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Cheating, Scams & Protection

You might think that at a friendly game with your friends or at a professional tournament there is no cheating. Well, think twice, cheating takes place in all kinds of games. It is crucial that you at least know the basic threats of how you can be cheated and how to spot and counter them. If you gamble for a living, you better become a specialist on cheating. The ebooks in this category will tell you all you need and prepare you to not be the mark and the sucker the cheaters steal money from.

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    Monte Carlo by Anonymous    How Psychics Locate Missing People by Devin Knight    Carnival Games Exposed by Stephen Ablett    How To Sell Bridges: a book of dirty tricks and bamboozlers by David Devlin    Gambling Card Sharps: How to Beat a Cheater by Scott Edward Lane    Blue Book 1960 by KC Card Co    Catch 33: Three Card Monte by Lee Asher    The Manual of The Three Shell Game by Eddie Joseph    The Modern Con Man by Todd Robbins    How to Cheat at Cards by Daniel Madison    The Con: How Scams Work, Why You're Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself by James Munton & Jelita McLeod    Card Sharpers by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & William John Hilliar    Secrets of Gambling by Hugh Miller    The Score: playing card marking system by Daniel Madison    The Telephone Booth Indian by A. J. Liebling    How Gamblers Win - Secrets of Advantage Playing by Gerritt M. Evans    Three Card Monte by Audley V. Walsh & John Scarne    Scarne on Dice by John Scarne    Cheating at Hold'em by David Malek    The Reformed Gambler by Jonathan H. Green    Sharps and Flats by John Nevil Maskelyne    Mysterien des Kartenspiels by Arthur Toskana    Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol    20 Years a Fakir by S. James Weldon    The Rich Uncle from Fiji by M. P. Adams    The Right Way To Do Wrong by Harry Houdini    The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase

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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo by AnonymousThis manual exposes cheating at gambling of all kinds including more than 100 methods of rigged machines, tables, dice, marked cards, sleight of hand and more.

From the preface:

The lack of knowledge on any one subject is not ignorance. You may be the smartest lawyer, the most brilliant doctor, a captain of finance, an intelligent banker, an educated scholar, and a gentleman in every walk of life, and still be a sucker in a poker game on an ocean liner with three other seeming gentlemen.

You would not go into a dynamite works or laboratory where they manufacture and compound dynamite,...

Anonymous13 Feb 2016$6.00

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How Psychics Locate Missing People

How Psychics Locate Missing People by Devin KnightThis is an exposure of a psychic scam being worked today that is almost foolproof. The unusual thing about this scam is that the sucker in most cases never realizes he was conned. Therefore he never reports the psychic to the authorities and the psychic can operate in the same area for years with immunity!

Millions of people go missing each year and many unscrupulous psychics and mediums claim they can find these people for a FEE.

This is an exposure of a scam that was worked on the author in his younger years. It shows step-by-step how the psychic makes it appear that he has found the...

Devin Knight24 Nov 2015$10.00

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Carnival Games Exposed

Carnival Games Exposed by Stephen AblettHave you ever wanted to win that stuffed toy at the fair? Would you like to impress that special someone with your skills? This ebook contains the secrets to many of the most popular carnival, midway and arcade games, along with advice on how to beat them. From the Basketball Toss to Hoopla. Cover the Spot to High Striker. The answers are all here!

The ebook is 68 pages, colour throughout with pictures for every game. It also includes five pages of construction tips for building the games.

1st edition 2015, 68 pages.

Stephen Ablett20 Aug 2015$10.00

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How To Sell Bridges: a book of dirty tricks and bamboozlers

How To Sell Bridges: a book of dirty tricks and bamboozlers by David DevlinWhen David Devlin was in high school he never had a job. Not a summer job, not a part-time job, no nothin'. All of his friends did, but not David. That is not to say that he never had money. He always had plenty of cash in his wallet. He never stole money. He earned it. But how can this be if David did not have a job of any kind? The fact is that he scammed and hustled it from the friends who had jobs.

If you love scams, hustles, cons, bar betchyas, flim-flam, stings, snow jobs, bamboozles, chicanery, shams, fixes, baloney, and other dirty tricks then this book is for YOU!

In this eBook,...

David Devlin20 Jun 2015$15.00

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Gambling Card Sharps: How to Beat a Cheater

Gambling Card Sharps: How to Beat a Cheater by Scott Edward LaneThis is a highly sophisticated work on gambling and cheating with cards. The author, Scott Edward Lane, is not only an expert card handler but also an engineer by profession. You will find formulas, flow charts, and graphs which you will not usually find in similar books on this subject. In that sense it is a unique work written by an expert for experts.

This ebook details mnemonics as applied to card sharping, Lane System for Calculated Cuts, Utility Holding Positions, Impromptu Systems to Cull and Stock, Strategic Communications Management, Utilizing Secret Accomplices, Cull and Stock Error...

