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Nefesch (Luis Flores) was born and lives in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, a country in Central America. Since he was very young, he loved magic. He was inspired seeing people like Copperfield and Harrary on TV. Since then he started to be really passionate about magic.

The more he studied magic the more he loved it. He put it to practice in school, and amazed his teachers and classmates. Since then he did not stop learning and performing magic. With his growing experience he started to perform in some of the most prestigious bars and restaurants of El Salvador.

He found a friend in Titanas who is producing his videos and releasing his inventions.

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Glastion by Nefesch

This is probably the most visual signed card at impossible location effect available today. The spectator's signed card penetrates a borrowed and sealed bottle.
  • The bottle can be borrowed and is completely ungimmicked
  • The signature that appears
Nefesch 15 Oct 2008 $20.00


Hatching by Nefesch

You borrow a normal egg from a spectator, who signs it with a permanent pen. Then you borrow a coin and also have it signed by the spectator. Now you proceed to put the signed egg and signed coin together and without making any funny or weird movements.
Nefesch 19 Oct 2008 $20.00


Newz by Nefesch

A brand new totally impromptu newspaper test from the twisted mind that is Nefesch. No gaffs, no gimmicks, no preparation - everything is borrowed. Any paper or magazine, any page.

This is really strong and the construction is very clever. Imagine

Nefesch 30 Oct 2008 $15.00


Sweet Card by Nefesch
Sweet Card

A sweet revelation of a selected card. The Magician offers a beverage to the spectator. The spectator selects a card and the magician explains to him that he found out that cold beverages are much better if you add some sugar to them. The reaction of the
Nefesch 3 Nov 2008 $10.00


Crispes by Nefesch

An amazing super clean penetration of a signed coin to a crispes bag.

You borrow a coin which the spectator signs. You hand them a chips bag and you throw the coin on the bag. They hear the coin, they feel the coin BUT they don't see the coin. You

Nefesch 15 Nov 2008 $15.00


Ballooned by Nefesch

Another super visual penetration from the twisted brain of Nefesch. This time the spectator selects a balloon, he signs the balloon and you visually push your cell phone through his signed balloon.

This is one of these 'No way!' effects that have

Nefesch 15 Nov 2008 $20.00


Right Now by Nefesch
Right Now

Right Now is the name of Nefesch's new manuscript, and includes three mentalism effects, that you can do any time anywhere to convince people that you can really read their minds. These are effects you can peform anytime someone asks you: "READ MY MIND
Nefesch 8 Feb 2010 $15.00


Teleshock by Nefesch

Let's say you are visiting the home of friends or relatives. You tell them that you would like to demonstrate a powerful telekinesis skill that you have been developing.

You begin by asking the home owner to turn on their television, and tune to any

Nefesch 7 Apr 2010 $15.00


Light and Easy by Nefesch
Light and Easy

In this manuscript you will learn two effects, one of them is Nefesch's CAN effect in which he makes a volunteer loose his weight. They can feel it, they can feel themselves becoming lighter and lighter till they weigh less than a feather. You can prove
Nefesch 3 May 2010 $9.98


Musical Influences by Nefesch
Musical Influences

This ebook will teach you several mentalism effects, all of them related with music. Here is Nefesch in his own words:

Let me tell you a REAL story:

I received a call from a producer who asked me to meet him for an interview to discuss the chance

Nefesch 26 Nov 2010 $35.00


PRR 2.0 by Nefesch
PRR 2.0

Please note that PRR is a psychological guidance done on a subject. You will not find in this ebook any moves or other sleight of hand. If you don't like psychological effects, then this it not for you.

PRR 1.0

The performer asks a spectator

Nefesch 5 Apr 2011 $18.00


Twins by Nefesch

"Nefesch's new book, Twins, is wonderful. It is a great impromptu plot that makes sense and looks like real mentalism. More importantly, Nefesch gives you 13, yes I said 13, ways of doing the effect! You will find your favorites, but you will also
Nefesch 1 Jan 2012 $40.00


Lift by Nefesch

"Well, I have to say this is one of the best and cleanest methods I have seen in a long time for gathering unknowable information. I WILL use this and will have a blast doing so. I must thank Nefesch for releasing this as it is absolutely impromptu,
Nefesch 7 Jul 2012 $22.00


Spot by Nefesch

Predictions are one of the most important plots in mentalism. As a performer you want to be ready to make a perfect prediction any time any where. And you want it to be simple, clean, and unsuspicious.

Imagine being able to make a prediction without

Nefesch 17 Jul 2012 $20.00


Link by Nefesch

Link is Nefesch's adaptation of Corinda's "De profundis" routine which can be found in his Thirteen steps to mentalism book, Step Four (predictions), page 105 and 106. If you are familiar with this routine, then here is Nefesch's adaptation: Link
Nefesch 9 Sep 2012 $42.50


Achromatic Prediction by Nefesch
Achromatic Prediction

A box is given to anyone you want (the chief of police, the major, a TV producer, etc.) This box is sealed and it will be opened some days later. The box will never be touched again by you or anybody else involved in the stunt.

The day that the prediction

Nefesch 6 Oct 2012 $12.00


Disguised by Nefesch

This is a great magician's fooler:

Borrow a Deck of cards. Have it freely shuffled by your spectator. Ask him to spread the deck on the table and to have a card selected. The card is placed back into the deck. And the deck is cut several times.


Nefesch 6 Oct 2012 $10.00


Lost N Found by Nefesch
Lost N Found

Lost N Found is a very easy way to make any object (small to medium size) appear out of thin air in a one to one situation.

It uses a very easy set up, that your spectator will never be aware of. At the end of your performance your spectator will

Nefesch 13 Nov 2012 $10.00


Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products) Result Pages:  1 

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