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Mike Porstmann

Mike Porstmann

(Born 16th March 1952 in Thurnau)

Mike is a German magician, inventor, author, publisher and dealer in Dachau. Since childhood he was interested in magic but it took almost 3 decades until he became the recognized magic and gambling expert he is today.

He was first introduced to card play and advantage card play through his father. When he moved to Munich in 1977 his magic interest blossomed. In particular he was helping Eckhard Boettcher and his Zauber-Butike. He also became friends with Punx and Alexander de Cova.

He opened Zauberservice München together with Ernst Werner Händl, later started magic&gambling, and together with Peps Zoller Casino Consulting.

Mike published around 200 magic effect descriptions which are distributed through the magic literature. In 2010 he decided to pull back from the magic scene to focus on another passion - oldtimer-rallies - where he participates with a 1958 Mercedes-Benz.

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The Big Edge

Mike Porstmann

The Big Edge by Mike PorstmannMike gave this lecture already twice in the US with great success. He is one of the gambling and cheating-at-gambling authorities in Germany. I liked particularly his 10 card poker deal for the stage, an entertaining piece of card magic for a large audience.

1st edition, 1999, Mike Porstmann, München

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome To The Golden Nugget
  2. The Great Joker Game
  3. New York Credit Card
  4. Jokers Always Win
  1. 10 Card Poker Deal
  2. Derby Days
  3. Switchgame
2005 / 9 / 8

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