Scott Edward Lane14 Jun 2015$24.95

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Blue Book 1960

Blue Book 1960 by KC Card CoJust 15 years after WWII, life was good. As the world rebuilt itself, prosperity reigned. Returning soldiers who needed an outlet to keep their competitive edge found what they were looking for in gambling. Neighborhood poker games, back-alley craps, and illegal casinos were everywhere if you knew where to look. Grifters followed the money trail, too, and not all of them relied on skill. Many used devices such as holdouts, shiners, gaffed cards and crooked dice to ensure that they fleeced the lambs just as surely as if the marks openly handed their cash to the swindler.

Catering to the demand...

KC Card Co27 Apr 2015$8.00

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Catch 33: Three Card Monte

Catch 33: Three Card Monte by Lee Asher
"Much more than a mere gambling expose, Catch 33 is almost an act in itself! Twenty-first Century magic needs more brains like yours." - Guy G.
3 cards. 2 of them lose. 1 wins.

"..simple! "... Or so your audience thinks.

Each time he plays the game with you, your spectator falls into subtle traps you've set. He receives an authentic lesson on the con game that is not a game at all. Using beautifully choreographed sequences, you continually manipulate your spectator into choosing the wrong card. He just can't help himself.

Perform this routine surrounded; at a restaurant, trade show,...

Lee Asher23 Jun 2013$19.95

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The Manual of The Three Shell Game

The Manual of The Three Shell Game by Eddie JosephThis is one of the best explanations of the Three Shell Game or Thimble Rig including 24 moves and 3 full routines. Jack Lamonte has drawn 86 clear illustrations to make studying the moves and routines a lot easier.

From the introduction

The Shell Game is essentially a close-up effect. It has no appeal, we admit, beyond the intimate range, but when demonstrated within its rightful sphere it commands a peculiar fascination.

1st edition 1959, 30 pages; 1st digital edition 2013, 49 pages.

Eddie Joseph4 May 2013$10.00

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The Modern Con Man

The Modern Con Man by Todd RobbinsWhether it's winning $50 on a bar bet, scoring seats closer to the fifty-yard line, or finagling a free meal, The Modern Con Man ensures that aspiring low-risk grifters will always come out on top. Filled with humorous facts and tables, a glossary of con terms, illustrations, the history of the con, and easy-to-follow swindles, this is the perfect gift for the hidden flim-flam artist in your life.
Todd Robbins7 Jun 2012$11.99

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How to Cheat at Cards

How to Cheat at Cards by Daniel MadisonAn insight into the mind, mechanics and devilry of a card cheat.
"...It was 13 years ago today when I almost lost my life cheating at cards, and what more poignant a day to release a book on the subject. It is a hope that How to Cheat at Cards will be one of my final publications on deception with playing cards. The book began in 1995 as The Card Cheat Handbook and as it offers no new light on card table artifice, it always remained in my private journals. As I dedicate more and more time to other obsessions in the deceptive practices, I am inevitably moving slowly away from the small branch...
Daniel Madison15 Jan 2012$28.00

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The Con: How Scams Work, Why You're Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself

The Con: How Scams Work, Why You're Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself by James Munton & Jelita McLeodNo one thinks it can happen to them, but Americans are 40 times more likely to be defrauded than to have their cars stolen or their homes burgled. Con artists ruin people financially and emotionally, leaving in their wake a trail of destruction, broken hearts, and deflated dreams.

The first step to combating fraud is to understand it. What do scams look like? Why are they effective? The next step is to take action. How can we protect ourselves and our families?

The Con: How Scams Work, Why You're Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself informs and engages with accessible stories of ordinary...

James Munton &
Jelita McLeod
10 Oct 2011$24.99

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Card Sharpers

Card Sharpers by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & William John HilliarSubtitled: Their tricks exposed or the art of always winning

Translated from the French of Robert-Houdin by William J. Hilliar. Robert-Houdin wrote this book primarily as an expose to reduce the number of people being cheated. He writes in his preface: "Enlighten the dupes and there will be no more cheats."

1st edition 1903; original 201 pages; PDF 145

Table of Contents



  3. A Dangerous Teacher
  4. CHAPTER I: The Modern Greeks
  5. CHAPTER II: The Greek Of The Fashionable World
  6. CHAPTER III: The Greek Of The Middle Class
  7. CHAPTER IV: The Greek...
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin &
William John Hilliar
26 Aug 2011$7.00

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Secrets of Gambling

Secrets of Gambling by Hugh MillerThis is a great book on the secrets of how to cheat with cards and dice at many popular games - a guide to dishonest gambling. It offers a good overview of the various methods from mechanical cheating methods to sleight of hand.

