5 MByte).

Day for Date practice files
If you are practicing a 'day for a date' system you should take a look at these ( audio files which allow you to practice your system. You hear first a date, then a pause, and then the weekday. And if you use your random shuffle on your iPod you can walk around and practice at the same time. It will not tell you how to do it but it is a great practicing tool. (If you prefer a practicing software then check out ForeDate.)

Free Games

Empire from Good Game Studios
Please note that the game worlds for browser/desktop and tablet/app are different and you cannot move your account from one to the other. Keep this in mind before you delve into the game. If you start playing it on your desktop you cannot access it on your tablet and vice versa, unless you use a flash enabled browser on your tablet, which is really slow and certain things will not work such as left/right scrolling of the world map.

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Free Software

Werner Miller developed a neat little software to help magicians analyse certain card tricks, modify them and potentially even invent new card tricks. This software simulates shuffling procedures as well as cutting a deck, reverse counting, elimination, etc. You will need to be familiar with "Faro Shuffle", "Reverse Faro", "Monge Shuffle" a.s.o. to meaningfully use this software. The software comes free of charge and with no warranties, guarantees or support. It was tested on Windows XP but should run on other Windows varieties. No installation necessary. Just unzip and run the executable. We have an English Version and a German Version available. Try it out. Very useful if you are into creating your own card effects.

Birthday Square
This windows software constructs a 5x5 magic square for any given age from 4-99. The age will occupy the center square and the sum of the square will be the birth year. Birthday Square

Free Articles

Pros and Cons of Ebooks
This article describes the various features and differences of books and ebooks and discusses likely future developments. Download Pros and Cons of Ebooks.

Why Why Ebooks?
Dustin Stinett, reviewer at Genii magazine and frequent poster at the Genii forum, writes about his thoughts and feelings on ebooks and Download Why Why Ebooks?.

What are the best magic books for beginners?
I focus on the areas of cards, coins, mentalism, theory and general references. Download What are the best magic books for beginners?.

How to make your own custom playing cards?
Ray Haddad wrote for GeMiNi, the now defunct Joe Stevens and Pat Hennessy BBS system, a fine article on a process he uses to make custom playing cards. Custom Cards Made Easy.

Article about in MIT Sloan News
Download News at MIT Sloan.

Free Chess Ebooks

There are some really good free online chess resources. See below for the ones we have found particulary helpful. Recent publications are typically not free and you can find the best in our chess ebook category.

Chess Zone is a great website where you can find among many other things free chess ebooks in PDF and DJUV format.

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