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Jerry Andrus

Jerry Andrus

(Sheridan, Wyoming: 1918 - 26th August 2007)

Interested at age 12 seeing performance of a reformed spiritualist medium. Joined the International Society of Junior Magicians at age 16. Mentor of Ray Hyman, Loren Pankratz, etc. Lecturer. Noted for his sleight-of-hand skill and work on optical illusions.

Invented the Linking Pins (1954, his version), Panoramic Shift (by 1955), and Paradox Box. 1979 AMA Best Lecturer. 1988 AMA Creative Fellowship.

Wrote one book, Andrus Deals You In (1956 [sic], 190pp), and several booklets, including Safety Pin-Trix (1955, 70pp), Andrus Deals Again (1957, 6pp), Up Close with Andrus (1957, 9pp), Sleeving from the Deck (1961, 18pp), Sleightly Miraculous (1961, 15pp), The Miser's Miracle (1961, 19pp); Steals and Palms (1961, 34pp), Kurious Kards (1973). Tricks in Hugard's Magic Monthly, New Directions, and Onyx.

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Accusteal by Jerry AndrusA barehanded production of a steel ball bearing. A professional lesson in concealment.

Jerry Andrus only taught and performed tricks he created himself. In that sense he was a purist, a one of a kind magic creator. Here he teaches simple but wonderful

Jerry Andrus21 Jul 2009$6.00

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Miser's Miracle

Miser's Miracle by Jerry AndrusWatch and learn Jerry's masterpiece of coin magic. Four silver dollars are produced one at a time, first from between two freely chosen cards, and the last two coins from a single playing card which is torn smaller and smaller.

There are no difficult

Jerry Andrus19 Jul 2009$6.00

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