1st edition 1970, original 128 pages; PDF 82 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cheating at cards
  3. Mechanical Methods: marking cards, sorts, deck switches, edge marking, daub, punch/nail marks
  4. Strippers: types of strippers, Vernon's "Bathroom Strippers"
  5. Locaters: short, corner shorts, thick cards, long cards, ridge/breather crimps
  6. Holdouts:...
Hugh Miller10 May 2011$12.00

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The Score: playing card marking system

The Score: playing card marking system by Daniel MadisonThe Score is an ebook that teaches a special playing card marking system inspired by a concept probably as old as playing cards. The system has been re-thought and re-mastered by Daniel Madison with help from sleight of hand junkie Randall Freeman and a retired card cheat who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Score markings system teaches you how to mark any deck of cards that has a white border, such as standard Bicycle Rider backs, Mandolines and Bee Stingers - we'd list all of those decks here but there are far too many to mention!

The Score is a minimalistic system; two simple tiny marks...

Daniel Madison21 Sep 2010$15.00

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The Telephone Booth Indian

The Telephone Booth Indian by A. J. LieblingA classic work on Broadway sharpers, grifters, and con men by the late, great New Yorker journalist A. J. Liebling.

Often referred to as 'Liebling lowlife pieces,' the essays in The Telephone Booth Indian boisterously celebrate raffishness. A. J. Liebling appreciated a good scam and knew how to cultivate the scammers. Telephone Booth Indians (entrepreneurs so impecunious that they conduct business from telephone booths in the lobbies of New York City office buildings) and a host of other petty nomads of Broadway - with names like Marty the Clutch and Count de Pennies - are the protagonists in...

A. J. Liebling13 Dec 2008$19.00

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How Gamblers Win - Secrets of Advantage Playing

How Gamblers Win - Secrets of Advantage Playing by Gerritt M. EvansThis is a pre-Erdnase description of moves and ruses to cheat at the card table by an unnamed 'retired professional'. However, Bart Whaley's research revealed that this retired professional was Gerrit M. Evans, that his real name was most likely Edward M. Grandin and that Evans/Grandin was not a professional gambler. (Bart is working on an upcoming book about Evans - The Mysterious Gambler.)

This ebook was created from the 1868 edition. There is also an earlier 1865 edition. The 1868 faked edition drops the name of the author who is, of course, Evans/Grandin, pretends that the "anonymous" author is a...

Gerritt M. Evans13 Mar 2008$8.00

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Three Card Monte

Three Card Monte by Audley V. Walsh & John ScarneThis is a treatise on the sucker effects of the Three Card Monte. It starts with an intro by Nate Leipzig, includes a definition of gambling terms and goes on to explain moves, routines and schemes to work the Three Card Monte. John Scarne was a master in performing and demonstrating this sucker effect. Learn everything about it in this digital reproduction, either to be aware of the various ways this can be played and thus be protected, or to learn to perform it for entertainment purposes.

1st edition ~1930s, 42 pages.
Audley V. Walsh &
John Scarne
10 Jan 2008$5.00

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Scarne on Dice

Scarne on Dice by John ScarneThis is probably the most important work John Scarne wrote. It is complete and authoritative. In this revised edition John provides the reader with a complete look at the world of dice, including for the first time an insider's view of how dice games are played at the Atlantic City casinos.

Scarne covers the history of modern dice and their earliest uses in games, and then analyzes the mathematics behind gambling to give players a solid foundation in odds and percentages. The most popular forms of dice games are then studied in detail. Bank Craps Las Vegas style gets full treatment with coverage...
John Scarne13 Sep 2007$12.00

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Cheating at Hold'em

Cheating at Hold'em by David Malek

How to Protect Yourself from Being Scammed at the Card Table
"Cheating at Hold'em" is not a cliché exposé. "Cheating at Hold'em" is a course in protective strategy. "Cheating at Hold'em" will provide you with all the knowledge needed to become an expert in game protection and enable you to participate in any and all Hold'em games without fear of being cheated.

The top professional poker players are all conversant with the card cheater's ploys. No one can become a top professional Hold'em player without knowing how card cheaters take insurmountable advantages.

The information contained...

David Malek18 Nov 2005$29.95

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The Reformed Gambler

The Reformed Gambler by Jonathan H. GreenThis book is one of the classic books in gambling. It is an autobiography and describes Jonathan Green's conversion from a gambler to an exposer and teacher.

Among others it exposes: game of thimbles; diamond cut diamond, or the gentleman's game; Dead open and shut; church gambling; five aces beaten; lotteries; post office game; pound cake, or ring game; the preacher and the gambler; grab loo.

It commences by showing how he became a gambler - why he resolved to reform - destruction of his gambling instruments - he makes restitution - the question of reformation - his conversion - unites with...

Jonathan H. Green5 Sep 2005$19.50

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