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Luke Jermay

(March 7th, 1985 - )

Luke Jermay was raised in a small city just outside of London, England. Jermay has been performing his brand of “psychological illusion” for over half of his life. Beginning as a child captivated by amazing stories of performers from the past such as Houdini, Alexander, Thurston and Vernon, Jermay found himself drawn to the worlds of magic and illusion. As with most kids Jermay became fascinated by magic tricks and sleight of hand but his passion for conjuring extended way beyond a childhood fad.

Luke has authored many successful books on mentalism and has produced several instructional videos created for magicians and mentalists.

For a number of years Jermay devoured books on the art of magic and illusion and became a student of classic sleight of hand, winning the respect of his much more senior peers along the way. Eventually, Luke ventured beyond the traditional trickery of his past and began exploring psychological techniques and the manipulation of the human mind. Jermay soon understood that real magic did not exist in tricks and sleight of hand but rather purely in the minds of his audience members.

This inspired Luke to create a show that was unlike anything else. A show dedicated not to big boxes and dancing girls but to the amazing capacities of the human mind. Allowing his audience to be as much the show as they are a part of it. With a deep love of theatrical presentations and a desire to apply his new cutting edge techniques, Luke pooled together his knowledge and developed a show that he could be suitably proud of.

Long runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and in London's West End met with huge acclaim from the press and theater goers alike. As a result, invitations began flooding in from all angles: to perform on television and at many prestigious corporate and private soirées. Luke was also asked to tour in the USA and ended up performing to packed venues across 15 states. At the successful completion of his first tour of the USA Jermay returned to the UK and continued to perform his show to rave reviews in the UK.

Luke began to attract the attentions of other performers very quickly and was invited to join several performers in their creative process as a consultant and director. To name but a few Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Marco Tempest and many others have all relied on Jermay when they needed fresh insight and focused creation in their television specials and live performances. Jermay has become a name top performers rely on for fresh, compelling and modern demonstrations for sophisticated audiences. Jermay took the decision to make a transatlantic move from his native UK to the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas where he now makes a home with his wife Rachel.

After this relocation Jermay took one year off from working. Jermay spent that year re-designing his successful UK show aiming it for a US market. With this came a period of reflection on a genre of mystery performance Jermay had created. After several rewrites and additions Jermay looked back at his show and saw a bright new direction. Theater Of The Mind was borne from this reflection and process of re-designing.

Luke now divides his time between his theater performances as well as exclusive private engagements as well as working in an advisory capacity for TV and theater projects across the globe.

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The Amazing Memory Test

The Amazing Memory Test by Luke JermayFrom the introduction:

In ‘Step Three – Mental Systems’ of the seminal work Thirteen Steps To Mentalism written by the legendary Corinda, he clearly states the value he placed upon memory systems:

To the mentalist, Memory Systems are indispensable; they are part of his equipment and the means whereby he can be called upon to perform at any time – and give an impressive demonstration. They are the best type of equipment you can have, as there is nothing to carry and no apparatus to prepare. The skill lies in the training of the mind, in conditioning the mind to operate to maximum...

Luke Jermay13 Apr 2010$25.00

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The Extended Tossed Out Deck

The Extended Tossed Out Deck by Luke JermayFrom the introduction:

The Tossed Out Deck is an extremely popular and possibly the best neo-classical plot in mentalism. Over the last 15 years, this effect has made its way into the performance repertoire of many mentalists and magicians the world over, seeing a huge surge in popularity, likely due to the number of high profile performers’ personalized versions of the effect, such as Max Maven, Ted Lesley, and Docc Hilford.

I, myself, have used the Tossed Out Deck effect to open many stand-up performances, and feel it is genuinely one of the best opening routines for a performance. It packs...

