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L. M. Ollie

L.M. Ollie is a Canadian-born Kiwi living in New Zealand with her husband Frank and assorted animals. Her daughter Alicia is a student at the University of Auckland.

Ollie's first novel On the "Trail of King Richard III" is considered to be "the most concise and historically accurate rendering of the life and times of King Richard III currently in print in fiction". Virtually all the action takes place in the U.K.

Her second, "Creatures of the Chase" is now a quartet: Richard, Yusuf, Mikail and Sarah. These novels are set in various locations but mostly in Boston Massachusetts, Southern Ireland and Morocco. Each book is a gripping and compelling story of lust, wealth and the abuse of power, populated by characters that will both fascinate and appal.

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Life & Death In an American Harem

Life & Death In an American Harem by L. M. OllieBased on true events which took place in the early 60's, this is a story that confirms the truth of the adage "Be careful what you wish for".

Determined to leave behind a life of poverty, Lizzie Lambert dreamt of becoming a high-class call girl, "just like Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8" — beautiful apartment, lovely clothes, dripping in furs and jewels. It was a dream typical of a young girl who has nothing. But as everyone knows a true courtesan is discreet, intelligent and well-educated in a wide variety of special skills and that takes time and dedication.

Lizzie was just sixteen when she...

L. M. Ollie11 Nov 2013$2.99

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Creatures of the Chase - Yusuf

Creatures of the Chase - Yusuf by L. M. OllieLegally she was Sarah Develin Capritzo but very few people knew the truth. It really didn't matter since both Sarah's husbands were dead; the first of a heart attack; the second ... well,
he was murdered. That's a truth too and no one knew it better than Sarah herself since she was the one who killed him. Twenty-one years of age with two young sons, she was mistress of Cavendish Hall and fabulously wealthy. The thought of marrying again never occurred to her
until she met Yusuf Nessim Sarquazi under extraordinary circumstances; circumstances as extraordinary as he was and the country he called home...
L. M. Ollie26 Nov 2011$6.99

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Creatures of the Chase - Mikail

Creatures of the Chase - Mikail by L. M. OllieMikail Roshan Housani was a man who always got what he wanted and he had no qualms whatsoever about using abduction, rape and murder to achieve his goal which isn't surprising because he was a past master of all three and a practicing psychopath.

What he wanted now was Mrs Develin Capritzo Sarquazi Rose – Sarah and her children but it had to be accomplished before she returned to Morocco and the gathering of the Benghazi. And there was another matter; the elimination of Sarah's current husband. Housani's plan was simple. Once widowed and in his charge he would force Sarah into marriage, gain...

L. M. Ollie14 Apr 2011$6.99

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On the Trail of King Richard III

On the Trail of King Richard III by L. M. OllieEvery age has its heroes, and its villains. Richard III, King of England (1483-1485) was a villain, a monster perhaps, but that's Shakespeare's version, sourced from documents which were either pro-Tudor or blatantly anti-York; the War of the Roses -- The Continuation. But, was he so very evil? Not according to a small group of enthusiastic individuals called Ricardians who seek to have the truth told. The central character of this work of fiction - Laura Kempe - is determined to undertake her own investigation, using a combination of common sense, instinct and more than a touch of ESP. She...
L. M. Ollie24 Feb 2011$9.95

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Thirteen at Dinner

Thirteen at Dinner by L. M. OllieAdapted for the stage from the novel On the Trail of King Richard III by L.M. Ollie, this play deals with the consequences of obsession; the enemy of rational thought. The dinner brings together an eclectic ensemble of individuals including several members of the Richard III Society. Dedicated to an almost mythical image of this 15th century monarch, these individuals are forced to confront contentious issues never before discussed while mourning the passing, early that day, of one of their own. The action takes place in the private functions room of the New Black Horse Inn, Market Bosworth...
L. M. Ollie16 Feb 2011$0.99

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