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What a clever concept. Take a felt ring. Fold it in various ways and put it on your head. Make appropriate faces, sing or speak, and you could have a blockbuster. It is like magic when the performer transforms from Napolean to nun, then to soldier, wizard and finishes as artist.

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    Let It Go To Your Head by Frances Marshall    The Art of Chapeaugraphy by John G. Hamley    Magician Annual 1908-9 by Will Goldston    The Modern Conjurer by Charles Lang Neil    Chapeaugraphy by various

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Let It Go To Your Head

Let It Go To Your Head by Frances MarshallGet your wife, daughter, girl friend into the act! Here's a great comedy routine, very female, full of audience tested laughs, every bit of patter and business furnished - and any intelligent woman can learn to do it. Written pre-women's-lib era, but
Frances Marshall26 May 2014$6.95

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The Art of Chapeaugraphy

The Art of Chapeaugraphy by John G. HamleyDid you know that you can do twenty-five astonishing hats with one felt-ring? You can do many more by experimenting yourself. But this excellent little booklet shows you twenty-five hats. You will find hats with names such as 'Jester', 'Soldier', and
John G. Hamley16 Sep 2005$3.00

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Magician Annual 1908-9

Magician Annual 1908-9 by Will GoldstonThis is the second volume in Goldston's Magician Annual series. It has a nice little section on Chapeaugraphy and a large section on patents. You will find there all kind of improvements to various apparatuses. And there is biographical information
Will Goldston9 Sep 2005$7.00

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The Modern Conjurer

The Modern Conjurer by Charles Lang NeilThis is my favorite magic book. The reason for this is that it was a ground breaking book at the time it appeared and its contents is excellent. It was the first magic book which had photos instead of drawings or engravings throughout. And the contents
Charles Lang Neil7 Sep 2005$8.00

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Chapeaugraphy by variousIt is fascinating what one can do with a simple felt ring. Three great books on Chapeaugraphy.

This compilation disc holds the following individual ebooks:

various6 Sep 2005$25.00

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