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Ken Brooke

Ken Brooke

(Yorkshire, England: 3rd November 1920 - 26th February 1983)

Inspired by uncle Walter. Learned at age 7 or 8 from a magic set. Pro street pitchman of magic. Aka "Paul Kelvin" at time he joined British Ring in 1948. Working for Alan Milan's theatrical costume shop in Bradford c1947 when he introduced a magic counter. When in 1948 Milan sold to him (with Paul Veroni as backer) it became the Veroni House of Magic. Then on own in Bradford as the "Ken Brooke Magic Shop" 1951, which soon went bankrupt. Moved to London with Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio 1952-65 as manager-demonstrator. Then again on own as dealer (the Ken Brooke Magic Place) from 1966 until 1982 when a stroke forced a sale to Paul Stone.

A teacher of Janet Clare. 1975 AMA Special Fellowship. 1981 AMA Performing Fellowship. Died in London. Invented Squircle (1952).

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Visions of Ken Brooke by Ken Brooke
Visions of Ken Brooke

On this download DVD are countless Ken Brooke movies showing him demonstrating and performing some of his classic routines together with many effects from Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio in London ... but best of all ....

Patrick Page

Ken Brooke31 May 2009$30.00

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