Luke Jermay13 Apr 2010$35.00

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Oddities by Luke JermayThe routines that are described in this ebook are a departure from the norm. The first is an examination and fresh approach to the living and dead test. This is a routine that Luke has actually never seen performed. He does not know of any mentalist currently working who uses this routine and he must confess that in the course of a year, he only performs this effect a handful of times. Presenting this routine requires you to exercise your own judgment in when and where is right. With that said, the method contained within this manuscript presents a new method and a new approach to the construction...
Luke Jermay15 Apr 2009$35.00

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Rubix Square

Rubix Square by Luke JermayIn 1980 the Rubik's Cube craze swept across Europe. Recently Rubik's Cube has seen a sort of revival and one can find them again more frequently in toy stores and as corporate give-aways. This is a remarkable routine combining a Rubik's Cube effect with a magic square effect.


The performer begins by removing a Rubik’s Cube and handing it to a spectator to mix. This cube is mixed until the spectator is happy that there could be no possible way of predicting the mixture of the cube. The cube is then handed to the performer. The performer then studies the cube and one side at a time...

Luke Jermay30 Mar 2009$45.00

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Words by Luke JermayEffect:

The performer asks his audience if anyone has ever worked in telemarketing, sales conducted over the telephone. The performer spots one such person and has them join him onstage. Removing a script from his pocket the performer explains:

"Telephone sales, much like psychic readings, revolve around a predetermined script designed to influence the person on the other end of the phone -- whether the outcome happens to be the illusion of telling that person their future, or that an item is the best investment they can make. I have designed my own script that has a very specific outcome...

Luke Jermay4 Dec 2008$35.00

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Magic Castle Lecture 2008

Magic Castle Lecture 2008 by Luke JermayTwo routines that Luke feels are reflective of some of his best work to date.

Ultimate Aggiunta

Four spectators write four numbers. A fifth adds them and the number matches a prediction as well as every spectator's result who participated in the experiment. A combination of methods cancels each other to make this an unexplainable mystery.

[This is the same routine as the second effect in Three Cheers for the Underrated.

Touching on Hoy

Three spectators are seated on chairs on stage. The performer asks each of them to close their eyes. He then taps the first spectator on the shoulder and asks them to think of a simple shape. He then taps the second spectator on...

Luke Jermay23 Nov 2008$35.00

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BOB - A confabulation routine

BOB - A confabulation routine by Luke JermayThis is Luke's excellently engineered confabulation routine. This routine combines several different methods to create a rather detailed prediction effect. The routine showcases the possibility of mixing such methods as mechanical forces, psychological forces, double writing, reverse engineered predictions, planted predictions and extending predictions using 'bolstering' techniques. Within the whole routine, the performer will only need to 'double write' three times. Each of these happen under the logical 'covers' of writing another piece of information. This is also a solution to the time delay...
Luke Jermay14 Oct 2008$35.00

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Three Cheers for the Underrated

Three Cheers for the Underrated by Luke Jermay[This is priced to keep it out of the hands of the mere curious.]

Luke presents three wonderfully routined and thought through effects, all building on classic mentalism plots, improved by his ingenious thinking and knowledge of methods.

From the introduction:

In this manuscript we are going to examine three routines. The first, “Three Questions,” is something that I have made use of in casual settings for a while now. I think it really showcases some interesting thinking that creates a very pleasing outcome. I really hope you enjoy this and use it in your own casual performances and walk around settings. The second routine, “The Ultimate...
Luke Jermay17 Aug 2008$95.00

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Telling Tales

Telling Tales by Luke JermayThe Power Of A Story Repeated!

In this manuscript Luke Jermay details two routines that are designed to be performed in casual settings. Jermay recommends they be used in interview situations in which the performer is being interviewed for a newspaper, radio station, school newsletter or any other printed media.

The routines are designed to become myths and legends after the performance. As the story is repeated to others the effect will grown and grow.

Jermay details his personal feelings on how to use these effects to their maximum potential as well as providing all the details...
Luke Jermay3 Sep 2007$29.99

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